Wake Up to Your Power and Magnificence!

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Wake Up to Your Power and Magnificence!Anita Briggs, MSc, DCEd, DAc is a spiritual healer and visionary. She facilitates deep emotional clearing, emancipation from the past, and embodiment of new faculties that support the new reality emerging–a reality beyond separation. She is currently training healers in Belvaspata, Fragrance Alchemy, and the Enhanced Healing Symbol.

Many new audio programs have been developed to support embodying highest potentials at this time. So much has changed in what is possible in the last year! Explore the many healing programs, under New Audio Programs.

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All support for this to happen within us is here and now!  It is time now to end mind control, and establish the deep peace born of surrendered trust, in  order that we may behold the new reality emerging as potential and embody it within.

To those who establish this, all blessings of gratitude and vitality will flow.This program will work deeply to detox the effects of separation from body and subtle bodies, and will prepare you for the next step of establishing oneness through unifying masculine and feminine, and unifying the chakra fields of the body.  In oneness, you become your own source of sustenance, and live in the poised dignity of self-sovereign being–fully supported in all that you are.

The Evolutionary Impulse of Our Time The task of humanity is to awaken from the dream of separation, and become self-sovereign. No longer can we blame the external world, as we experience increasingly inner and outer realities are a seamless whole. Learn to presence life fully from the vastness of your being, and the reality you engage in changes completely. We are transitioning to new principles of living from the Heart. No longer is there a collective reality that shapes our world.We can truly be sovereign since the dawn of this new reality, because our world emerges from the power of our Heart field.My work is wholly dedicated to embodying the highest potentials at this time.  We are not improving the old reality…we are not fixing what went wrong…we are transcending completely, and in the process we will be birthed in a new substance of tonal luminosity that is incorruptible. The website is in the process of being redone to reflect all the new material, but it takes time. If you want to jump right into transformation, look at the DNA repair, clearing, and activation program. And/or sign up for the transformational body purification series of remote healing events, that will take place over the summer.

Also explore the powerful Fragrance Alchemy to dissolve emotional debris and memory, and move beyond all imprints of the story of separation. We must bring to harmony all the old in order to leap into the new reality beyond linear time.

Learn to release density to move into a higher order of being. Tension = density = linear time = gap between cause and effect… Read more…

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