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Daniel asks…

What’s the worst date you’ve ever had?

I haven’t had any really terrible dates, and I’m wondering if anyone has any real dating horror stories, like a legendary story. As for me, my worst date was a guy I met online for lunch. He went on and on about how much he loved cirque du soleil, announced that he really enjoyed living with his mother and didn’t intend on changing that, *ever*, and declared that he never drinks and does not “do bars or parties.” Then whenever there was an awkward pause in coversation he’d repeat, “I don’t do barsand I don’t do parties,” like it was his mantra or something. I felt like saying, “I heard you the first fifteen times, I get it, no bars and no parties!” The climax of the date was when he offered to give me some “feedback” on my personal and explained that he found the fact that I had stated I was really into exercise and fitness a real turnoff, and if I hadn’t gotten the responses I expected that was probably the reason why. Then he couldn’t wait to go on another date with me and was completely floored when I turned him down.

However, for all that, he was clean, paid for the meal, wasn’t on drugs, so not a real horror story in the true sense of the word, just a character.

The Expert answers:

The worst date ever for me was more of a one night stand gone terribly wrong. Here goes:

He was a virgin. He tried to stick his dick in me, went soft immediately. I was understanding about it and tried to do oral instead (since he was new to sex and I wasn’t, and I understand performance anxiety). He was still limper than applesauce. He ended up having to whack off to porn on my computer because he was getting blue balls from going hard when he saw me to soft when I actually tried to touch him.

Then he tried to finger me and had long nails and cut my labia really bad (I bled for half an hour).

Charles asks…

Anyone that really knows what they’re talking about fitness (gym) wise?

Alright it’d be great if someone could please help me, because there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what they’re saying and are just talking out of their ass.

Basically, what I want, is for someone to please tell me what a good workout/diet schedule would be for me. I’m 19, 155 lbs, about 5’9/5’10, and I have a pretty fast metabolism. I’ve always had kind of a skin pack (due to high metabolism and the fact that I play sports and go to the gym occasionally), but lately I’ve been starting to develop a sort of belly. It’s not a noticeable beer belly, but it’s a step in the wrong direction.

Anyways, my goal is to be really toned within a year, but I don’t know what kind of exercises, gym schedule, or diet would be good for me (especially with my fast metabolism). Please any advice would be great, 10 points for most thorough info. Thanks!

*btw this is me in case it helps

The Expert answers:

Okey. Sounds like you are similiar to me. Average sportsman, but when reaching 20 a “belly” starts to form. For starters, this is VERY easy to transform to a sixpack or just getting ripped.

I will make this short :
Download the mobile app : Daily Ab workout, this is a great exercise for the pack
I would not advise you to start a very strict diet. Most people find it hard to follow and fail. But what i want you to do is eat more healthy food, like tuna. What do you eat after training?
It is also very important to eat more often and rather eat less food.
But since i am in a hurry, I want you do download the daily ab/butt/arms/ workout on your mobile. It is AWESOME and very easy to follow. One of my students got a 6-pack in just 3 weeks.!

Thomas asks…

I am a combination of overweight, and active?

Pretty much I am ASKING for input on this

I am 225 pound man, with a bit of a belly, People assume I am lazy and out of shape, but in fact I am actually really active. I ride my bike a lot (on average 15-20 miles) and I do a lot of walking.

I am interested in loosing weight, but I don’t have the money to get a fitness pass, and I don’t get motivated when I try to run or exercise outside

The Expert answers:

Well, as long as you are active and you eat healthily then you shouldn’t worry too much. Health comes before physical appearance. You car considered active, but I think you can do even more exercises, since you sound like a fit person. Try rollerblading, running, basketball, or any sport that you love for at least an hour a day. Don’t think of physical activity as a workout/exercise. Think of it as something to keep you busy/entertained.

As for weight loss, just add more green vegetables to your meals. Have about 2 cups of cooked veggies per day or even more if you want. I would also suggest proteins like a small portion of broiled/grilled fish, chicken breast, beans, tofu, etc.

Hope I helped!

Mary asks…

Is it still possible to grow?

Ok, as seen above. Right now, I’m a young adult, 18, and I’m 5’3. (I know I’m short) Thing is my dad is 5’5 1/2, but I was wondering if it’s still possible for me to somehow grow taller than my dad by 3 – 4 inches. I already do the following: Have a healthy diet, exercise almost everyday..(Fitness class, Football, Walk/Run to catch my bus to go home, etc.) So, I was just wondering if it’s still possible? Oh yea and I drink lots of milk and soy milk..though, I like soy milk better cause the nutritional facts seem to be better than milk itself. Thanks in advance!

The Expert answers:

Answer:A few things that help…

I was 5’7 at 23. Now I am turning 24 in a month and I am 6’0. I grew the most during last summer because I actually started using a herbal product height enhancer 6 month course.

The following helped me and still help:

1) Drinking at least 2 big glasses of milk a day.

2.) playing basketball and going swimming. Basketball really helps, and you should also work out your calves and thigh muscles, that helps too.

3)Eat alot, because when I started to get taller I didn’t gain a pound but I looked skinnier.

4) this is the natural solution i took to grow taller.

George asks…

want to buy an “im proud of you” present?

my brothers girlfriend (who also lives with me, my brother and my dad) has decided to lose 30 kilos. she has been dieting and exercising for 8 weeks now. she goes to the gym 6 nights a week for 90 minutes and so far has not missed one single night! she has also had days where shes gone twice a day, or done challenges like hiking etc. she doesnt eat more than 1200 calories a day and has not yet gone over this limit. shes lost 10 kilos already and i havent heard her complain about food or fitness once! in fact shes actually loving it. i am so proud of her and want to show her how excited i am that shes made these changes in her life. what could i buy her as like a “well done and keep up the good work” present 🙂 i just want her to see that we all notice how great shes doing.

The Expert answers:

In this situation a really good “im proud of you” present would be to take her shopping for some clothes. Trying on new clothes that she couldn’t wear before but she can fit into and wear now will make her feel great about her accomplishment 🙂

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