Your Questions About Fitness

Mandy asks…

Want to incorporate weight lifting into my fitness routine?

Hello, I am 5’2″, 122 lbs, and female. I just started eating healthy a month ago, and I am a week into running Sundays, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays

Tue, Thur, Sat will become my muscle workout days.

All I have are strength bands, 3 lb dumbbells, and a workout mat.

I know I have to exercise certain groups each time.

What actual workouts do I do? I am a total beginner.

Best answer goes to someone who gives me an outline of what workouts to do on what days, and how to do these workouts.


The Expert answers:

Total beginner and not a lot of equipment:

Tuesdays: Chest and Upper Body
Pushups, legs close together, legs wide apart, hands close to each other, hands wide, legs up on a chair/bench so you are going down further, arms up on a step/platform. Choose 3 exercises and do 3 sets.

Thursdays: Back and Arms
Bicep curls (regular), Hammer Curls (where you hold the dumbell vertical instead of horizontal like you are holding a hammer), overhead tripcep raises with dumbel, kickbacks.
For back, get a pull up bar and do some narrow and wide grip pullups.

Friday: Legs, abs
Squats (no weight or with your dumbells), lunges (no weight or with your dumbells), situps, leg lifts, crunches for abs.

Like you said, eat right, add in some protein to your diet, cut out the sweets. Good luck!

Jenny asks…

A good exercise routine for 11 year old “starting strength?”?

I am 11 years old, 4 ft. 9.5 inches and 85 pounds. I am told by doctors at well visits that I have good muscle. I have done some pushups and situps every now and then, but never seriously, now that it is summer, I would like to start gaining muscle. I have studied up and am fully aware that I cannot get a six pack or bodybuilder muscles at my age. So in short I am asking for you to look over the workout plan I have made and change it OR make a new one if you want. I am NOT interested in of weightlifting, as I have heard it is not good for somebody my age, and even if you have different thoughts, I don’t want to risk a growth stunt. Well, here we go!


200 Crunches (4 sets of 50)
100 Pushups (4 sets of 25)
50 Squats (2 sets of 25)
2 Minute Superman Ab/Back Hold (sets of 30 seconds)
200 calf raises (4 sets of 50)
**This routine would be done Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday. I also go running 1x a week and am on my towns travel baseball team, so I play a lot on the weekends.

In case you need to know any “fitness stats” here are some of my fitness test scores at school.

Pushups (1fail):59
Situps (1 min non-stop): 73
Mile time: 6 min 45 sec.

Thanks for answering, and sorry if there is anything I didn’t include (although I tried to include detail) as I really don’t know that much, I want to start safe and smart, so be critical!
By the way, does anyone have any eating tips?

The Expert answers:

Try gymnastics, lol. But seriously gymnast (competive) gain six packs at age 8 or 9, even the girls

George asks…

Is this workout routine still beneficial or is it suicidal?

I really need the help of professional fitness gurus out there, so please bear with me.

I am an ORDINARY college student, enrolled for summer classes, taking Math, and Weight Training for PE. It is my first time hitting the gym. For fitness reference/benchmark purposes, I am a male in my late teens, weighing 180 lbs, 5′ 9″ tall, 34″ around the waist.

We already started our Weight Training sessions and our routine includes the following exercises, expected to be done for 1 hr and 30 mins only, DAILY. The weights specified are the ones assigned for my weight category:

(*sets* x *reps* x *weight/load*), BB – Barbell DB – Dumbbell
– BB Bench Press (3 x 10 x 70 lbs)
– BB Declined Press (3 x 10 x 60 lbs)
– Lateral Pulldowns (3 x 10 x 70 lbs)
– Straight Arm Pulldowns (3 x 10 x 30 lbs)
– Leg Curls (3 x 10 x 30 lbs)
– Leg Extension (3 x 10 x 30 lbs)
– BB Front Military Press (3 x 10 x 40 lbs)
– DB Bent Over Lateral Raises (3 x 10 x 10 lbs)
– DB Alternate Bicep Curls (3 x 10 x 15 lbs)
– DB Triceps Extension (3 x 10 x 15 lbs)

– Crunches (3 sets of 100, w/ 2, 1-minute holds)
– 30 Push-ups
– 6 Pull-ups
– Heel Raises (3 x 10 x 150 KILOS)

This routine is only 1 of 3 prepared for us.

What I would like to stress (and therefore inquire of) here is that this is done DAILY. I do not know anyone of personal acquaintance that is a professional weight trainer. That would be the reason why I am hoping that someone in the internet, who might be knowledgeable in this field, will give me some proper advice because I am planning on dropping this PE and I am in GREAT PAIN right now from muscle soreness. I also read somewhere that overtraining without recovery WILL reverse the “strengthening” process and will then ensue weaker muscles. Please enlighten me with my query. A detailed advice would be very much appreciated.

If any of you readers know of a pro weight trainer, kindly inform them of my case. I think this is for everyone’s benefit, a lesson from over-training maybe?

Thank you very much.

The Expert answers:

You better quit that workout! Its way too much work at once,.. And too many exercises and tooo many muscles worked at once…

U only need to train for 45-60 mins..
So what your doing here is excess!

Only train 1-2 muscles a workout… That way u dont get burnt out
and u only should do 3-5 different exercises per muscle maximun 3-4 sets each

here is how u should workout

mon chest
tue biceps triceps
wed shoulders
thur back
fri legs

abs everyother day

or mon chest, triceps
tue back, biceps
wed shoulders
thur biceps , back
fri legs

and u need to get on glutamine.. And take some whey protein,.. It reduces soreness and helps recovery

Susan asks…

What is a “dirty dog” exercise move?

I put this on a home workout routine I made from some moves in Fitness magazine, but I haven’t worked out in over 2 years and threw out the magazine with which I got the move from, and cannot remember what it is.

The Expert answers:

Do you mean “down dog”??? That is a position for yoga. Legs are straight and then you bend your upper body down to your toes.

Donna asks…

Can someone give me an exercise routine/advice?? 10 points :::)?

I go to the gym 3 times a week. I like to workout at home when I’m not at the gym
Can someone give me a routine to do at home like calisthenetics or anything really. I have an exercise bike and an elliptical trainer as well. They have calorie counts so I know what I burn on them and again at the gym I do interval. I just really need to know some exercises to do to burn around 100 calories each time

Can anyone give me a few routines to do? Ive asked this a couple of times but got answers I already knew and they werent answering my actual question. please give me routines / fitness workout thank you 🙂

The Expert answers:

I do this routine because it works for me and makes me feel like ive been running many miles! I have a rebounder so i do half an hour – 30minutes of jogging (furious jogging) the bounce makes it that much more intense. Then once im finished i lay down on my yoga mat and i get a ball, i dont have a medicine ball so i use a normal ball, i place it between my knees and i squeeze, i hold that for 5minutes, every few seconds i release my legs for a rest. Then for another 5mins i do butt squeezes, i simply bend my knees and lift my tail bone and squeeze my butt, i hold that for 5minutes. Then i repeat the ball squeeze and butt squeeze 1 more time. Next! For another 20minutes i do multiple ab exercises, crunches, air boxing, lots i dont even know the names of! But they work! Then for another 20minutes i do arm workouts, with and without weights and i also do a circuit for another 15-20minutes i do multiple exercises with gliding discs, basically i just follow fitness gliding discs video routines and i also do resistance band workouts. Lol thats all:) it works for me so its great i dont need a gym

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Your Questions About Fitness

Mary asks…

whats the mood and tone of this poem?

said one lady to another
the way this town is managed is simply a disgrace
the men will not do anything tis clearly plain to all
the women must take hold and at once a meeting call
and so the the thing was done they came by twos and threes

from every sort of fancy work to patching johnie’s knees
all dressed in summer costume tipped with flowers of every hue
and voted in their officers without too much ado
the president took the chair with her easy similing grace
declared she’d no experience or fitness for the place

Only one rule she was sure of tho many had a notion
and it the amendment always goes before the motion
“indeed” “ah yes!” “just so” and then the buzz began
every bonnet nodded and fluttered every fan
on either side in front in front behind they all kept up a chat

no one addressed the president they hadn’t nerve for that
at last she said “now ladies really something we must do
the afternoon is passing we must get the business through
let someone make a motion now do not be afraid
and i’ll put it to the voting when the amendment’s mad”

i move we meet it on tuesdays said a lady dressed in red
i second said a pretty one with snowfrops on her head
and now for the amendment said the lady in the chair
it must go before the motion as you are all aware
i move we meet it on friday one carolled like a bird

but friday can’t go first-why the thing is too absurd
but friday’s the amendment “but tis cart before the horse
we’ll get in a perfect muddle; why the men could not do worse”
“the amendment must go first” a dozen tried to speak
even so that doesn’t change the order of the week

our husbands all will ridicule said one in pinch-nose glasses
and if we weren’t woment would simply call us asses
then logic, method, order I discerned amid the chatter
but who’d the floor or proved a point it didn’t seem to matter
the question had got subtle the president looked perplexed

the lettle secretary bit her pencil and looked vexed
whether motion or amendment went first or last in truth
i’m not prepared to tell you for-i went before them both.

This poem is by agnes maule machar, and it’s called “a women’s meeting”
so what do you think is the mood and tone of the poem, also how do you think the speaker of the poem feels about the subject. How does the rhyme scheme and meter affect the tone of the poem and what’s a simile and imagery in the poem?

THANK YOU SO MUCH!:D(sorry it’s a lot)

The Expert answers:

The mood of the poem is nagging, and the tone is petulant.

The writer could care less about her topic (no real observation, no analysis, sloppy expression, minimal articulacy).

It’s junk, so is the writer.

William asks…

Are You a Nintendo Wii Person or a Xbox Kinect Person? Or are you a Playstation Move person?

The holiday season is the best time of year to check out the latest and greatest in video game gadgets.

One of the biggest hot-button gaming topics this year is motion-sensing technology. Whether you’re looking for a brand new system, like the Nintendo Wii, or an add-on for your system, like the new Kinect for Xbox 360, all three major gaming systems are now compatible with motion-sensing games.

For the last few years, the Wii has led the market in motion-sensing gaming with its landmark accelerometer-powered remote, but if you’ve had a chance to use the Wii you’ve probably noticed that it isn’t the most accurate system on the planet.

That’s why, to keep up with the competition, Nintendo released the Wii MotionPlus, which increases the remote’s accuracy and make it much easier to use. However, Sony and Microsoft are catching up quickly.

Microsoft is already a step ahead with its Kinect, launched last month. Ditching controllers completely, the Kinect has focused on full-body detection with a mounted sensor that keeps track of your entire body. Of course, it’s new, so its selection of games — mostly fitness and party games — is far more limited than that of the Wii, but that will change over time.

Price-wise, Nintendo has been leading the game for years, and that’s still the case. If you don’t already have an Xbox 360 or Wii console, the Xbox can run you around $100 more — and you’ll still have to but the Kinect sensor separately.

Finally, Sony has introduced its own motion-sensing controller, the Playstation Move, but it seems to have the least to offer. Like the Kinect, the Move is new and doesn’t yet have the library of games that the Wii does; unlike the Kinect, you’re still required to hold a controller.

I pick the Nintendo Wii. Because I like the Video Games to it.

The Expert answers:

I have all 3. But if I want motion controls, I just use Wii. Kinect and Move are just cheap add-ons. I would rather use a controller if I am playing with PS3 or 360.

Ken asks…

Which console should i get!?

Need Help making a purchase!!!!!!!!!!?
hello every one :). I really need some help making a decision on what to buy. i currently own a ps3 and am wanting to buy a nintendo wii mainly because i find the whole motion control scheme very entertaining. recently i found out that sony will be releasing a motion Controller and games. I really don’t know which to BUY!!. ive tried weighing my options and thinking about both systems in the long term. ( i don’t exactly play much With the ps3 anymore any ways that’s why i wanted a wii)

so i was thinking like this. if i bought a wii i would probably purchase at least 10 games. (ive had the ps3 for 1 and a half years and only have 10 games in total) and those ten games would be mostly mario Metroid and the fitness stuff which is another reason i want the console (i want to lose some weight and tests have show that you can burn 484 calories per hr using wii sports the pre packed game, and there are about 7700 Cal’s in a kilo so id have to play for a total of 15 hrs to lose 1 kilo along with a diet of course that would mean i could lose 2kgs per week if i train hard ! =].) when i think about that i always think about the wii system it self. it doesn’t have the bets graphics or hd and apparently all of the games are shovel wear so i was thinking if i waited for the ps3 motion controller would i be getting a better quality product compared to the wii?. Iv’e also been hearing rumors of new consoles being released end of this year, start of next year including a new hd version of the wii. should i wait for that or is it a lie? has any one heard confermation of some sort of new wii console in the new future.

please help me i really dont know what to do. Wii or ps3 motion controller OR wait for new console. i no its alot to answer but i need all the help i can get before i head to the store and blow AUS$400 on a console when a product alowing my existing console to do the exact same thing and it would cost me alot less.

one last thing if i havent bored you yet. As for gaming content, can some one list the best wii games out at the moment that are good and if there are ny highly anticipated games on the way that i might like. (im turning 15 btw so if thats to old an age to own a wii then i think ill hold out for the ps3 thing.)

The Expert answers:

Ok. I depends what you want. PS3, Xbox, and Wii all have motion control (Xbox is also make one called Project Natal.) It all depends on your opinion. Xbox is a big no no because the have a 50% chance failure rate while PS3 has a 1% failure rate. If your going to go for the PS3 (Which i recommend) I suggest you get the slim. It’s better than the older one because it cools better, has a better GPU and CPU and is overall 50% smaller than the older one. In my expierince (I have one) it gets cooler as you play. Weird right? Well anyway, if you want cartoonish cheap drawings or HD drawings, (when the Wii HD comes out), go for the Wii. It is more family friendly. But, if you want a crazy console that can support you gaming full HD needs, GET A PS3. So overall, Xbox is automatically ruled out and Wii is a overall opinion. So, PS3 it is.

Sharon asks…

Should i buy the wii or not?

Need Help making a purchase!!!!!!!!!!?
hello every one :). I really need some help making a decision on what to buy. i currently own a ps3 and am wanting to buy a nintendo wii mainly because i find the whole motion control scheme very entertaining. recently i found out that sony will be releasing a motion Controller and games. I really don’t know which to BUY!!. ive tried weighing my options and thinking about both systems in the long term. ( i don’t exactly play much With the ps3 anymore any ways that’s why i wanted a wii)

so i was thinking like this. if i bought a wii i would probably purchase at least 10 games. (ive had the ps3 for 1 and a half years and only have 10 games in total) and those ten games would be mostly mario Metroid and the fitness stuff which is another reason i want the console (i want to lose some weight and tests have show that you can burn 484 calories per hr using wii sports the pre packed game, and there are about 7700 Cal’s in a kilo so id have to play for a total of 15 hrs to lose 1 kilo along with a diet of course that would mean i could lose 2kgs per week if i train hard ! =].) when i think about that i always think about the wii system it self. it doesn’t have the bets graphics or hd and apparently all of the games are shovel wear so i was thinking if i waited for the ps3 motion controller would i be getting a better quality product compared to the wii?. Iv’e also been hearing rumors of new consoles being released end of this year, start of next year including a new hd version of the wii. should i wait for that or is it a lie? has any one heard confermation of some sort of new wii console in the new future.

please help me i really dont know what to do. Wii or ps3 motion controller OR wait for new console. i no its alot to answer but i need all the help i can get before i head to the store and blow AUS$400 on a console when a product alowing my existing console to do the exact same thing and it would cost me alot less.

one last thing if i havent bored you yet. As for gaming content, can some one list the best wii games out at the moment that are good and if there are ny highly anticipated games on the way that i might like. (im turning 15 btw so if thats to old an age to own a wii then i think ill hold out for the ps3 thing.)

The Expert answers:

I’m 15 and when we got a Wii I was disappointed because I was expecting the Ps3 ( I was really into HD, blu-ray, good online play, and looking for to games like UNCHARTED 2!) but we got a Wii.

Anyways I tried to make the best out of it. If your 14 (hey btw are people down under over -weight? My friend from there said that) I don’t think you should buy a Wii to lose weight. If you can just play more sports with your friends like soccer. I don’t know, but too me the fitness is good but when it came to trying to losing weight , I always shunned those games as for “grown ups” .

I think for $400 AUS, i woudln’t buy the Wii. Theres a few games you may like but I have a feeling by the time you turn 16 you would have started playing your PS3 more.

Anyways if you do buy a Wii some good games are:
*Mario Galaxy
*New Super Mario bros
*The Conduit
*Mario Kart Wii
*Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All-Stars
*No more Heroes
*No More heroes 2: desperate struggle.
*Legend of Zelda Twilight princess
*Super Smash bros. Brawl
*Metroid: Trilogy ( 3 metroid games in one)
*Resident Evil 4: Wii Edition
*Call of Duty : Modern Warfare : Reflex ( if you have modern warfare for Ps3, dont buy it for wii)

Those are the best games in my opinion but , those are catered to more “hard-core” game play.Theres a bunch of games for losing weight.

Also go to and look up reviews and rankings of Wii games and compare them to Ps3 games. Ps3 games have higher scores.

Mandy asks…

please help with this questions i really need help?

Which of the following is not a component of fitness?
A) Cardiovascular fitness
B) Muscular endurance
C) Pulmonary endurance
D) Body composition
Jane runs and lifts weights, but never stretches. What component of fitness does she need to work on?
A) Flexibility
B) Coordination
C) Muscular endurance
D) Body composition
What does “aerobic” mean?
A) “With blood”
B) “With air”
C) “With oxygen”
D) “With water”
What is measured by the amount of time a muscle group can sustain a contraction?
A) Muscular endurance
B) Muscular strength
C) Cardiovascular fitness.
D) All of the above
A person’s flexibility does NOT depend on which of the following?
A) Age
B) Height
C) Gender
D) Genetics
Having a high percentage of body fat can put you at risk for which of the following?
A) Heart disease
B) Cancer
C) Diabetes
D) All of the above
What is true about the heart muscle?
A) It is just like any other muscle and grows stronger with use.
B) It cannot pump more blood when conditioned.
C) It doesn’t grow stronger with frequent use.
D) It does not maintain a higher rate during exercise.
What is NOT true about cardiovascular activities?
A) They are generally sustained for an extended period of time.
B) They occur when large muscles of the body are in constant motion.
C) They include activities such as running and biking.
D) They do not require oxygen for energy.
Which of the following is not a benefit of strength training?
A) Increased metabolism
B) Weakened bones
C) Increased lean muscle mass
D) Muscle tone
How often should you stretch?
A) Once a week
B) Once a month
C) After every workout
D) Never

The Expert answers:

1. D.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Robert asks…

Christians, was it Satan or God that set up Adam to be cast from paradise?

Mankind was cast from paradise because Adam chose to eat from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil, right? Is it true that Adam had free will prior to this “commandment” from God? Stay with me because this is an important point. During the time prior to God “warning” Adam about eating from the tree of knowledge did Adam EVER do anything to displease God? No! Not one thing! Human Sin did not exist! Thus, flesh in and of itself is not evil.

Christians tell me that God walked with Adam in paradise and loved him immensely. If this is true, why would God create a challenge for his beloved Adam that he knew he would fail? If God is omnipotent then he had to know that Adam would fail his test and eat the fruit. On the other hand, if God didn’t know that Adam would take a bite then He is not omnipotent.

In either case, the story breaks down here. Adam HAD free will prior to God warning him about the fruit and Adam never concocted a way to piss God off! Adam was PERFECT until God manufactured a way to make it seem as though free will equates to evil. If Adam was PERFECT and pleased God, why was it necessary to test him? Could it be that Adam’s perfection somehow frightened or threatened God? Or was God just bored with his obedient little toy? And if this is so, were Adam’s actions truly a failing of the creation (Adam) or the creator? Blame it on the weakness of the flesh or the charm of the serpent if you want, but God created our “weak” flesh and the fallen Angel that tempted Adam and had to know what Satan was up to. Any way you slice it the fix was in from the phrase, “let us make man!” Or is the only “conspiracy” that the book of Genesis is just one big fairy tale. 🙂

Put on your amour, mount your steed, and let the intellectual jousting begin!

The Expert answers:

You are absolutely right, according to scripture God created a perfect Adam and Eve and also the means to make them imperfect. God obviously wasn’t well pleased with their perfection, so God devised a cunning plan to produce the biggest fall from grace there could be. By devious means of God’s created serpent, God tempted Eve to eat from God’s forbidden fruit. The eating of the fruit condemned the whole of humanity to suffer imperfection for ever more. That imperfection has resulted in disease, racism, genocide, murder, pestilence and war, indeed all man’s inhumanity to man, and all for the sake of an apple.

I know that most Christians, Jews and Muslims will now say that Genesis is not literally true, at least those well educated, and believers in evolution will say this. Certainly most of the clergy are saying this when asked the question, although most of them read it as literal truth when holding service. So the myth continues, and many fundamentalists avidly believe Genesis is the word of God.

Isn’t it absolutely pathetic that grown adults in this enlightened age can believe such silly nonsense as the story of Genesis. Even worse, many of them who know these stories are pure fantasy, continue to believe in a faith that has no sensible foundation whatsoever.

I can only suppose belief in the one God is the result of indoctrination in faiths from childhood, when the brain is more susceptible to brainwashing; geographical location of the so called great religions would indicate this. Children would believe that the ultimate free lunch of eternal bliss in paradise, is a just reward for simply owning up to imperfections and following the rules as dictated in whatever creed it is they belong to.

The egotistical attitude of religions is not my main concern. If they want to believe they are so special that by outwardly holding true to a faith, even if not truly practising it, they are priveleged in the mind of their God, and their reward is infinite happiness forever. What troubles me are those fundamentalists, who are brainwashed into committing mass murder on command of their holy leaders. These, the ones with hatred instilled in their minds, believe their imperfection as a consequence of Eve’s eating of the forbidden fruit, can only be amended by destroying others who are likewise contaminated.

Sandy asks…

God failed at making Satan perfect and then failed again with Adam or he didn’t fail cause he made perfect?

The Expert answers:

It was their free will.It was their choice.What should have he done?Make us all non-thinking animals.

Richard asks…

Eve Was Taken Out Of Adam – Ever since the Fall “Cloning” was not done anymore. Do you think so?

God once cloned Man and Eve came out of Adam. Both failed the test God set for them. I guess if He has form another man and cloned another woman – the same result would happend as God knows’ what in the heart of men. Do you think that’s the reason and why God allow the woman to bear child instead of the “cloning” business?

The Expert answers:

If Eve was cloned from Adam, she would have been a man.

Daniel asks…

if GOD knows all did he set up Adam to fail when he made EVE ,watch out now?

The Expert answers:

Hey boo boo, did you and Yogi ever find any pickanick baskets?

Michael asks…

Why would an omniscient being need to test Adam and Eves ‘obedience’?

If he was all knowing he would have known that they will fail his test, so what was the point?

And why did he punish them(and us, apparently) so harsh for something that he knew they would do before creating them?

If he didn’t like what they were going to do, why did he create them?

The Expert answers:

He’s a fairy tale.

The Christians know it, too. They just won’t admit to themselves that they’re imaginary God defies all logic, and couldn’t possibly exist.

EDIT: It takes an all-too-common type of moron to believe in God. Simple as that.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Charles asks…

Training For Fitness Test?

I have a fitness test coming up in about 7 weeks,
I am already quite fit, I run about 2-3 kms a day and have pretty good upper body strength due to working in a physical job. I was just after advice on how best to train for the following tests for my police recruitment exam.

Abdominal Strength Rating
The abdominal strength test requires the applicant to lie on
the floor on their back with both arms crossed over the
chest. The knees must then be raised up to an angle of
approximately 90 degrees, keeping both feet flat on the
The applicant is then required to sit up, bringing their chin up
to the knees and hold that position for three seconds. Both
feet must remain flat on the floor throughout this sit-up.
Only one sit-up is required to pass this test. Each applicant is
given three attempts to pass.

Firearm Pre Selection Criteria
To test the minimum strength required to operate a “Glock”
handgun, applicants are required to hold and operate a
police-issue firearm in the following manner:
• The applicant will hold the Glock with the
arm fully extended at right angles to the shoulder
and parallel to the ground. The Glock must be held
steady when dry firing (no ammunition) in a manner as
directed by the examiner.
• The trigger must be fired ten
times. After each trigger fire, the slide mechanism
on the Glock must be “racked” (this involves pulling
back a slide mechanism on the Glock and then
releasing it).
• The applicant must now demonstrate
that they can “rack” the Glock and hold the slide
mechanism in the open position for three seconds
and repeat three times.
Only one attempt is given for this test

Crowd Control Simulation
Applicants are required to pull and push a suspended 20
kilo weight on a body control machine through a series of
eight180-degree arcs (simulates pulling/pushing a person).
Four arcs are done in a pushing movement, followed by four
arcs in a pulling movement.
Only one attempt is given for this test.

Shuttle Run (Beep Test)
The shuttle run, commonly known as the “beep test” is
designed to test cardiovascular fitness. This exercise is
carried out on a flat, non-slip surface between two markers
placed 20 meters apart. Applicants are required to run
between the markers in time with an audiotape or CD.
Beginning at Level 1, applicants must progress through
each level and the required number of laps to the minimum
level required for their age and gender. A ‘safety’ marker,
two (2) meters short of the markers at each end, is used
to determine whether the applicant is adequately paced with
the timing of the test. If the applicant does not reach the
safety marker by the time the beep sounds they are to be
called ‘short’.
If the applicant does not reach the safety marker on two
successive beeps then they are to be removed from the test.
Hence, if the applicant reaches the safety marker after they
are called ‘short’ then they are allowed to continue.

Modified Illinois Agility Test
The Modified Illinois Agility Test requires an individual to move
their body in space accurately and rapidly via changes of
speed and direction within a horizontal plane.
The test protocol is as follows:
• The applicant lies down on his/her stomach, facing the
START line with legs extended behind the body. Hands
are placed next to the shoulders.
• On the ‘start’ command, the applicant is required to
rise as quickly as possible and sprint from the START
line to a FAR line that is 9.14 metres away. The
applicant runs around a small cone (coloured red in
adjoining image) placed on the line and then sprints
back to the start line.
• The applicant runs around the green cone situated on
the START line before completing a zigzag pattern by
weaving through a series of cones (coloured green)
to the FAR line. The applicant runs around the green
cone situated on the FAR line before returning in the
same manner. NB When commencing the first zigzag,
applicants run to the right of the first cone.
• The applicant then repeats a straight line sprint to the
FAR line where after running around the small cone on
the line, he/she then sprints to the FINISH line to
complete the test.

Any advice would be much appreciated,


The Expert answers:

Pee before the test

Donald asks…

Walking into a small gym like 24 Hour Fitness?

Would it be weird of me to go up there and ask if there’s any type of job I could get there? Such as racking weights and just such and such. I’m 18, workout regularly, knowledgeable to exercises and what works what and machines and body awareness. I’m in college studying kinesiology/physical therapy. I’ve taken classes such as medical terminology, health, biology and so on. What do you think kind of reply I would get?

The Expert answers:

I’d say you’re over qualified.

Plus you’re in college…not really looking for an 8 hours day/night job, are you?

Ask for a job application form that you can fill out…but tone it down. Do not use big words like “kinesiology”.

You might want to “get your foot in the door” by volunteering first (pretending to do it as to not have to pay membership fees to get access to the gym) and then when you become indispensable, they might hire you and pay you.

Michael asks…

Should I become a personal trainer? Why or why not?

As someone who is into exercise, fitness, and health and has been described as charismatic, would this be a good fit? I have another job, but the hours are not enough. Is it worth getting certified and getting into this field, too?

The Expert answers:

Absolutely. This field of work will never disappear, especially in current society. People are ALWAYS looking to get fitter/lose weight/gain muscle. It can be financially beneficial too, top notch personal trainers earn £25 an hour +. Also you can be your own boss and choose your hours!

Sharon asks…

I really want to be a fitness instructor or a personal trainer!!??? Thanks?

What course would i have to take in collage,.?,.how long would i have to train?,.how many points would i need in my leaving cent?,.how hard is it to get the job,.?,is it good pay??,.please help i really want to work in a gym i have cince i was 7,. I have big biceps ,.strong abbs,.and im only 17,. Just love the gym!,.any type of fitness as long as its exercise il do it ,thanks

The Expert answers:

If you want to be a Certified Physical Trainer, then there are many places which offer courses toward certification where the length of time is generally shorter (depending on your ability to achieve) than traditional college/universities. Around 14 months or so…. However, if you want to Teach / Instruct you may want to consider college/ university level course study and accreditation. Facilities who provide education want the degree. Those facilities like the “Y” or gym may not be as precise in wanting a degree; but, rather knowledge and experience — where certification and some time in service with good references might suffice.

Try goggling course offerings in your area, as well as, looking at the want ads where trainers are sought to see how much they pay and what types of places are hiring trainers. If the salary isn’t stated, give them a call to see. Most traditional and non-traditional facilities offer financial aid – if you qualify. Keep in mind that there are different levels of trainers.

The claim is to see yourself in the position – actually see yourself in a particular placement doing what you say you want. Visit that place and check out the people, the environment and pay scale – to see if it is what you are wanting. People of any profession love to talk about what they know; so start talking to those whom might inspire you and can offer suggestions; or even begin a network.

There is a lot to know regarding biology and the human anatomy, etc… So be prepared to study hard; keeping the goal in mind.

Sounds like you might already go to a gym – check their trainer(s) out and begin there.

Good luck – you have a jump over many starting out in that you know what you like and a direction to head – keep pushing; you’ll get there!

Chris asks…

I just got my first real job?

I just got hired at a local salon in the fitness room. My job is to maintain proper upkeep of the room (dusting, sweeping, ect.), cleaning exercise equipment, greeting people, and helping with exercises. I will be working six and a half hours a day three days a week and they are paying me five dollars an hour. Is this a good price? This is my first real job and I’m not very informed, but everyone I have spoken to has said this isn’t right…

The Expert answers:

It sounds like a minimum wage job (no offense…I am glad that you got one!). If that is at or above the minimum wage in your state, then I think that is okay. Get out of there quick if it isn’t.

If you really aren’t satisfied, then work there for a few months and keep applying for other jobs. Do not quit. It looks bad if you quit for reasons like that, unfortunately. Really…it’s easier to find a job if you already have one because you can show your potential employers that you are already a worker. You’re just looking for something better.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Ruth asks…

Do I need to eat more to reach my fitness goals?

Hi! I just calculated my average daily nutrition intake on and I think I am doing something wrong. I am a 38 year old male, 5 ft. 11 in., 222.5 lbs. 48in chest, 36 in waist. I have lost 17 lbs since April on this diet. I exercise intensely for 30 minutes on an elliptical and 30 minutes with weights for 4 days a week. My weight loss has stopped (looking to get down to 200-ish). Thoughts? Too many carbs? Not enough calories?

Total daily Calories: 1,616
Fat: 22g 198 – Calories or 12% of diet
Carbohydrate: 199.5g 783 – Calories or 46% of diet
Protein: 164.6g 662 – Calories or 39% of diet

1 – High Protein Bar
1 – Dannon Light & Fit Yogurt – Mid morning Snack prior to workout (with teaspoon of Creatine)
1 – Scoop Whey Protein Powder (post workout)
2 – Grilled Chicken Breasts – boneless and skinless (lunch)
1 – Jell-O Sugar Free Pudding (Afternoon Snack)
2 cups – Quaker Oatmeal Squares in Skim Milk (for Dinner)



The Expert answers:

That is foolish advice…you need to keep eating your meat!

Your macronutrient breakdown looks fine. However, I think the reason your weight loss has stopped is because you need to cut back SLOWLY on total calories and instead of having a pure carb dinner make it all protein, like chicken breast/fish/eggs and steamed veggies.

I’d also recommend eating WAYY more veggies. I don’t see a single one in that plan. Broccoli and spinach are my fav’s.

Ken asks…

can you rate my diet for the the day please?

breakfast- fat free yogurt with strawberries, blueberries, and special k on top
lunch- 1/2 a whole what, low carb flatbread with 1 slice of turkey and some lettuce, 7 carots with 1 tbsp of hummus, 1 tbsp of trail mix
snack- apple with less than 1/2 tbsp of organic pb
dinner- 1 grilled meatless boca burger on 1 whole grain flat roll and 1 stuffed bell pepper (70 calories each)
dessert- fruit with fat free reddi whip

for exercise i did 30 minutes of less is more cardio video, 20 minutes of strength/cardio interval training and 20 minutes of yoga (focusing on cardio)
i will probably do an ab workout on fitness tv later for like 10 or so minutes

how didi i do? i am trying to lose some fat around my hips and tone up.
13 years old
111 lbs


The Expert answers:

From 1-10. You accomplished a -5.

Daniel asks…

To a good personal trainer…advice?

I am staying at a hotel for the next week or so. As with most hotels, the Fitness Center is a bit sparse. There is a treadmill and an exercise bike, plenty of mats for various floor exercises, and a fitness rack that contains the following machines: Lat pull down; leg Extension; one upper and one lower pulley (with carabiner/metal clip connectors); a cable power squat system; a chest fly system; and dip bars…and with some imagination, I may be able to work up a pull up apparatus as well. No free weights. I am open to doing body weight exercises along with anything from these machines. I am looking for roughly hour long workouts (give or take fifteen minutes). In my normal workout environment, I do all manners of programs (i.e. heavy lifting, cardio, Crossfit, etc.). Thanks for your help.

PS – I am in a foreign country, so going down to the local gym, or buying other pieces of equipment is out of the question.
I’m looking for a bit more specificity in the exercises. Such as, “Dips, 3 sets of 8; Leg extensions, 4 sets of 10, etc.” put into a good workout routine for me to follow on a day by day basis. “Different body part each day, 5 days a week” doesn’t really help me out…that’s why I asked for a “good” personal trainer.
I’m looking for a bit more specificity in the exercises. Such as, “Dips, 3 sets of 8; Leg extensions, 4 sets of 10, etc.” put into a good workout routine for me to follow on a day by day basis. “Different body part each day, 5 days a week” doesn’t really help me out…that’s why I asked for a “good” personal trainer.
joe714-no help. Yes I have plenty of experience. Yes I’ve been working out for most of my life. But I enjoy direction in my workouts. Otherwise, I wouldn’t have asked the question to begin with. Please, if you can come up with a specific workout plan for me, I would appreciate it. Thanks for the answer, joe, but no thanks.

The Expert answers:

1 different body part a day 5 days a week. Legs,back,shoulders,arms and chest.

Helen asks…

Is this enough for my goal?

I intend to become Olympian-level/magnificently fit/toned/healthy/strong. I want to be the best at Long Jump. I am 15, with a naturally light and skinny body, with an insanely high metabolism. My natural build is good for long jump, hence the reason why many of my relatives were involved in the Commonwealth/Olympic games for jumping events.

Will this routine be enough? I’ve already began this exercise routine, but feel free to edit/add/fix/improve my self-made timetable:

5:00am – Egg whites/water
5:30am – 5km jog (30-40 minutes)
6:00am – Stretch
(Day A) – 6:10am – Squats, Calf raises, leg raises, lunges, sit-ups/crunches, etc.
(Day B) – 6:10am – Push ups, pull ups, shrugs, and bicep curls.
6:40am – Stretch
6:50am – cup of OJ, 2 wholegrain toasts and cereal.

I have noticed that during the day my knees were having minor pain. The jogging or squats may have caused this; I am considering a short warm up and stretch before the jogging exercise, is this a logical suggestion?

I do this exercise routine on all weekdays, switching muscle groups from day to day. I only do workouts in the mornings, and none in the afternoons because I heard that excessive workouts are detrimental to your build. What should I add? Is this enough to become Olympic-level fitness within 5-6 years?

You get my point. Thank you.

The Expert answers:

Try a selection of breakfasts, having the same thing and the same portion will get boring. Also you say you want to be a long jumper, I’m no expert, but doesn’t that mean you should have some form of jumping in you training!?!

Nancy asks…

Does anybody know where I can find a free online fitness/nutrition programme?

Basically I can’t afford to go to the gym and I need a workout programme for fitness and lean muscle for football (soccer). My fitness is terrible and I can’t seem to find anything online. I’m not looking for free ways to get P90X or anything like that, just a guide for cardio and muscle building exercises over a set period. Cheers.

The Expert answers: is mainly for weight loss but its free and has fitness and nutrition sections as well.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Ruth asks…

how much would you sell this xbox 360 bundle for?

i want to sell my xbox 360 but im not able to put a price on it, any suggestions?

What im selling:

20GB white xbox 360 console with 2 wireless controllers and plug and play kit.
xbox kinect sensor, with your shape fitness evolved, fighters uncaged, kinect adventures and kinect sports.
ufc 2010
fifa 11
gta 4
gta liberty city stories
fable 3
sherlock holmes vs jack the ripper
need for speed: hot pursuit
guitar hero warriors of rock (with guitar)
guitar hero world tour (game only)
assasins creed brotherhood
call of duty black ops
rockband (game only)
fable 2
modern warfare 2
fable 2
fallout new vegas
fifa 10
red dead redemption
lips party classics with 2 mics.

how much would you sell all that for??

suggestions please 🙂

The Expert answers:

I would say about 700 to 1000 because the games are worth alot.

Lisa asks…

wii fit or xbox 360 kinect?

what should i buy to get better fitness
the wii you have to buy a part if want to dance you have to buy a board . etc .
but if you buy the wii bundle its 199.99 plus the wii fit bundle is 119.99
then you have the xbox 360 kinect that its a sensor so you dont have to buy any additional stuff to do excercise or wte with the bundle with everything even the xbox is included for 299.99 $ and there is a free game in there and then i would buy the kinect sports (with volleyball , boxing , tennis & more) and the dance central

The Expert answers:

I would suggest you get the XBOX 360 Kinect. Its a better deal than the Wii Fit and it has many more great fitness games. Some games you could get if you want some fitness games are Kinect Sports, Zumba Fitness, Your Shape Fitness Evolved, The Biggest Loser: Ultimate Workout, and EA Sports Active 2. But really all of the games there are for Kinect give you a workout I have Kinect Adventures and after like 5 minutes of playing I start getting tired. Another reason you shood get the XBOX 360 Kinect is if you ever want to use it for entertainment Kinect would be better because you could never get bored of Kinect the thrill of not using controls to play and just your body makes you want to keep playing. I’ve played the Wii many time but I’ve got bored of it even if I play really good games. Well hope this was helpful. 😀

Sandra asks…

Poll: Which is Better Nintendo Wii Or Xbox 360?????????

I Decide My Answer Probably Choice is May be Nintendo Wii Video Games You get More Family Entertainment. Cards Games. Sports Games. Video Game. TV Shows And Movies On Demands At Netflix Instantly Steaming With/Nintendo Wii And Without/DVD By Mail No Charged Fees. Fitness. Bike cycling. Auto Motor Sports Racing And Any many More Other But You get More Fun Plus Family And Friendly Have Fun And Have Good Time Trust for me Nintendo Wii is Better Than Xbox 360 But Wii Game and also Don’t Forget to Wii wireless sensor bar With Nintendo Wii, All right But is Up to You Decide you Choice and like Which is better Do you Think: Nintendo Wii Or Xbox 360. We Need to Know Answer Think about Is up to you answer Hopeful Everyone does Nationwide Vote Answer Poll Survey Which is The better The Best Sellings Higher rated?????? Do you think Please I Need Help Answer Please Do that Hopeful does Get this Right and Doing You Good Job Has to Wait a see will Find out I will tell you Everybody Do learn More Information the about Best Buy Electronics Store And Game Store Check out websites is: And , Thanks! so Much Good Luck! Everyone,

The Expert answers:

I agree even thoug I’ve never played the xbox360. I just like the wii because you can download old classic games and your right you can get netflix and watch movies and tv shows instant. I do.

Donald asks…

Attention all Diet&Fitness answerers: Please answer this :)?

I eat around 700 calories everyday, I know thats not alot but lets just leave it there. If I usually go walking for 1 hour everyday and burn 360 calories so my question is: will I still have to burn the other 340 calories that I have eaten?

The Expert answers:

If you only eat 700 calories a day, you shouldn’t be exercising at all. Your body doesn’t have the fuel it needs to sustain the stress you are putting it through. Your metabloism has most likely slowed down to a crawl, so weight loss will be very tough. You are being counterproductive, and I suspect you already know you have an eating disorder. It’s up to you to get control of your life again.

Joseph asks…

Which is better – wii or 360 kinect? Why?

what would you say to someone considering buying one of these? especially for fitness purposes?
EDIT: I meant “fitness” as in the dance and fitness games as opposed to other types of games.

The Expert answers:

I had a Wii for a while and just got the Kinect; and I love the Kinectt. You don’t have controllers which is nice, and for fitness, they have a lot of games for that; I like ‘Your shape fitness evolved.’ but just playing Kinect Sports or Adventures, I get really sore the next day.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Donna asks…

If god is omniscient and he knew adam and eve would sin, why did he put the tree there in the 1st place?

If god is omniscient and he knew adam and eve would sin, why did he put the tree there in the 1st place?

He is all knowing, which means he KNEW they wouldnt resist temptation. He already set them up to fail. free will does not exist.

The Expert answers:

Does the fact that God is omniscient mean that he uses that power at all times? What does the Bible teach about this? One example to note is when a cry of complaint reached God about the disgusting practices of Sodom and Gomorrah. God’s response? He advised Abraham that he would go and see if the things reported to him were really so, and if not, “he could get to know it.” (Genesis 18:20-22; 19:1) If God foreknew what these people were doing, would he have to make an investigation to see if these things were really so? Later, God also spoke of “becoming” acquainted with Abraham, and after being willing to sacrifice his son He said: “For NOW I do know” that you are God fearing…”. (Genesis 18:19; 22:11, 12) Each of these cases shows God’s selective use of foreknowledge and how at his own discretion, he chooses when to use this power.

Another factor to consider is that God’s omniscience does not take away the free will that he has extended to his spirit and human creations. The tree was put in the garden of Eden to represent God’s authority to determine both right and wrong. Adam and Eve’s respect for that authority would be demonstrated by whether or not they would obey God’s command to not eat from the tree or steal from it. This was no hard test for them, as there were countless trees of all varieties for them to eat from. Furthermore, they were perfect having every reason to love and obey God. Free will is both a privilege and responsibility, and we are all responsible for our own actions. Satan, Adam, and Eve are fully to blame for their own actions.

Sometimes overlooked are God’s own moral standards and qualities including justice, honesty, impartiality, love, mercy, and kindness. Any correct understanding of God’s use of his foreknowledge must harmonize with not some but all of these qualities. Being made in his image, if we are disturbed by injustice how much more so would he be as the source of moral uprightness? As humans, we are infinitely inferior to God in these qualities. Are we qualified to reprimand him on the selective use of his omniscience? Whenever there seems to be some discrepancy with God, it is usually because we need more knowledge to better understand his ways.

An illustration that helps me to better understand his omniscience is that of a person who may have the ability to sing very well. Does this mean that every time I run into this person that I should expect he will be singing to me instead of speaking to me? No. Similarly, just because God has the power to foreknow all things, it does not mean that he uses this ability at all times. His omniscience actually preempts him from having to. There is no problem of situation that he will ever meet that he does not have the solution to. (Matthew 19:26)

Even as sinful and imperfect humans, we realize that it is cruel and hypocritical to offer something to someone and then make it impossible for them to attain it. God realizes this far more than we do. After urging his listeners to keep on asking and seeking God for good things, Jesus pointed out that a human father would not hand his child a stone or a serpent if he asked for bread or a fish. Showing God’s view of disappointing the legitimate hopes of a person, Jesus went on to say: ““Therefore, if you, although being wicked, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more so will your Father who is in the heavens give good things to those asking him?” (Matthew 7:7-11)

As the Bible shows, God is the personification of love. (1 John 4:8) He wanted Adam and Eve to succeed and gave them everything necessary to do this. He had no reason to be overly suspicious of them, so he did not chose to use his powers of foreknowledge at that time to see how they would respond to his love. Being a God of justice, God has provided a way out for us from the destructive effects of their sin. The Bible shows that we are living in the time when God will remove all wickedness and badness from the earth and restore it to fulfill his original purpose. The kingdom that Jesus taught us to pray for in the Lord’s prayer will accomplish this very soon. (Matthew 6:9, 10; Revelation 21:3,4) If you would like to learn more, visit

Helen asks…

In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth, did he knew then that Adam & Eve would fail?

Earth was suppose to be our heaven until Eve “sined” …… now all this chaos up till today.

The Expert answers:

If he didn’t, he isn’t God.

If he did, we don’t have free will.

Either way, the entire story fails to make sense.

Addendum: Amanda – “Yes…Jesus’s destiny was to conquer death, hell, and the grave…God wants us to choose to love Him and see how great He is…”

I’m not sure you’re grasping how the whole “knowing beforehand” part precludes the “choosing” part.

Sharon asks…

Has Adam Lambert FAILED us AGAIN?

If you have watched Adam Lambert’s “new” music video for “Whataya Want From Me” you are probably thinking what I’m thinking. What was wrong with the studio? Did they give them the wrong CD? I hated his “New” Video for “Whataya Want From Me,” it was horrible! I used to be a HUGE fan of this song, but now my ratings have dropped from a 5 star to a 2-3 star song. Are you thinking the same thing?
Well the acoustic guitar version was what I meant, but don’t you feel the same way? It’s horrible! (No offense to Adam!)

The Expert answers:

No. You’re the only one who thinks that, honey. The acoustic version is beautiful. Sadder, but beautiful.

Daniel asks…

If god is omnipotent, why did he create us knowing adam and eve would fail?

The Expert answers:

Who says they “failed”…whether a creation is a failure is determined by the creator’s objectives for creating it…and the fact that we’re still here is a pretty good indication that God thinks his plan is right on track to achieve HIS objectives.

The way it works, in our world at least, is that there are two possible outcomes for a completed creation: either the creator judges the creation a success (“perfect” relative to the objectives) or he deems the creation as a “failure”. If the creation is judged perfect, it is either used or sold according to the will of the creator and if the creation is judged a failure, it is destroyed by the creator…and in both cases, the creator’s work on that creation is finished and he or she starts on a completely new project.

Seems to me that God judged Adam and Eve (and human beings in general) as having “potential…as long as a creation is viewed by its creator as having “potential”, the creator will continue to work on it until it is completed…at which point, that creator will judge whether it is a failure or a success.

Betty asks…

Why did God test Adam and Eve with the forbidden fruit if he already knew they would fail?

The Expert answers:

There are two trees in the garden. These two trees have more than a literal meaning. We are told that The tree of knowledge of good and evil is forbidden.
The day Adam eats of it he will surely die.
The tree of life is also in the midst of the garden if they eat of it they will live forever.
These two trees are obviously more than trees.
What is the knowledge of good and evil?
Where could a man gain knowledge of good and evil?
We get our knowledge of good and evil from God.
The law that God sent down to Moses is the knowledge of good and evil.
Why would God’s righteous law kill man?
Because man could not live up to God’s righteousness.
It is also the reason there was a tree in the midst of the garden called the tree of life.
This is God’s mercy.
This story Moses tells is of he two natures of God his righteousness and his mercy.
It is the story of man and his fall from God’s glory and God’s plan of salvation.

God gave man the law knowing man could not live up to his righteousness.
The law was not to change a man it changed none.
The law revealed to man his lack of righteousness and his need for a Savior.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Sandra asks…

being overweight is ruining my life – im starving myself for a week. how much can i lose?

first of all, before you lecture me, let me just say ive tried EVERYTHING. tried diet and exercise, tried every diet in the books, went to a fitness camp this summer, and nothing has worked. im a freshman in high school and i weigh 160 pounds. im not happy at all. i cant look in the mirror or i feel like ill vomit. iits ruining high school for me cause i dont go out and have no confidence want to starve myself for a week and knock 5-10 pounds off right away. . then i will go to a diet with no fats and lots of veggies and good protein. of course i will work out too. do you think i could lose 35 pounds in a month doing this?
please, again, dont lecture me. im miserable, i can either be fat or happy, but not both, and right now i choose happy.

The Expert answers:

To be honest i’ve tried and so many other people have tried exactly what your doing. Starving yourself for a week is easier said then done many people actually gain weight becuase they start to not eat but it actually may lead to them binging and messes up your whole digestive scheduale. I say don’t bother with it, your going to most likely end up with the opposite results…

Daniel asks…

What exercises and fitness stuff can i do to lose 10-20kg?

I wanna lose to 10-20 kg (22lb-44lb), Prob only 15kg but i need stuff to do so far
1 hour on my bike
30mins on wii doing yoga muscle stuff and other stuff like the jogging and hula hoop
30-1hour walking or jogging ( depending on which dog i take)
stretching and watching videos and copying sometimes 20-30mins a day

I eat Fruit or cereal for breakfast.
Fruit for lunch
If i am hungry anytime i eat these quiet healthy popcorn thing ( my mum eat them when she hungry and there good according to weight watchers book, there 1 and half point per packet) or i eat fruit
Then for dinner whatever is being made..

I drink
Water all day
1 Glass of milk with Carmel since i hate plain milk and need some calcium.Since i don’t eat anything else that contains calcium i have no choice.

What else can i do.. next week or week after i am going to aqua aerobics classes.
Should i join up to a gym to?

The Expert answers:

Your diet sounds pretty good — except for dinner. “Whatever is being made”? Try to make sure you’re getting plenty of lean meat and fish here, since I see very little protein in your diet. Also, this is the time for healthy vegetables, especially cruciferous ones like broccoli and cauliflower. You want to focus on eating nutrient dense, low-calories foods, and these vegetables are just that.

Remember, nothing burns off calories like intense aerobic exercise, so you’re on the right track with hydro-aerobcs. Other great ways to burn calories quickly are stair climbing — either on a machine or on stadium steps — and rope skipping. Watch the two-minute rope skipping video below and you can see why Lyen Wong is so lean and fit.

May 2010 be a happy, healthy year for you.

Maria asks…

Would anyone buy out product?!?

Hey, i was just wondering as behalf of our young enterprise group if anyone would be interested in buying our product!

We are making a fitness pack that will contain a fitness guide book to new ways to keep fit that you can do in your own home and motivational advice ect, water bottle,pedometer,a piece of equipment such as a exercise ball or skipping rope and a tee shirt with our brand on it all in a branded sports bag!

Our target market is for peolple that are new to exercise and want tips and help on how to get started!

Would anyone buy our product?

And how much would you buy it for?

Oh yea we were also going to include free podcasts to give help with the pack aswell

The Expert answers:

I would pay an amount that is maybe 75% of what it would cost me to buy the stuff myself.

You might want to consider a dvd in the bag as well.

The marketing is what will determine your success.

Nancy asks…

What should I do with my afternoon?

I’m not at work this afternoon, should I put on a fitness dvd, go for a run, or cuddle up with a book?

I feel I should do some exercise even though i’m not a huge fan, but i really can’t be bothered, and would rather be lazy and slob out. but i haven’t done much lately!

grrr, help!
Hey I do work! I just have this afternoon off!Am planning to stop working immediately and slowly prize myself away from the computer…Thanks for all of your suggestions!


The Expert answers:

My first thought was a “nooner” but someone posted that already.

Richard asks…

Does premier fitness let you cancel your personal training if your trainer gives you bad service?

I tried to cancel my training session after going 24 hours without any sleep and she told me to come in anyway

Then when I’m there she spent 20 minutes (about 20 dollars worth of my cash) telling me how stupid my diet was (a diet where I managed to lose 9 pounds in a week) and then I asked her if she had a diet planned out for me and she said no….

Then I asked her why she wanted to see me when I told her I could not do any exercise that day but could only take nutrition advice… if she did not have a diet planned out for me…

Then I told her I could only afford a diet of sandwhiches for this month because I spent a lot of money on books and she told me I can’t eat sandwhiches on a low carb diet.

Then she told me I was really making her angry by eating a low carb diet and she starts swearing in front of me.

I told her I would do her diet for 3 months and my diet for 3 months and she told me no that’s not good enough. She won’t help me at all unless I refuse to do my diet at all.

Then she invents a conversation taht she claims we had (a conversation that NEVER happened) and she strats putting words in my mouth…

I’m 25 but look like I’m 16 years old and woman are always trying to take advantage of me and exploit me because they think I’m stupid, vulnerable, gullible and naive…

The Expert answers:

What the hell is sandwich diet?
You should tell your trainer that she technically is your employee.
YOU are paying HER.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Steven asks…

Fitness clubs a rip off?

My husband and I got a new gym membership back in January of this year. We’ve only used the gym a handful of times. I was really eager to use the gym but between old physical injuries and sickness I haven’t been able to go much. I injured my rotator cuff about 5 years ago pretty bad. I was working as a nurse aide when I injured my shoulder. I was exercising 3 times a week and able to walk 5 miles on the treadmill. For some reason, my shoulder started hurting really bad. I was thinking that using my lower body wouldn’t irritate the injury. Boy, was I ever wrong. The exercising caused severe pain. I went the next week and tried just the bike. I couldn’t do that either so I basically gave up. My husband has gone a few times, but his work has kept him away from the gym also. We live in a tiny 2 BR apartment and can’t do much exercising in it. I am able to do the home walking program by Leslie Sanson pretty well. My husband has managed to lose 25 pounds just dieting without exercising much. Our annual renewal fee is coming up this weekend around $50. I’m thinking just to let it cancel and try to just walk outside then maybe try to find a home workout program. I want to really exercise to lose weight. However, it don’t want to be in a constant state of pain either. We are eating more sensibly and cut out snacks. I don’t want to keep on paying $200 a year for nothing. It’s like burning money. Am I right? Thanks.

The Expert answers:

You can do a fat burning workout pretty much anywhere. Unless you are doing some serious sport training, a gym is not really required.

Take that 200$ and put it towards physical therapy for your shoulder.

Helen asks…

How to obtain licensing for an exercise video?

A friend of mine has a fairly successful personal training business – he runs bootcamps out of a small gym. I’m a loyal client and I know many others who have seen a significant difference since working with him. He’s hoping to grow his business and would like to create exercise videos that could lead people through the bootcamp workouts at home.
How would he begin the process of getting his licensing in order?
For example, how did fitness programs like ZUMBA or BODYPUMP developed their licensing programs. How did they get started and what did they do to market to gyms on their specific programs. Any and all useful information is much appreciated!
Thank you in advance!!

The Expert answers:

If I was in his position I would write an E-book and create a website to sell it. I would then make free youtube videos with some basic programs and update them on a regular basis. These videos could be used to send traffic to the website. You would not have to license the videos. I would price the E-book at $10.00. If you could sale 10,000 copies that would be $100,000!

Donald asks…

Fitness question please answer (:?

1.Which of the following is not a benefit of aerobic conditioning?
strengthens the heart
improves the heart’s pumping
enlarges the lungs
reduces resting heart rate

2. Why are team sports not the best workout for lifelong physical activity?
You are more likely to be injured at team sports.
Team sports always require less physical activity than individual sports.
Team sports are better for strength training than aerobic conditioning.
You may go a long time between team sport workouts.

3. How does aerobic conditioning help your appearance?
It tones your muscles.
It enlarges your muscles.
It enlarges your lung capacity.
Aerobic conditioning won’t affect your appearance.

4. An ongoing aerobic exercise program that conditions the heart and other organs and systems for enhanced physical performance is
a warm-up.
an overload.
aerobic conditioning.
anaerobic conditioning.

5. Which of the following would provide the best plan for lifelong fitness?
a mixture of all three over our lifetime

The Expert answers:

Boston celtics would dominate

Chris asks…

Am I allowed to sell training programs via ebay?


I am a qualified fitness instructor and just recently went self employed. I just had an idea (to make a bit more money) to sell fitness programs on ebay in PDF form. I do think these would sell due to it being alot cheaper than going to the gym for classes or private training.
So I was just wondering, would I need any special permission of any kind to do this? I would be using many exercises known worldwide but would it cause problems if they were not ‘my exercises’. I would not be copying anyone elses training programs. The idea is to have a number of programs that I put together, which would vary from core work out, to full body workout.

The last thing I want is to go ahead with it then get fined months down the line :/

many thanks in advance 🙂 can get cheap DVD’s with all kinds of workouts from ebay…have you seen them though?
Although some can be fun and draw out the occasional bead of sweat, they are hardly hardcore workouts.
Fair enough, PDF’s are plain, simple and somewhat boring…however, they will be extremely detailed and each one personalised to the person who orders. Therefore it will be like having a private training session in your own home….also having the option to keep contact with me should they need more advice or a change in program.

I am not saying this will work, you never know unless you try. (however there are some people who sell air guitars for 99p, so if they can make money, anyone can haha). I just think it is worth a try just do not want to break any law in doing so 🙂

The Expert answers:

If they are printed else where then they are copyrighted. It is a 250k fine for each instance. You better be able to prove you did not plagiarize the programs

Susan asks…

Help with Homework Answers Health?

Which of the following most accurately defines good health today?
A. The ability to recover from an illness

B. The ability to endure a 30-minute workout

C. The absence of disease

D. Complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being

2. Which of the following is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
A. Getting less than six hours of sleep a night

B. Developing muscular bulk

C. Monitoring your diet

D. Exercising at least three hours each day

4. Which of these factors is most important in your fitness program?
A. Consistency

B. Joining a health club

C. Doing stretching exercises

D. Using mirrors in your exercise program

5. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Unexercised muscles turn into fat.

B. Unexercised muscles lose bulk but don’t atrophy.

C. Regular exercise makes muscles firm and strong.

D. Exercise slows down your metabolism.

The Expert answers:

1. D
2. C
No question 3
4. A
5. C??


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Your Questions About Fitness

Steven asks…

How can i lose weight without feeling as if i want to give up or feeling as it is not worth my time?

Hey, i’m 18 years old and i weigh 95-100 kg, for the past 4-5 years i have weighed no less then 85kg and have shifted from size 16-20, even as a child i was obese. I’m starting to realize how bad this is for me and i really want to lose the weight. I tried at one point only eating 1 meal a day but that did not do well for me as this meal was either very unhealthy or some days i would end up having 3 meals to fill the hunger.

When i try to do diets, it feels as if my brain goes into a different gear as if i was trying to kill myself because the day before i decide to start my diet i just stuff myself. i have been to a dietitian and that did not go well for me as i did not have the proper attitude.
I have a few health problems like asthma, back problems but other than that i,m fine. mentally i’m not in the right state when it comes to losing weight.

iv realized that when i try to do some kind of fitness plan i just give up because i might feel stupid or i don’t see any results. I’m trying out Turbo Fire, but i felt like giving up within the first 5 Min’s. even though i try to think positive, as in trying to lose the weight, it just is not enough for me.

I can eat healthy but i have no support at home because my mother only cooks junk at times or has chocolate round the house and i just cant help myself. my dad does not help either because he always brings/buys some kind of fatty treat and because i.m so weak willed i would eat it.Iv watched fitness shows and how people have changed there lives before with different things and i have tried most things out there, but realized it just wasn’t for me.

I have tried sports that i like as well, such as swimming for 2 years, ( did not turn out very well as i started out strong foe the first 2-3weeks but slowly got more lazy as i found it boring because it was for exercise. i tried badminton and i a currently doing rock climbing 1Ce a week. i know this is doing nothing for me.

Then about 3 months ago i went to this chiropractor and he mentioned something that got me thinking maybe it was not my laziness that was keeping me from losing weight but it had something to with my nerves in the body. But i don’t want to blame it on anything or anyone anymore and just go for it and have the strength to lose the weight and get more healthy.

I have done diets in the past, when i was younger as my mother would try to control what and how i eat but that of cores did not work out as i would take money to school and bought bags and bags of junk foods. As i said before, now i don’t get any support and only criticism. This of cores brings me down and gets me into depression.

I hate looking into the mirror and feeling as if i’m going to explode. Or one day i will be so big i would pass the size of the mirror and not be able to see myself fully or not see my feet.
My biggest problem as my legs as the look as if they could be the size of a normal healthy person.

I really need help and i really need advice. My hope is running out as dramatic as it might sound, i know i wont lose the weight all at once but i just want something that sounds reasonable and that i could possibly do. Please i could really use the help and any advice is welcome. Thank you for your help and i am so sorry for how much i have typed out. i thought it might help get a picture. i know there are people who are much worse than me. i’m just tired of being the fat girl that even my own mother criticizes how i look but does not help me anymore because, i think in her own mind i’m a lost cause now. I don’t want to carry on like this and die at a young age because of something that being obese could do to you.

Thank you for any help you might provide.

PS. If your going to say something nasty to me please keep it to yourself or i will flag you and report you. If your not interested why did you read it in the first place, to get a good laugh? well this is not a laughing matter as hundreds of people die because they are overweight. or they kill themselves because of depression. so please as “pathetic” as you might think i am, it is quite emotional for me and any other person that has ever been and felt this way.

And please don’t give me short answers like ” move more, eat less” iv herd it before and you know what, It does not work! we as humans get hungry and eat and also get comfortable and just don’t want to move. That is just how most of the world has been raised. and it is such a bad habit to kill. But i really do want to try and kill it. i just don’t know how.

Thank you xx

The Expert answers:

There is nothing pathetic about finding it difficult to lose weight and get healthy. In fact, as a personal trainer, I am really inspired by what you have written here. It takes a lot of courage to ask for help and deciding that you want to change is an important part of the process. Some people never get up the courage to decide that they want more out of life.

You deserve to feel healthy and fit and the great news is that it is up to you 100%. You decide what you put in your body. You decide what activity you put out, and You decide how you feel about yourself. Ignore anyone who does not support your worthwhile pursuit. Haters are pathetic, not the people who rise above their pettiness. There will always be people who try to bring others down because it is easier than building themselves up. Set an example for them and don’t give them the satisfaction of feeling like they get a say about what you are capable of.

3 things that you need to do:

1) You need a healthy diet. Focus on natural foods like whole grains, lean protein, fruits and vegetables Most of the time. But remember, nothing is “off limits” or “restricted.” This idea constantly makes diets fail because people want what they can’t have. The truth is, even supermodels eat a burger or brownie from time to time. Food doesn’t make you fat, too much food makes you fat. If you have an unhealthy meal in front of you, just cut down your portion sizes and you will still lose weight. Keep in mind that if you get a speeding ticket, you don’t just speed for the rest of the day because you blew it. In other words, having a bowl of chips doesn’t mean you have to eat the whole bag. You didn’t ‘blow it’ by eating them- they aren’t off limits- just better enjoyed in moderation.

Also, you mentioned trying to eat one meal a day. I think this only works for snakes:) What you really want is to create sustainable lifestyle changes. A better option would be to have smaller meals more frequently(4-6/day). This will keep your metabolism revved and your energy levels up. It will also keep your blood sugar levels up which will help you avoid crashes in energy that lead to crankiness and diet derailing binges.

How many calories do you need? Well, your Resting Metabolic Rate = Your weight in Pounds x 10.
This is how many calories you would burn if you didn’t get out of bed in the morning (so it doesn’t take into account your activity level.) If you weigh 150 pounds, your RMR = 1500 calories/day. That means if you ate 1500 calories/day And exercised you would lose weight. This might be helpful as you think about what healthy snacks you can start implementing into your diet.
*Never eat less than 1200 calories/day or your body will go into starvation mode and start storing food(fuel) instead of burning it.

2) Exercise is important for weight loss. But it doesn’t have to be strenuous or boring to get great results. You can walk your way to health with just 30 minutes of walking a day. You could also try which has totally free workouts that you can do in the privacy of your own home at Your convenience. I love the kickboxing. Basically, don’t give up until you find something you like(or can tolerate). And every little helps. The goal is to Take Action everyday- not burn out so you can’t exercise tomorrow. Losing weight is a marathon, not a sprint. Plus, building muscle is the best way to raise your metabolism and exercise can help improve your body image/body acceptance which makes it much easier to make good choices at snack/mealtimes.

3) Get your Mind on your side. Most people say awful, self defeating things to themselves constantly. Stop being down on yourself and get in your corner! You have the Opportunity to accomplish something great and improve your quality of life. Tell yourself (on the inside, when you look in the mirror, before you fall asleep, when you get up in the morning etc) “I am a lean, mean, calorie burning machine.” Eventually, you will start to believe yourself and you will make choices about your meals and your physical activity that will reflect the person you are on your way to becoming.

Happy New Year. Happy New You. Good Luck.

* The links below are from my website which includes free, no frills personal training advice if you are looking for more information.

Mary asks…

Seeking advice: High school and what I think to be depression dealing with a girl?

I’m not sure how to start this, and I’m not sure how to describe how I’m feeling exactly.

I’m only 16 years old, and a sophomore in high school. I’ve been getting good grades since I started high school, and before that only in the classes that interested me, but now present day I’m an ‘A’ student and it’s rewarding. But my days feel short; my life is starting to feel dull. During the past few days this has been hitting me. A lot of it started when I reunited with a girl I met through a good friend of mine. I met her at the start of the school year (roughly) and now I’m about 4 months from school ending. Just recently did I start talking to her again, through a friend. I love to body build, I’m actually very strong & big with good genes, even before I started months ago people said I had a body for muscle.

I heard her talking to a friend and I just slightly interrupted the conversation by reminding him that today we were going to the gym (Oh, I forgot to mention the she was talking to goes to the gym with me). So there we were, and she apparently wanted to start going to the gym. We all 3 talked for a bit and I offered to share my knowledge of fitness and nutrition with her; she was delighted by my offer. All three of us talked through lunch (My workout partner has no intention of trying to get with her). I had no knowledge since that day of how similar me and her where. Our personalities didn’t match right on target, but we where similar. To go more detailed into her looks. She is just simply gorgeous. I do not see one flaw in her what-so-ever, because she has none. Her eyes are just breath-taking, and she has a great personality too. According to my friend (I wasn’t paying attention too much to her reactions in the conversation) “I’m pretty damn sure she likes you dude” as he put it.

Now, I’m a social guy, but I’m not very used to hanging out with girls as buddies. When I talk and get comfortable sociably, it’s with my high school guy friends. They all say I’m damn funny and have a great personality. But here is the thing; it doesn’t translate fully to girls. Now I won’t say that I’m an anti-social that freezes when talking to girls, because I am not. I just simply haven’t developed the skills I thought I had when it came to things with face-to-face conversations with girls. I get very insecure. I don’t around guys because I could care less, but face-to-face with girls I get very self-conscious.

I can tell you all the things I remember. I don’t feel comfortable with my smile because I’m self-conscious about my teeth (they aren’t yellow, just crooked-ish and I have bracers, which I think make them look bad.) I try not to speak to directly face-to-face because I’m self-conscious about my breath. I know these things to be ridiculous when not in the moment, but when I get there it just kicks in. Now I’ve gone to the gym once with her, and I just get all weird when in front of her, alone. All my insecurities kick in, and I don’t know how to handle them.

Now my friends tell me that I ‘already have it played’ with this girl, but I just don’t know the steps to start it. Past experiences have lead me to stop trying. I’ve been at that stage where you feel like you’re ‘in love’ (I know you older generations high school love isn’t love, but it’s just what I felt) with another girl in early freshman, but apparently I ‘played my cards wrong’. And now, I’m just too scared to play them wrong again that it’s killing me. I’m training myself to hold back my instincts. Let me tell you, fighting your instincts, self or human, is psychologically agonizing. I can’t follow my guy feeling anymore, my mind says not to. If I start doing those things you do when you like someone, I tell myself ‘stop’. I’m afraid to be myself. I’m afraid to show her the real side of me. And now I sit here, feeling dull. Now It’s come to the point where I am afraid of ‘playing it wrong’ that I don’t know what to do to start things off with this gorgeous diamond of a person.

I wish I could just tell her all that I felt. I haven’t even thought of stepping into that arena again after my 9th grade ‘relationship’, but faith has a funny way of shoving love right in your face. How do I even start off with her again? I’m over-thinking all possible scenarios. If I ask her to the movies, what are we gonna do in a theater besides make-out? (and I haven’t gotten far enough to do that) A simple date? Well like I said before, I just think I will get there, sit down, and my insecurities will kick in again. That just a feeling I try to fight, but it’s not easy to do so. I know in senior year, I’ll have gotten rid of my most noticeable insecurities and this face-to-face stuff would be far easier, but I can&#
I can’t wait that long.

I can’t let her get away. I’m now just starting to feel like just not doing anything and forgetting it, but it’s agonizing to see her get away. If you have something to say, please do, but I’m in no stage to pitch insults.

The Expert answers:

Well first off, you certainly don’t seem depressed, just anxious about making a wrong move in a new relationship. That’s perfectly natural, though I don’t mean to minimize what you’re feeling.

My advice would be to find common interests with her so you at least have something to break the ice in a date scenario. And if you like her as much as you say you do, there’s no reason for you to feel insecure. Just act like yourself and if you make a mistake laugh it off; I know this can be difficult. Also, you could try to express to her that if you seem shy or nervous, it’s just because you like her so much – though you know her better then I and maybe that sort of thing wouldn’t work. In the end, if she rejects you, she’ll be rejecting you for who you are so she obviously wasn’t a good match for you and you would deserve better.

William asks…

The Beep Test- Some questions?

Hi Everyone!

It’s been a while, and something is on my mind.

This coming week at school I have the “Beep Test.”
What is this you ask? Let me help you out.

You have a full court gym. You begin to run towards the other side. Every so often you will hear a beep noise. If you are not at the other side of the court by the time the beep goes, your out. Now, as you go along the beeps become more frequent, to basically the point where it is impossible to make it to the other side of the court. It goes as follows: Level 0 .1, .2,.3,.4,.5,.6,.7,.8,.9,.10, LEVEL 1 .1,.2,.3,.4,.5,.6,.7,.8,.9,.10 LEVEL 2. and so on and so forth. It sounds difficult!

The beep test is part of my Phys Ed fitness testing that we will be having sometime this week. I have had NO PRACTICE in previous years for this test, so I went to Youtube to see a few videos on how its done. Everyone who has made it past level 2 is in like amazing shape. Tomorrow is my only real opportunity to practice. I am hoping to go for a walk around my block, just to get my body moving.

I want opinions from people who have done the beep test, or maybe even Phys Ed teachers on what its like. I’ve been stressed out about it all weekend! Is it true they line up the gym with garbage bags because people throw up? Now that’s freaky! Also, what is the average level that people make it to?

Thanks for your help,

Talina (Courtneys niece)

The Expert answers:

All the beep test is about, is to test your fitness level. It can be really tiring but its just to see how good your fitness level is.
No, people dont throw up in garbage bags and stuff although some people that puch themselves too hard may feel sick but it doesnt happen very often. If you feel sick its probably best to stop if you are worried.
Its a harmless test and ive done it loads of times, dont worry about it. You will be fine 🙂

Helen asks…

Joing a Gym – 15 yr. old?

Ok, so I was going through Y! Answers to see if weight lifting can really stunt your growth. For the most part I found out that it can only stunt your growth if you don’t have proper supervision from a certified fitness instructor. I also found out that if you do it correctly, it can promote growth. Currently, I’m 15 yrs. old (turning 16 in a few months) and my height is 5’3″ or 5′4“, which is a little bit on the short side. I really want to bulk up, lose body fat, and switch to a healthier lifestyle.

My questions are:
1. Can weight lifting really stunt your growth?
2. What gyms can I go to so I can get a certified trainer?

I really don’t know where to start with this. I don’t know whether I should wait till I’m older or do it now. If I do it now though, I don’t know what to do. Do I go to the gym or what? My mom doesn’t mind me joining a gym. I just need to find one.

Thanks to all who took the time reading the question and thanks to all who answered. I really appreciate it.

I meant JOINING A GYM. Sorry about misspelling it.

The Expert answers:

I started working out when i turned 14, I’m no Giant or anything, I’m only 5’8″, (a little shorter actually) but my parents aren’t particaularly tall, and all the women in my family are real little so that probably did me in.

I’d recommend joining Gold’s Gym. It’s all over the country, and it’s a Nice facility. However people usually aren’t too thrilled with the staff, they seem pretty unresponsive. However, The trainers seem to have their stuff straight and be pretty Good at it.

I haven’t ever had a personal trainer, so I’m not entirely sure what they’d do for you. They may be great, or maybe not, But the cool thing about you being 5’3, or 5’4″ is that You can get really thick and muscular fast, because your frame is small. And Don’t think that you can’t be really strong, because i had a friend that was about 5’5″ and he was bench pressing 330 pounds. It’s all about exercising properly, consistently, and treating your body right.

Sandy asks…

Joining a Gym – 15 yrs. old?

Ok, so I was going through Y! Answers to see if weight lifting can really stunt your growth. For the most part I found out that it can only stunt your growth if you don’t have proper supervision from a certified fitness instructor. I also found out that if you do it correctly, it can promote growth. Currently, I’m 15 yrs. old (turning 16 in a few months) and my height is 5’3″ or 5′4“, which is a little bit on the short side. I really want to bulk up, lose body fat, and switch to a healthier lifestyle.

My questions are:
1. Can weight lifting really stunt your growth?
2. What gyms can I go to so I can get a certified trainer?

I really don’t know where to start with this. I don’t know whether I should wait till I’m older or do it now. If I do it now though, I don’t know what to do. Do I go to the gym or what? My mom doesn’t mind me joining a gym. I just need to find one.

Thanks to all who took the time reading the question and thanks to all who answered. I really appreciate it.


The Expert answers:

No it doesn’t stunt ur growth i started at 15. Doing sort of heavy 6 feet tall now. .. Problem is i couldn’t make any gains cuz my body was still developing so i cut it down till i turned 17. If ur gunna be short ur just short . Its genetics.not stunting growth.
I don’t recommend it why becuz one ur still growing u should wait till at least 17 . Two it will cost money for a personal trainer. Its cost more money to get one. Plus the gym fee. Turns out to much money for a 15 y/o unless u got a job i doubt ur parents would want to afford it. U can go to any gym they all got personal trainers except they cost money. I have home gym at home so i don’t go to the gym. But best gym is 24 hour. Main reason is u could go anytime..u could really go to any gym it doesn’t matter there all cost money. WHAT I STRONGLY RECOMMEND IS GO TO THE GYM AT UR SCHOOL EVERYday after SCHOOL. . ITS FREE.. HIT IT UP .lift little by little.i recomend cuz when u actaully have to pay for the gym u regret not goin for free at school. Wait till u get older. Ps if u want to bulk up u need gain body fat.just a note.if u want build muscle mass it takes more time.. If u want to lose body fat.. Cardio is the way to go.

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