Your Questions About Fitness

George asks…

Why the forbidden tree? Did God set up Adam and Eve to fail?

The Expert answers:

I answered this question yesterday, from another person on Yahoo Answers. Below is the response I gave:

The concept of original sin has to rank up there with being one of the most asinine ideas in all of history. First, Adam and Eve, having no background knowledge about sin, should not be held accountable for deeds that they couldn’t have known were wrong. For example, we don’t arrest a 3 year old child for playing with a loaded gun, and then accidentally killing someone, because that 3 year old child is not cognizant of the inherent dangers of wielding a loaded pistol around. We do, however, in many cases hold the parent responsible for the child, as being culpable because, through their negligence, they provided the environment that allowed for the catastrophe to happen. In fact many parents are charged with negligent homicides for scenarios like what I mentioned.

I think the same standards should apply to God. If God did not cultivate the mind of his first two innocent children (Adam and Eve), so that they will be aware of the full repercussions of their actions, and he being omnipotent, placed a forbidden tree (i.e. A loaded gun), which would ultimately lead to their demise, when he could have just as easily removed the tree in the first place, being all powerful, then God is the true guilty party in this scenario.

There is no way around this problem. And of course to compound the absurdity of the story, according to Judeo-Christian theology, we all must suffer for Adam and Eve’s transgression. Nothing can be more indicative of an unjust Creator than the act of consigning everyone to eternal pain, due to the sins of our first ancestors. Whatever angle you look at the fall of Adam and Eve myth, it is patently absurd and immoral. Thankfully, is pure fiction.

Donna asks…

Did God give Adam & Eve an “Imune System” because he knew they would fail the talking snake test?

The Expert answers:

Don’t go dopey – learn to spell stupid that’s IMMUNE.

Yes, it’s so intricate God created all these systems, immune, muscular, skeletal, etc. A design needs a designer. Look at a watch did the wind just blow it together by chance, from nothing like your book says?

No. Intricate designs like the human immune system call for a Designer.

Edit: Thanks for the thumbs down, considering the source it’s a huge compliment.

David asks…

Does Hell preexist the creation of Adam and Eve?

If so, did God know he would need it?
If so why create a test, (the tree of knowledge) that he knew Adam and Eve would fail?

I’m an atheist…I ask this philosophically

The Expert answers:

OK, I am an atheist, but I am a Roman Catholic on paper with a degree in religious philosophy, so here ya go:

Before Adam and Eve, God was fighting the angel Lucifer for the World Heavywieght Champion of Heaven. Everyone showed up. All the Angels were there. God had 2/3 of them, and threw Lucifer and his lackeys out. He needed a place really deep and unpleasant and far away to lock this dude up and watch what he does. That being over, he locked the gates to Heaven COMPLETELY only to be re-open when his son swung by with the key. Thus, EVERYONE went to hell for like a billion years until Jesus decided that he would take a posse up for a gigantic party.

Anyway, that answers your question as to why Hell was created. As for the Tree of Knowledge, there were actually two trees. The tree of Life, and the Tree of Knowledge. God told the naked peeps not to eat it. He did it as a test of their free will. Then he got real mad and made them leave the Garden forever. Don’t worry, cause they went to hell along with everyone else for a long time.

Hope I answered that for you as only another true atheist could.

Mandy asks…

compare and contrast suffering between Opedius Rex and Adam and Eve?

Could someone please give me an example of suffering between Opedius Rex and Adam and Eve (the genesis)

Opedius rex suffered because of his pride (he wanted to knowledge the truth)
Adam and Eve suffered because they failed to obey god.

What could I contrast though? I am stuck. could someone please help me? Thanks.
yes. i meant Oedipus. sorry about the typo!

The Expert answers:

Adam and Eve knowingly did wrong by disobeying God
Oedipus had no idea he had killed his father and married his mother ’til many years later.

One was deliberate, one was accidental.

Daniel asks…

Why so many disagreements among Christians about whether or not God intended for Adam & Eve to fall?

Many many people told me in their responses to my first Adam and Eve related question that God had intended for Adam and Eve to fail and fall (according to several answers, in order for us to attain free will but also necessitating the blood sacrifice atonement for original sin):

Many people in their responses to my second Adam and Eve related question told me that God had NOT intended for Adam and Eve to fail and fall, that he may or may not have foreseen it and allowed it, but that it definitely wasn’t his intent.

Why such divergent views? Wouldn’t the scripture be very clear about this? Does this conflict of beliefs concern anyone, or is it irrelevant? And how can I tell which position is correct?

The Expert answers:

Hehe, I’m typing this so much now that my fingers do it automatically after the first word:

Faith is not about what you believe – it’s about what you can make yourself ignore.

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Your Questions About Fitness

William asks…

How Much is a membership at fitness 19?

how much is it to enroll and how much is it a month

The Expert answers:

The price differs depending on their overhead and equipment. Just call them for more information. Jo Ann

David asks…

19 yr old wanting to open Planet Fitness Franchise?

I’m young, I know. But I really want to franchise Planet Fitness around my area. I’m starting College January of next year, have no credit.. and hardly any work experience. I know my chances of doing that any time soon aren’t so good. But can any one give me any advice on getting started? Is it even possible for a 19 year old to open a franchise at this age?

The Expert answers:

You usually need tons of money up front for most franchises of any kind, plus the ability to get sizable loans, which at age 19, I highly doubt you are able to qualify for

start by getting a job there

Michael asks…

Is 19 too late to take up boxing for fitness and self defense?

The Expert answers:

It is never too late to take up an activity like boxing for fitness an self defense. Sergio Martinez, the recognized Middleweight Champion did not start boxing until he was 20. I am not saying you can go on to become a world champion, but you can certainly get in shape and learn some skills for self defense.

Ruth asks…

health and fitness for a 19 yr old boy?

i am 19 (male) and i want to improve my figure so i decided to join the gym

now i don’t want to lose weight or anything like that, just tone my body a bit more and get fit as im not the most energetic bloke in the world

im going to the gym 1-3 times a weeks plus eating sensibly (not dieting, just not eating as much junk food as i used to)

when i go to the gym i just go on the running machine, rowing machine and the bikes as weights aren’t really my thing

is there anything else i can do to keep my body in good shape

just to clarify once more, i am not trying to lose any weight or go on a diet. just get fit and healthy!


The Expert answers:

Ok bro. Im 21 and weights are definitly the way to go. You can stay in shape by running, but toning your body you HAVE to have some form of lifting, pushing, or pulling. Or you could climb. You werent specific on what you wanted toned, but for arms and chests get you a pair of ten to twenty pound weights and hold them in your hands with your arms outstretched. Immediate workout. Its all about gravity for that method. If its your stomach your trying tone, lay on your back. Lift your rump a little to fit your hands palm towards the floor under your butt. Lift your legs together all the way as far as you are comfortable going. When you lift, bring your legs back down slowly and tighten your muscles while doing so. Do NOT let your feet or legs touch the ground. Hold them about six inches above the floor. Immediate burn. Another great stomach and abs toner is with a friend shoving your feet towards the floor as hard as he could then you resist touching the floor. Grab around the ancles of your friend rather than placing your hands under your rump. For your legs toning up, do what your doing, only find some leg weights and go run. Leg weights will also increase your agility as well as tone your legs. I love this last work out right here. I call them calve ups. Find a stair put the ball of your feet towards then edge and push and “fall” on the step. You dont need to lift anything except for your heels. I hope this works.

Jenny asks…

What does everyone think of me 19 posing – Bodybuilder – Fitness Model?

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The Expert answers:

You look puffed up…………………………………………………….. Attention seeker

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Your Questions About Fitness

Daniel asks…

fitness exercise for girl 14 years old, 5 STAAARS!?

hi guys,

I’m studying in canada for one year, and I’m going to start to go to the gym, I would like to know some individual fitness exercises to do without fitness teacher. I would like to work in abs, and but. Also in arms and legs. CAN YOU HELP MEEE PLEAAASEEE! IT’S AN EMERGENCY!


The Expert answers:

First thing you want to do is Cardio (i prefer laps) to get the blood pumping in your muscles so you can have an efficient work out.

Cardio is a really good way to loss fat, so your muscle will look more toned

Then find a machine for the certain muscle you want to buff, try some and get used to them don’t over train on the first day.

For the Abs you will really want to influence cardio because, every one has a 6 pack it just isn’t visible or toned enough for you to see it. When you loss enough weight, you will eventually loss weight around your stomach and your abs will began to show, also do 10 crunches in a row 3 times a day to keep them firm.

My formulas;

Losing weight: Use a weight that you can only lift 12 times, then rest for a minute or 2 and repeat for 2 more times. So you will end up doing 36 reps.

Muscle building: Use a weight that you can only lift 10 times, then rest for a minute or 2 and repeat for 2 more times. So u will end up doing 30 reps.

Heavy Building (don’t recommend for beginners): Use a weight that you can only lift 8 times, then rest for a minute or 2 and repeat for 2 more times. So you will end up doing 26 reps.

When you are done your work out, do stretches to improve your flexibility because they are best done after workouts

Only go 3-4 times a week at max, it doesn’t mean u have to, but your body needs time to recover, go over the limit and theirs a chance you may hurt yourself.

Don’t lift extremely heavy weights, you can easily use a lighter weight and just do more reps and have similar effects.

Make sure you clean up your spots when your done, no one likes using a sweaty machine.

Richard asks…

what is the place of fitness and exercise in the corporate world/environment?

does exercise play any role in enhancing the performance of members of staff of an organization,does it in anyway affect there profit positively or negatively.if yes in what ways

The Expert answers:

There is research to show that the best companies provide facilities for staff or pay for fitness membership. It enhances productivity and actually lowers medical insurance payouts for illnesses. It also reduces payments for sick days. Workers in these companies want to come to work. Some such companies are Quaker Oats and Allstate Insurance. They are rated among the best companies for which to work.

Paul asks…

advantage and disadvantages of fitness exercise?

The Expert answers:

Advantages: you get healthy, you look better, you feel better, you live longer

Disadvantages: um, you have less time to answer questions on this website?

Joseph asks…

Question for someone with knowledge on fitness/exercise! Thanks in advance!?

I just wanted to know, is there a limit as to how much exercise a person should do in one day? I was wondering, because I have a membership at LA fitness, and they have several classes that I find interesting, but many of them are in the same day. For instance, on Wednesdays, they have belly dancing, pilates, and step plus abs; each class in an hour long, and they have the same class schedule two other days of the week. That’s about three hours of exercise a day, three days a week. Is that too much for me to be doing in one day, is it unsafe? Should the amount of exercise done in one day be more spread out; if so, how many days a week should one exercise, and for how many minutes each of those days?

I am 22, female, 5’2” and 122 lbs. My goals are to flatten my stomach and drop about 7 lbs (I want to weigh around 115).

Thanks in advance for your answers!

The Expert answers:

If you’re new to exercise then yes there is a limit and if you want it to be a long term thing in your life you should take it slowly or you’ll burn out within a week mentally and physically.
Spread it out throughout the week, do 30 minutes of cardio 5 days a week and lift weights 2-3 days a week to begin with.
Or if you want to do the classes do one class a day. But I believe running and weight lifting is your best bet at losing weight and flattening your stomach.
Also, diet is just as important to exercise. Eat less dairy and meat (or lean meats like grilled chicken), eat mostly fruits, vegetables, whole grains and soy/hemp protein for muscle recovery. Control portions, drink a lot of water, and don’t overwhelm yourself. Make it a daily routine ex.planning/ preparing meals night before.

Donald asks…

What’s a good major for someone interested in health and fitness?

I’m really into diet, nutrition, fitness, exercise… basically anything health related. What would be a good major? What do you all think of a nutritional science or sports medicine major? Is that related/a good choice? (I’m pre-med and have taken all the required courses)

The Expert answers:

Kinesiology will be the most interesting major for you, most likely. Thats what im major in, because i am also interested in fitness, nutrition, exercise, sports, and health.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Sharon asks…

Do you think i am Over training?

Im 19 years old, male, and believe to be at a higher level of fitness. I train most days but it consists of different training. For example on monday,wednesday and friday i will have a hard night of footy training. Duration of 1.15hrs, medium to high intensity. On tuesday and thursday i will be in the gym starting with core training for about 20-30 mins high intensity with short breaks between exersies and sets and the around 40mins of 3 sets of 7-8 exersises but constantly changing between high and low reps and heavy and light weights aswell as changing rest periods and ofcourse every now and then changing the exercises i am using. Then a 20-30min Ab Workout of about 5-6 exercises with short rest. I have been doing this for some time now. During the year i ensure i take a few weeks off training all together and every fortnight i will have three days off. Do you think i am overtraining? what should i do on weekends as i do running on fridays i was thinking gym again saturday but wasnt sure if i should do something different. Give me your thoughts or weekly workout ideas?? Thanks
Ps. I do always stretch and cool down recoverys and occasionally icebaths or pool. Do also follow a healthy Diet plan. so i believe my body should be somewhat fit and healthy but not sure if i need more rest or do different workouts.

The Expert answers:

There are signs that show if you are over training.
If you lose weight or your resting heart rate is elevated, or you become ill, often, that is seem to have a cold or other problem most of the time, you can be over training.
As long as you recover from the previous work out you can do very hard work.
With your schedule it is good to have an off day each week.
You could bike or walk, instead of doing the gym on Saturday.
Check your weight, and resting heart rate first thing every morning.

Thomas asks…

Is this an optimal fitness plan? (Boxing, Calisthenics, Weight Training)?

Hey guys, I’m trying to get ripped this summer, but to be honest I am feeling somewhat overwhlemed as to how incorporate boxing, calisthenics, and weight training into an optimalroutine. If I could get some advice from someone already in shape and that has a workout schedule that has worked for them let me know!

Here is what I got so far

4:30 am—-Running (will start at 3-4 miles and build up from that) I am from Texas so any other time is out of the question.
Calisthenics Session (includes Pull ups, dips, pushups, and ab exercises which I will perform at a park after I am done with my run)

Nap and relax during the day

4pm -5:30pm
-Jumprope(will start at 10 min and eventually build up to 30 min)
-Shadowboxing, Heavy bag,slip bag

-Boxing class that is offered at my GYm

-Lift weights, Monday, Wednesday Friday= Legs
Tuesday, Thursday= Upper body

What do you guys think? any thorough advice, comments or suggestions are appreciated.

I am not so sure if Calisthenics are best done right after I wake up(even though Ill be running first). I heard that you shouldn’t do high cardio/weights in the morning since its not effective.

The Expert answers:

Buddy, youre not gonna last. The programme is great & all, but it will mentally finish you. Heres my programme, I box, so take out what doesnt help you. Mon-sat 4-30 5 mile jog, go to school, 17:00-18:30 calisthenics, handstand push-ups, push-ups, dips, squats, burpees, crunches, medicine ball planks, calf raises, pull-up, reverse pull-up. 19:00-20:45 shadow boxing, bagwork, sparring, skipping. Then 2x a week I do shuttle runs..

Lizzie asks…

Is this a good workout for preparing for a 5k obstacle run?

Okay so I am preparing for a 5k obstacle run with a few of my friends and want to know if this is a decent workout. Tell me what you would change about it and what might be wrong with it. (note the formatting got REALLY messed up so please forgive me.

7:00-7:45 AM: Run 3 miles
Find something that is as close to 3 miles as possible. This could just be a loop. (example: 1 mile loop that you run 3 times)
Set a time you want to run the 3 miles in (start off with a slow time, mine is going to be 35 min (can be any time) for 3 miles. Try to hit that time. Once you hit the time consistently (2-3 times), lower the time one minute (for me, the next time would be 34). The cycle continues)
You can also do biking instead of running but you need to do running at least 1 time a week. For bikes just triple the distance to 9 miles instead of 3 but keep the same time limit (35 mins for me)
After you are done eat a good breakfast. Something with a lot of protein (eggs, bacon, milk, whole wheat toast, fruit etc. Pretty much any meat or dairy)
Running is a great way to build up lower body strength, wind, and endurance. Biking is also good but I think running is a better form of exercise. You could also do running for three days and then biking for one or something if you wanted.

8:00-8:45 (or 9:00) PM: Pull ups and chin ups, ab workout, chest/arm workout
Pull ups and chin ups (about 10-15 minutes)
Pull ups vs chin ups: just scroll down and read the part that says “What are Pull-ups & Chin-ups?”
As many pull ups as possible for you
45 second break
As many chin ups as possible for you
Repeat 2 more times (total of 3 reps)
Ab workout (about 10 minutes)
Level 1:
If/when you are able to complete the workout consistently move to level 2
Level 2:
Chest workout (about 15 minuets)
Level 1:
If/when you are able to complete the workout consistently move to level 2
Level 2:
The pull ups, chin ups, and chest workout are necessary to build general upper body strength. It gives you a fairly balanced upper body.
Ab workout is necessary for core strength. You don’t realize how much your core strength will effect the rest of your physical fitness.
These workouts are hard (trust me). Especially the ab and chest workout. You will most likely not be able to finish them at first. Don’t get discouraged you will see progress over time.

Monday basic workout.
Tuesday basic workout.
Wednesday basic workout.
Thursday break or other training. (break/other training dosen’t have to be Thursday it can be any day of the week)
Other training could be wall running, obstacle training, weight training, pretty much anything. Just a option though.
Friday basic workout.
This day you should run 6 miles instead of 3. This double the time you normally give yourself for 3 miles.
Saturday basic workout.
Also the training obstacle course is suppose to be doing some free training on some Saturdays so some of us can probably arrange to go to that together every once in a while.
Sunday break or other training. (again break/other training dosen’t have to be Sunday it can be any day of the week)

The Expert answers:

Its great just remember to eat healthy and in the morning instead of 3 miles gradually build it up 4 miles and eventually 5 it will help you a lot in the endurance category

Linda asks…

Feel Stressed Post Weight Training – Maybe Maffetone instead?

I am considering switching from my current training using just free weights to something a bit less intense like Maffetone. I have trained for years a few days per week just with free weights but I have found that in the last couple of years I have felt tired and or feel stressed out a few hours following training with weights. The stressed out feeling often continues for a couple of days. I have experimented with cutting down on the intensity of my workouts and this seems to help quite a bit but recently I was shocked when I took a heart rate measurement after what I thought was a relatively easy set of shoulder press and had a heart rate of 150 bpm. I am 40 years old, a guy 10 years older than me done the same and his heart rate was only 105. I asked him what training he did most of the time and he told me that it was mainly aerobic runnning type stuff. After this, I think maybe I need to cut out the weight training and shift to something low intensity to build up some aerobic fitness.

Can anyone suggest a sensible training regime for me. I stumbled on a couple of articles by a guy called Maffetone which looked sensible but there was not information regarding how long to exercise and how many days per week?


The Expert answers:

Hi Dear

You must cross train. Do Aerobics and weights on alternate days.
Have a complex carb snack half an hour before workout. As this will maintain your energy level. Aerobics will build up your endurance.
And there is no problem with your heart rate. That is about 80% of your Max Heart rate

William asks…

Questions on health and fitness?

What are some meals that are 400 calories and under, easy for someone who doesn’t know how to cook and is inexpensive otherwise cheap? (websites for recipes if you know any that can help me)

What exercise routines should i do to make sure that I lose 2 lbs per week, things that include resistance training, cardio, and muscle activity, etc? (websites for workouts if you know any that can help me)


The Expert answers:

Well no workouts are going to be easy if u swith to organic foods like whole grain fruits vergetables etc you can have luck in losing wait

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Your Questions About Fitness

William asks…

What kind of stomach do you think looks best on a woman?

Chose a number:





Yeah. I hafta say I really like #2. That in shape look is what I’m aiming for after I get out of AF Basic Training. You have to keep in mind she’s prolly flexing.

The Expert answers:

Personally, I like 2, because I prefer the fit “in shape” look. Theres nothing wrong with 3 and 4, though. 1 is too much and 5… LOL (no offense to anyone who looks like 5, I just laughed cuz it is so different than all the rest)

Mandy asks…

What does the France’s reaction to jogging say about the traditions and culture of the French people?

In France, Jogging Is a Running Joke
President’s Exercise Regime Has Critics in a Lather

By Joel Garreau
Washington Post Staff Writer
Saturday, July 7, 2007; Page C01

The sight of the new French president, Nicolas Sarkozy, jogging — often wearing his favorite NYPD T-shirt — has fired up a tempest in a Reebok in France and Britain this summer. Sarkozy’s running is an un-French, right-wing conspiracy, suggests Paris’ left-wing newspaper Libération. In response, British commentators gleefully conclude: The French have lost their minds, again.

On the primary state television channel, France 2, Alain Finkielkraut, a leading French intellectual, recently demanded that Sarkozy give up his “undignified” exercise. Not only did he imply that exposing the boss’s naked knees is something that never would have occurred in the time of Mitterrand, much less Louis XIV, Finkielkraut claimed strolling is the proper activity of the thinking person, from Socrates to the poet Arthur Rimbaud.

Nicolas Sarkozy returns to the Elysee Palace after a much-scrutinized jog. (By Remy De La Mauviniere — Associated Press)

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“Western civilization, in its best sense, was born with the promenade,” said Finkielkraut. “Walking is a sensitive, spiritual act. Jogging is management of the body. The jogger says I am in control. It has nothing to do with meditation.”

Sarkozy has fueled a French suspicion that running is for self-centered individualists like Americans, reports Charles Bremner, Paris correspondent for the Times of London.

“Patrick Mignon, a sports sociologist, noted that French intellectuals had always held sport in contempt, while totalitarian regimes cultivated physical fitness,” Bremner writes.

“Jogging is of course about performance and individualism, values that are traditionally ascribed to the right,” Odile Baudrier, editor of V02 magazine, a sports publication, told Libération.

The British press is having a wonderful time with all this.

“The Sarkozy jog, say his critics, is a sad imitation of the habits of American presidents, and a capitulation to ‘le défi Américain’ (a phrase that was the title of a book published here as ‘The American Challenge’) as bad as the influx of Hollywood movies,” writes Boris Johnson, a British member of Parliament and confirmed jogger, in the Telegraph.

“I am not deterred . . . by the accusation that jogging is right-wing,” he says. “Of course it is right-wing, in the sense that the facts of life are generally right-wing. The very act of forcing yourself to go for a run, every morning, is a highly conservative business. There is the mental effort needed to overcome your laziness.

“Charles de Gaulle . . . moved with the stately undulation of a giraffe, and never broke into so much as a trot.”

Jogging is not a new affectation for Sarkozy. When he was finance minister, visiting Washington for meetings of the International Monetary Fund and the World Bank, he found it congenial to jog around the Mall, a French Embassy spokeswoman says. Former French ambassador to the United States (and recently named an adviser to Sarkozy) Jean-David Levitte does not indulge, however. Levitte “has a lot of things to do. He is on the run intellectually,” she says.

Meanwhile, the readers of British press Web sites are piling on. “No decent conservative would dream of jogging. It’s a vulgar, untraditional form of self-advertisement that might frighten the horses. What’s wrong with croquet?” posted Ian Morrison on the Telegraph Web site. “Had it been a spot of extracurricular horizontal jogging instead, je pense que ze political classe wouldn’t have batted an eye,” posted Nixon McVicar.

In the heyday of vaudeville, there was a routine that had one woman complaining about the food at a Catskills resort. “It’s terrible,” she says. “Yes,” agrees her friend, “and the portions are so small.”

Just so, not only is Sarkozy’s running being criticized, so is his style.

Renaud Longuèvre, a noted coach, tells L’Equipe magazine that Sarkozy’s arms hang down, he bends too far forward, his stride is bad and his feet strike the ground incorrectly, Bremner reports. The coach advised the president to get his feet checked, strengthen his abdominal and posterior muscles and to “check your diet because it seems you are carrying a slight excess in weight.”

The Expert answers:

I do think the French are totally and utterly RIGHT if they think that jogging is an undignified kind of exercise for a French president. He should have written a book, not left himself open to criticism by a sports trainer. What politicians do in their private life is their own affair, but displaying themselves in public at such an American inspired, totally un-French pursuit…
I knew, as well as many French people before the election, that yon man was an idiot…

Joseph asks…

What is the Christian religion that focuses a lot on health?

I saw it one day on a health and exercise article that there is a certain type of Christianity that is very concerned with health and fitness, and there is a specific name for it, but I forgot.

The Expert answers:

None of them focus on mental health, because each is a mental illness.

Donna asks…

How long (weeks, months) does it take before cardio exercise gives results?

I’ve had some problems with a high resting pulse (120-150) because of anxiety, but now my resting pulse is normal (between 60-77, usually).
When I get up though, my pulse usually shoots to about 80-90, and now (and I don’t know if this has something to do about anxiety *as well*) when I measure my pulse when walking and moving at the same time my pulse goes all the way up to 130. I don’t get tired, dizzy or breathe heavy, but my heart just beats really fast.

I’m only 16, but I’m really overweight. I’ve had an ultrasound done, chest x-ray, lots of blood tests and ekgs, and everything’s fine.
I’m gonna start doing cardio and eating more healthy, but when can I expect to see results? I don’t want my pulse to get so high so easily, so I’m just wondering how long I should do simple exercises (like these before I kick it up a notch.

The Expert answers:

2 weeks (its a scientific fact!) . Take a before pic today and one two weeks from now. You will see your results 🙂

Laura asks…

Are there any bloggers here who accept guest posts?

I’m looking for blogs and websites in the health niche who accept guest articles revolving around the following topics:

Health (Personal and Feminine Health)
Fitness (Hip Exercise, Hip Injuries and the likes).

I have write-ups (400 – 500 words per article) ready for submission. If you are accepting guest articles, you may contact me through my email:


The Expert answers:

His is very old list, I used to work on this… You can check are these sites still accepting guest post.

due to space restriction not able post all post entire list.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Sandra asks…

SHOULD i buy a wii or not?

Need Help making a purchase!!!!!!!!!!?
hello every one :). I really need some help making a decision on what to buy. i currently own a ps3 and am wanting to buy a nintendo wii mainly because i find the whole motion control scheme very entertaining. recently i found out that sony will be releasing a motion Controller and games. I really don’t know which to BUY!!. ive tried weighing my options and thinking about both systems in the long term. ( i don’t exactly play much With the ps3 anymore any ways that’s why i wanted a wii)

so i was thinking like this. if i bought a wii i would probably purchase at least 10 games. (ive had the ps3 for 1 and a half years and only have 10 games in total) and those ten games would be mostly mario Metroid and the fitness stuff which is another reason i want the console (i want to lose some weight and tests have show that you can burn 484 calories per hr using wii sports the pre packed game, and there are about 7700 Cal’s in a kilo so id have to play for a total of 15 hrs to lose 1 kilo along with a diet of course that would mean i could lose 2kgs per week if i train hard ! =].) when i think about that i always think about the wii system it self. it doesn’t have the bets graphics or hd and apparently all of the games are shovel wear so i was thinking if i waited for the ps3 motion controller would i be getting a better quality product compared to the wii?. Iv’e also been hearing rumors of new consoles being released end of this year, start of next year including a new hd version of the wii. should i wait for that or is it a lie? has any one heard confermation of some sort of new wii console in the new future.

please help me i really dont know what to do. Wii or ps3 motion controller OR wait for new console. i no its alot to answer but i need all the help i can get before i head to the store and blow AUS$400 on a console when a product alowing my existing console to do the exact same thing and it would cost me alot less.

one last thing if i havent bored you yet. As for gaming content, can some one list the best wii games out at the moment that are good and if there are ny highly anticipated games on the way that i might like. (im turning 15 btw so if thats to old an age to own a wii then i think ill hold out for the ps3 thing.)
Please dont tell me to buy 360 ive been down that road and due to the RRoD i will not replace the console for a 4th time. as for the weight loss i want the wii beuase its a fun way of exersising without even realising it but my question is should i BUY a wii OR wait for the ps3 motion controller, like, what would be the better option? how well would the ps3 controller go? better or worse.

The Expert answers:

Wii, definitely.
Some of the best games.. Conduit… Supersmashbrosbrawl. Idk.. Theres a WHOLE ton.
But really, dont use the wii as a exercise wheel. It SHOULD be meant for games, if you are looking for a exercise source, go outside a jog 5 times around the block.

Jenny asks…

Hey, I am trying to lose weight.?


I am currently trying to drop a few pounds. My problem is that I am mostly only able to do weight training. I am a broke college student who used to be in shape in high school from playing sports. As a college student I have access to the student gym but it has no aerobic center. It does have a running track but I have a couple problems with running.

1) I have flat feet. This causes me to not run heal to toe which creates a jarring motion. This causes my diaphragm to move awkwardly creating a running stitch. Even though i don’t feel tired or too badly out of breath I can’t really run longer than 15 minutes before the cramp or stitch start to bother me enough to stop.

2) i also pronate pretty badly. This causes my hips and knees to hurt after running.

I still do run before i lift weights but usually I only manage to do about 2.4 km or about a mile and a half before i stop. 2.4 km is a standard used in Canada to measure aerobic fitness one should be able to do it in less than 11:56 I am running it in about 14 minutes. I used to be able to do it in 11:30 in high school.

So for three months i have almost exclusively been lifting weights about 3-4 times a week. I am starting to see results from the weight lifting but it seems as if it is just more muscle not less fat. What i want to know is, is there a way other than serious dieting to try and lose weight and is there any other way to increase my aerobic fitness lever. I don’t like dieting as i live a fairly un-regimented life and find it hard to stick to them. Also i am pretty bumbed out about my aerobic fitness level.

The Expert answers:

I lost 25 pounds of fat last year from light dieting and regular exercise. I used a program called Strip That Fat, which gave me two week menus to follow. It was really simple to do, really, and I never found it hard. I actually ended up being able to eat more than i did before i started. Try adding a healthy diet to your exercise regimen, and you’ll probably see better results and start to feel healthier. If you wanna check out strip that fat… Http://

Linda asks…

Questions about my work out routine and critiques please!?

So, I just recently moved into an apartment complex with a small fitness center. I’m a total novice, so I’ve been going every other day starting last Thursday and I plan to go every day now since tomorrow will mark one week. I’m trying to figure out if I’m going about this all wrong, or if I’m even setting realistic goals. Also, how can I improve my routine for better results.

My goals are to get a flat stomach and tighter butt in addition to toning my other muscles and losing about 15-20 pounds. I’ve been starting out slow, and yesterday I did half hour of power walking on a treadmill, 15 minutes of just peddling (no resistance) on a stationary bike just to get my legs used to the motion, 10 crunches, and 10 each of bicep curls and arm raises. I was planning on adding either a side motion or hammer type motion behind the head to get the triceps. I’m using a 10 pound free weight for those since I’m female and I don’t want to bulk up. I plan to do all of those exercises daily, slowly improving until I reach my goal levels.

My goals are to do an hour run on the treadmill with varying elevations, 30 minutes on the stationary bike with multiple levels of resistance, 3-5 sets of 10 crunches, and 2 or 3 sets of 10 for each of the arm exercises with free weights. Again, trying to simply tone my arms and get a flat stomach while losing weight…I still want to keep a feminine body.

Am I overdoing it with my goals? Are they realistic? Would you add anything or take something off the routine? How do I target my lower stomach muscles? Should I do cardio certain days and free weights other to break it up? I really am not sure how to go about creating a routine, so any advice or suggestions would be great!


The Expert answers:

This sounds great buti have a few tips:
never work the same muscles 2 days in a row because you aren’t going to give it enough time to heal and will end up doing damage, so you should have a different muscle assigned to each day like one day do biceps, triceps and chest, the next day do your abs and back, next day do you bum and legs, and repeat cycle, if you can you should do cardio everyday along side your muscle training.

Another tip if you want lean and not bulky muscles when lifting weights go for light ones and do more reps, if you were to do heavy weights and less reps you will eventually start bulking up.
So like 5-6kg and 15 reps each set.

Hope this helped =)

make sure to eat healthy or your workouts will be pointless

James asks…

health and fitness question help?

Tough fibrous connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones:

A ______is an area where two bones meet and where one bone moves on another.

Bones in your joints are covered with a smooth and slippery material called:
synovial fluid
synovial membrane
serous fluid

The _____ joints allow for turning and rotation.
ball and socket

Tensing of the muscles that does not involve joint movement is called:
Isometric stretching
Static stretching
Isotonic stretching
PNF stretching

Stretches that do not involve motionand are held for a brief period of time are called:
Isometric stretches
Static stretches
Isotonic stretches
PNF stretches

_________refers to the body’s torso, which include abdominals, glutes, and lower back
None of the above

Exercise training method designed to improve strength, posture and flexibility, not spiritual in nature is called:
Range of motion exercise
Step aerobics

The benefits of Yoga include:The benefits of Yoga include:
gaining spiritual balance and flexibility
massages and stimulates the glands and internal organs
reduces signs of aging
all of the above

The heart has ____one way valves which open and close with each heartbeat.

The pulmonary valve and the aortic valve ____ as the ventricles begin to contract.

The Expert answers:

This is homework. Asking us to do your homework for you is cheating. If you look up the answers, you may learn something, which is why you are supposed to be taking this course.

Joseph asks…

Can someone give me some fitness assistance ?

I’m 5’10” male who weighs 120 lbs. I have decided to partake in some exercise to make my abs more visible. I can see them, just not enough. I have laid out a plan. On a daily schedule: jumping jacks for 3 minutes, 30 sec rest then no rest between the next exercises, 90 degree leg raise, straight leg raise, knife motion crunch, lunges, push-ups, straight leg pelvic rotation, push-ups, and lunges. These are all done 30 reps each. Next, a 5 min warm-up walk then 10 min intense sprint, then 5 min walk for cool off. I’ve already cut all the junk from my diet. I’m eating 2 tablespoons of peanut butter after running. After about 2 months, do you think I’ll Be able to have more visible abs? Any exercise suggestions would be nice. Thanks.

The Expert answers:

That’s a great workout plan. But as the saying goes, “Abs are made in the kitchen.” So, bascially, you can do all the exercise you want (abs, run for 30 minutes, etc), but if your diet isn’t in check (eating too many calories, too much salt, too much fat, basically bad stuff) then you’re not going to see results.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Ruth asks…

Fitness questions and exercise?

so guys, im obsessed with gettin 6pack abs….i have an average amount of body fat, and ive been doin ab workout like crunches, bicycle etc…..and after 1 month of 30 min ab exercise daily, i noticed that the ab workout didnt have a huge effect on fatburn, so recently i decided to start running 45min every day in the morning in addition to ab wrokout in the questions are am i going in the right way? Is 30 min of ab workout enough everyday? And how long will it take befor the running will start fat burn and show me a difference?

The Expert answers:

Enjoy your life ufool

Nancy asks…

Exercise Videos on youtube?

Ok, so, I’m from Croatia (so I don’t speak english very well)

I need some exercise..workout videos from youtube..I know you can find it but I did all that. It can be fitness, yoga, just workout…I don’t know..

The Expert answers:

I like the ones from charliejames1975 – they are very intense workouts and she has a lot of variety in them,

Mark asks…

Extreme fitness workout?

I’m in pretty good fitness already, but I need something that really challenges me. Preferably a cardio workout, with lots of ab exercises etc. Any suggestions? Links would be appreciated. Please don’t just say a specific exercise. Thanks

The Expert answers:

HIIT. Tabata being the most challenging method.


Robert asks…

Which home fitness machine gives the best overall workout?

I’ve realised I don’t have room for a treadmill which was my first choice, so I’m looking for something a bit more compact like a cross trainer or an exercise bike. Would like to increase aerobic fitness mainly, but also tone up and become leaner and fitter. I’m not overweight (5’4″ and weigh 49kg) and fairly active (fast walk about 4-5 miles a day). What do you think would be best?

The Expert answers:

The best thing is a skipping rope,

Mandy asks…

What is Cardiovascular Exercise?

Why are cardiovascular exercises a good way to warm up your body before you begin your fitness workout?

The Expert answers:

It is an activity involving muscles such as legs or large muscles. Some people refer it as an aerobic exercise, some call it “cardio” for short. It has lots of health benefits like lowering your blood pressure, and also it can burn lots of calories – for those of you who want to lose weight.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Sharon asks…

Effective ways to increase fitness level?

Just wondering if anyone can help me out with some tips on ways to effectively increase my fitness level? Especially cardiovascular fitness.
At the moment I have been eating healthy and going for daily jogs, plus doing sit-ups/push-ups, etc and some cycling each day.
I am 19, female, 186cm tall (6’1″) and currently weigh 84kgs (184.8 lbs)

Also, about how long would it take to go from a non-existent fitness level, to one where I could, say steadily jog for about 3 kilometres?


The Expert answers:

Instead of jogging at the same pace, make your body work harder,
Fartlek Training;
if you run on a track this is what you can do to increase your fitness level:
for 3/4 of the track, jog and on the home straight, sprint flat out. Repeat this several times – i do it about 6 or 7 times but it depends on your fitness.
This is the best way to increase your fitness level.
If you dont live near a track, just jog for 3 minutes and sprint about 100m

good luck 😀

Robert asks…

Hey every one, I am 19 years old and need some fitness / wieghtloss help?

I am A freshmen in college and have just recoverd from an acl knee surgery. It has been ten months. I injured my self in my senior year of highschool playing soccer. This is how I tore my knee up. Anyways, before i injured my self i used to run five miles a day and was in excellent fitness condition weighing 145 pounds. Now my current wieght is 175. I am looking for any hints and tips on how to get back in shape, whether it be diet related or fitness. I would love all the input I can get. Thank you.

The Expert answers:

First, don’t just cut yourself off from food (sometimes people think the less they eat, the better off they are – wrong). Your body needs at least 1200 calories to avoid going into starvation mode and storing all calories as fat, rather than using them for energy. I propose you do the following:

Eat 1600-1800 calories/day.
Cut out sodas (diet and regular), and sweetened coffees and teas.
Eat at least 5 fruits and veggies every day, and eat as many colors as you can. The daily recommendation is actually 10 servings (it was changed in 2005).
Eat whole grains.
Cut foods with ingredients that read “enriched,” “high fructose,” “sugar,” or “hydrgenated” in the first five ingredients on food labels.
Eat low fat meats.
Drink 2-3 cups of skim milk/day.
8-12 cups of water/day.

You could lose about 1-2 lb. Per week doing this.

Also add in some weights. I REALLY started noticing the results when I did this. Make sure to do back and arms one day, legs and abs the next, back and arms, legs and abs, etc. – give your muscle groups 48 hours rest before working them again!
Try using the elliptical for 30-60 minutes 4-6 days a week. Make sure you are really sweating, not just taking a leisurely walk. The elliptical is easier on the knees than running. Ask your doctor to what level you are able to be active with your previous injury.

Sandy asks…

What are good fitness DVDS for full body workout?

I’m 19 male and I desperately need exercise, energy and confidence. I’m a beginner. On top of going to the gym I also want a good fitness DVD. What DVDs would benefit me? Also, what equipment would you recommend (like resistance bands, jump rope etc)? Thanks a lot in advance 😀

The Expert answers:

Get a kinect with dance central girl

Ruth asks…

i am 19 Year old Boy, i have small penis of Size 3’8 inches in excited State, how can i enlarge it?

I am 19 Year old boy, with Good Fitness. Bt i do have a problem of Very small size penis. it is hardly of 3’8 Inches in excited state, i m feared that i may nt satidfy my partner. so pls suggest me and Better tip to enlarge it?

The Expert answers:

Most people dont have the money to opt for surgery. Im really sorry about your problem. Ther are a few things you can do to increase size, but dont expect a big difference. You will probably manage a 1 inch increase at the most. Have you heard of jelquing?? Its a kind of massage. You use a lot of oil or lubricant and massage your penis in a motion similar to milking a cow. Stretch and pull the penis in its erect state and massage it regular to increase blood inflow and stretch muscles. Dont yank it around like a maniac though. Dont opt for cock rings and stuff, doesnt work. You could try a few medicated creams for lengthening, most dont work, but if they contain any amount of topical steroids, it will help increase tissue. You have to do both application and jelquing regularly for atleast 2 months if you want any visible results. Good luck. Let us know how it works out.

Michael asks…

i need an advice.i enrolled in pure fitness gym and i would have to pay 19$ a month for two years. today they?

offered me a promo— if i pay the whole amount of 19 a month x 24 which is = 437, they would give a free year mom said that this isnt a good idea that they just want my money.what do you think?
if i enroll and pay 437, they would give a free year membership. so instead of having two years its gonna be 3. if i dont, and just pay monthly for 2years, i wont get the free year membership.
oh and i already paid the first month thats why its 437, my bad. and i signed the contract already so that means i dont really have a choice but to pay it so confused!!!my mom doesnt like the idea..

The Expert answers:

Long term commitments can be tough. You never know where/what you will be doing in 1, 2 or even 3 years from now. You also have to be completely honest with yourself. No one needs to know the truth but yourself. Are you really commited to this workout idea? Are you going to go to the gym regularly for 3 full years? Some of the other questions are…if you take the deal, can they increase your gym fees while under this 3 year contract? If not, can they increase your monthly fees during the 2 year contract? Have they been around for many years at the same location? Have they changed the name of their corporation? What is the refund policy? If you take the 3 year deal, and then you break the contract and want to quit the gym, do you lose all your money? Under the 2 year deal, you can stop payment and let them chase you, with all the money up front, you can kiss it goodbye if you quit the gym. Also, did they offer you a one month free trial? You should have the right to test their equipment out, it should work like new if it’s been maintained. If not, what’s the point of going to a gym if half the equipment doesn’t work? And you won’t know this until you’ve had a couple of weeks in the gym, using all the equipment. Also, check out the gym at different times of the day, and different days of the week, if they are packed, then you know it’s a good place that has a good reputation, if not, then they are on their last legs and are about to bail out on you after they take your money. Lastly, $19.00 per month for 24 months is $456.00. In today’s terms, it’s not a whole lot of money, but it makes you wonder how they stay in business for so little, and makes you wonder if they’ll even be around in 3 years, or maybe even next year.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Steven asks…

please find the analysis in this article?

Several years ago, Dr. David Rowlands, a senior lecturer with the Institute of Food, Nutrition and Human Health at Massey University in New Zealand, set out to study the role of protein in recovery from hard exercise. He asked a group of male cyclists to ride intensely until their legs were aching and virtually all of their stored muscle fuel had been depleted. The cyclists then consumed bars and drinks that contained either mostly carbohydrates or both carbohydrates and protein. Then, over the next few days, they completed two sessions of hard intervals. One took place the following morning; the next, two days later.

Dr. Rowlands found that the cyclists showed little benefit during the first interval session. But during the second, the men who ingested protein had an overall performance gain of more than 4 percent, compared with the men who took only carbohydrates, “which is huge, in competitive terms,” Dr. Rowlands says. Other researchers’ earlier studies produced similar results. Protein seems to aid in the uptake of carbohydrates from the blood; muscles pack in more fuel after exercise if those calories are accompanied by protein. The protein is also thought to aid in the repair of muscle damage after hard exercise. Dr. Rowlands’s work, which was published in 2008, was right in line with conventional wisdom.
Not so his latest follow-up study, which was published online in May in the journal Medicine and Science in Sport and Exercise and should raise eyebrows, especially lightly plucked ones. After his original work was completed, Dr. Rowlands says, “we received inquiries from female cyclists,” asking to be part of any further research. So, almost as an afterthought, Dr. Rowlands and his colleagues repeated the entire experiment with experienced female riders.
This time, though, the results were quite different. The women showed no clear benefit from protein during recovery. They couldn’t ride harder or longer. In fact, the women who received protein said that their legs felt more tired and sore during the intervals than did women who downed only carbohydrates. The results, Dr. Rowlands says, were “something of a surprise.”
More Phys Ed columns
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Fitness and Nutrition News
Scientists know, of course, that women are not men. But they often rely on male subjects exclusively, particularly in the exercisescience realm, where, numerically, fewer female athletes exist to be studied. But when sports scientists recreate classic men-only experiments with distaff subjects, the women often react quite differently. In a famous series of studies of carbo-loading (the practice of eating a high-carbohydrate diet before a race), researchers found that women did not pack carbohydrates into their muscles as men did. Even when the women upped their total calories as well as the percentage of their diet devoted to carbohydrates, they loaded only about half as much extra fuel into their muscles as the men did.
Why women respond differently seems obvious. Women are, after all, awash in the hormone estrogen, which, some new science suggests, has greater effects on metabolism and muscle health than was once imagined. Some studies have found that postmenopausal women who take estrogen replacement have healthier muscles than postmenopausal women who do not. Even more striking, in several experiments, researchers from McMaster University in Canada gave estrogen to male athletes and then had them complete strenuous bicycling sessions. The men seemed to have developed entirely new metabolisms. They burned more fat and a smaller percentage of protein or carbohydrates to fuel their exertions, just as women do.
What all of this emerging science means for women and the scientists who study (or ignore) them is not yet completely clear. “We need more research” into the differences between male and female athletes, Dr. Rowlands says. In his own study, a particularly intriguing and mysterious finding suggested that the female cyclists somehow sustained less muscle damage during the hard intervals than the men did. Their blood contained lower levels of creatine kinase, a biochemical marker of trauma in muscle tissue. Did estrogen protect the women’s muscles during the riding? And if so, why did the female cyclists who ingested protein complain of sore and tired muscles during the sessions? “Honestly, I don’t know,” Dr. Rowlands says, adding that he does not think that his findings suggest that women should skip protein after exercise. “It’s true that we didn’t see evidence for a benefit,” he says. But his study was one of a kind. The findings need to be replicated.
In the meantime, female athletes should view with skepticism the results from exercise studies that use only male subjects. As Dr. Rowlands says — echoing a chorus of men before him — when it comes to women, there’s a great deal that sports scientists “just don’t understand.”

The Expert answers:

The usual response to the findings of any scientific or pseudo scientific study are that more research is needed, therefore, “when it comes to women, there’s a great deal that sports scientists ‘just don’t understand.’ ” is the analysis

Thomas asks…

I have a huge crush on a girl…?

The thing is that she used to like me and have a huge crush on me or at least so I think. This was back in 7th and 8th grade. I hadnt really seen her for a few years until she excitedly said hi to me last year. Now this year she is in my English class and I can’t get over her. She is so cute. In the beginning of the year she seemed excited to have me in her class but now we sit on opposite sides of the room so it is hard to talk:( . I do notice her looking at me sometimes and I can’t help but wonder if she still thinks about me. I wonder how the law of attraction works because I just figured out that she wants to go to the same college as me. We independently chose the college so it seems like some external force pulling us in the same direction. She likes running, fitness, nature, reading, etc and so do I. She wants to major in exercise science and marketing which I am interested in too. I don’t know but it seems like we have a good amount in common. My goal is to start talking to her more and ask her out. I love her.
Do you believe in fate? Are we meant to be together? Any tips?

The Expert answers:

You should go for her… There IS fate…

Good luck!

David asks…

What would be the most suitable protein supplement for my circumstances?

I’m normally quite involved in my fitness. I have always been carrying some extra fat, but nothing dangerous or limiting. I’m male, about 5’10”, 212lbs. I just turned 18 and I have always been on the larger-side of the build of my peers. I have recently gained an extra 10lbs-ish due to a 2-week period of inactive laziness. I’ve completely turned around, though, and am on a circuit-strength-training routine, involving core training, and exercises like jumping jacks, calisthenics, skipping and running (jogging, sprinting, hills, etc). I balance it so that on days that I am not doing my circuit training I am exercising with the said cardiovascular and anaerobic exercises. I also designate rest days to allow healing and growth. I am also stretching daily. My diet has changed, and I am eating more or less 6 small-ish meals a day, rather than 3 large ones. I am getting to bed before 10:00pm each night and I am gradually balancing my schooling with my new life of fitness.
With these details out of the way, I bring myself back to the question I now have: “What would be the most suitable protein supplement for my circumstances?”
For the record, I have quite a significant amount of muscle-weight. I am a very strong individual, and so I realize that I should only be focusing on cutting-fat, as the muscle is already underneath, ‘waiting’ to be seen. However, rather than focus on just fat-loss, I want to embrace rapid muscle growth (be it by mass or strength) to further produce results, as well as to help with my dieting. In other words, I want a protein supplement that will help me produce lean-muscle faster than I would without the help. However, I do not want to be gaining ‘water-weight’, which can happen quite often enough with certain supplements like creatine.
I know a fair amount when it comes to metabolism, heart rates, biology (at a molecular level) and exercise science in general (kinesiology), and from what I know, I think that I need a protein supplement that will provide me with the right amino acids to centralize on muscle growth and repair, as from what I understand, those same types of peptides will be digested and contribute to me feeling more ‘full’, helping me adjust to my 6-small meals a day.
I have looked into something called AMP Whey Protein, by GNC, and it seems pretty good, though I would love to have some other opinions.
Please tell me what you would recommend, and please feel free to share some of your own experiences with different supplements and what you thought about them. Much thanks in advance!

The Expert answers:

Protein powder is protein powder. The small differences between casein and whey and not worth the paralysis the analysis might cause.

Stay away from GNC. WAYYY overpriced. Buy off the internet. is great

You have to make a decision. Cut or add lean mass. Remember, we gain muscle better at lower bodyfat ranges. If you’re above 15%, I say cut.

Donald asks…

Nursing OR Personal Training?????

I’m graduating in a year with a BS in Exercise Science and I’m thinking I need to either go into nursing (maybe bsn) or personal training so that I can make a living.

Which would be the better choice? I love the fitness/nutrition side, but fear it is an unstable career unless you look amazing at all times! As for nursing, I don’t want to clean up people’s crap, but I love to help people.

Personal Training or Nursing? And WHY?

The Expert answers:

There are so many career options you’ll have with a university nursing degree. Nurses find themselves in all types of careers such as… Well, there is butt wiping, administrative rolls, you can get your masters & teach, even get a PhD in nursing. You can even move out of the nursing field all together, such as pharmaceutical or medical device sales representative.

There is no real future in personal training, unless…you are Oprah’s coach 🙂

You could also do both. Nursing full or part-time, and personally training on the side.

Ken asks…

choosing a major in college?

I’m a Sophomore in college. I’ll be transferring to a 4 year school as a Junior next Spring. I’ve mostly been taking my general education requirements, so a change of major still wouldn’t have a huge impact on graduating on time. Right now my major is Exercise Science. I love working out, and it is by far one of my biggest passions. But, I also feel like I’m not going to achieve my full potential by majoring in this. I spend a lot my free time working out or researching things related to physical fitness and nutrition, so I’m already familiar with most of the stuff I’m learning in class.
One of my other passions is current events, what’s going on in America, international relations/conflict, and economics. I have a strong desire to help America become a better place. I really want to get involved in politics. I feel like a major in Political Science would give me a strong foundation for my future.
So what should I do? Should I stick with something that comes natural to me (Exercise Science)? Or should I go with what my heart says, and with what I really want to learn about (Political Science)?
Career wise, I plan on becoming an officer in the military as soon as I graduate.

The Expert answers:

And what happens if you don’t get accepted for military OCS?

Keep your options open, and choose a Major that is marketable.
Otherwise, you could find yourself working for Taco Bell.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Carol asks…

Christians: how could Adam and Eve be held responsible for their actions?

Since they had not yet eaten from the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil, they had no knowledge of good and evil. When you specifically design two humans to NOT have moral guidelines, how can you punish them for disobeying you? If listening to God’s word is morally good, then they still didn’t have the knowledge of that, since they didn’t know what was good and what was bad.

It sure seems like God designed them to fail. Plus, he knew they would fail from the start…

The Expert answers:

I’ve heard of this story,
didn’t also have a talking snake?

Laura asks…

Even if the snake in Eden failed to trick Adam or Eve,…?

,…considering the snake was out to get them, don’t you think the snake would have harmed them itself sooner or later somehow since Adam and Eve were supposed to co-exist with it for a very long time?
I mean seriousy, a snake big enough to talk to a person, don’t you think that snake could have snuck up on them and choked them to death while they were sleeping? Afterall, Adam and Eve were 2 butt naked people completely unclothed, unarmed, and defenseless.

So my point is, if the snake had all those bad intentions for Adam and Eve, don’t you think it would’ve eventually plotted against them somehow and harmed them in some form whether it would have been physical or not?
And why in the bible was it left out that God took away its ability to talk to people?
And since God probably also made the male form less attractive to women after Adam and Eve kicked out of Eden considering that females don’t consider the male form sexually attractive enough, why was that left out of the bible as well?

The Expert answers:

It never ceases to amaze me at how smart stupid people think they are.

The Bible speaks of a serpent in the Garden. But it’s clear that serpent is a descriptive term, not a literal snake. Throughout scripture, Satan is described as being like a serpent. It’s a literary allusion to his sneakiness and cunning, not a literal reference to the fact that he has scales and a forked tongue.

Donald asks…

Why is the name Addison seen as feminine but Adam is seen as masculine?

The name Addison is an Old English name that means “Son of Adam“. I fail to understand how Addison is feminine, yet names like Jackson, Nelson, and Wilson are very masculine.

Now to my original question, if Adam is masculine, then wouldn’t Addison automatically be masculine too? Jack is masculine and Jackson is as well. Why would the name Addison be any different?

Before you give the, “Addie can be a cute nickname for a girl” excuse, I want to add that Ada is a feminine name that could be used as a nickname for Adam.

Would anyone like to show me the difference?
@Chance- Thanks? I think I understand your point but it was extremely difficult with the grammatical errors in the short little “paragraph”.

This wasn’t a rant at all. I simply wanted to know why a lot(a lot is two words, by the way) of people use Addison for a female.

I went to a website that says,

“Addison, which means ‘son of Adam‘, is one of the surnames which has been enthusiastically taken up in the current trend to find ‘unique’ names for baby girls. It has been climbing the American charts since 1994 and in 2006 was the 27th most popular name for girls in the US.

Although Addison, today, is given as a name to both genders, it isn’t a legitimate unisex name as it’s meaning is masculine.

Addison is the name of many cities throughout North America. It is also the name of a serious adrenal condition; John F. Kennedy suffered from Addison’s disease, and it is believed that Jane Austen may have died from it. A female character in

The Expert answers:

Addison is different because a bunch of ignorant and equally moronic parents decided it would make a unique girl name because what’s more unique, for a girl, than a boy name?) And, of course, when people started saddling the name on their daughters en masse, they started to say that Addison was no longer appropriate for a boy; that it was too girly for a boy and a boy with a name like Addison, in this day and age, would be teased. And, of course, it’s BS. Addison has been used as a masculine first name for over a century, and has been a masculine surname for COUNTLESS centuries! It’s only been used for girls for roughly 20 years and yet, people have honestly claimed that Addison is more of a girl name than it is a boy name? RUBBISH!

At the end of the day, Addison is no less masculine than Adam is, and people know that. They just don’t acknowledge it as they want to live on in the ignorance that they have or will have chosen a wonderful name for their daughter when, in fact, it is a TERRIBLE name for girls. I, personally, wouldn’t want my daughter to find out that her name is inappropriate for her gender, and cannot see why anyone else would!

It’s sad, really. Very sad. And at the rate things are going, in the next 10+ years there won’t be any boy names left in Europe! I honestly don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the insanity of it all.

Jenny asks…

why do Christians blame sins WE commit, on Adam and Eve when we ourselves have freewill?

to choose between right and wrong?

Surely this lacks the logic

eg If person x dad sat a Law examination and failed, then surely that does not mean his son is a failure

The Expert answers:

Most don’t.

When was the last time a Christian said, Adam & Eve made me do it?” Thanks.

George asks…

Do high school photography teachers praise poor images by students?

Do they do this to encourage rather than discourage or do they really not have a handle on what is really required in the field?

I might as well expand this to some colleges, as I was told by a college photography teacher that he would fail Ansel Adams because Adams presented the world “too pretty”.

The Expert answers:

You are right … When in a masters program years ago at a prestigious State university, I was appalled when a students single image portfolio was praised by the instructor.

The image was the result of just about every first timers mistakes when attempt at producing a photo. Under exposed, under developed and the composition of the outhouse placed it directly in the center of the frame. It was poorly dry mounted (it had wrinkles in it) and had no attempt was made to “spot tone” the obvious dust on the print.

This looked like what one would expect from a first semester student, first assignment … Not someone entering an MFA program in photography.

This does a huge disservice to the student. Without a serious critique, pointing out the technical mistakes and praising the student only when the growth of the student shows them becoming more proficient in their techniques and start to learn some elements of design and composition, the student may become frustrated, especially when facing the real world, later when they try to enter judged art shows or actually try to work as a pro

It may be that the root cause of this problem is the bona fides of the instructor. I learned soon enough that in order to get the most from my photo classes, it was incumbent upon me to choose those who were either retired pros or actually working pros, teaching one class a semester

Photography is a balance of the total control of the images exposure and the creative sense necessary to compose compelling images. Trying to politicize the craft of creating images is a bit over the top. Letting the market select the those who will succeed will actually reflect the political temperature than any forced image manipulation. Only giving value to images that are not “too pretty” is counter to the idea of art. While social commentary is one important facet of photography, it is not the end-all and be-all of using a camera.

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