Your Questions About Fitness

Lizzie asks…

Can you pay per visit at 24 hour fitness?

A new 24 hour fitness just opened up near my house. I have little intention to join it, because I have a good home gym and there is a great park near my house to play basketball. But winter is approaching and even California gets its rainy days. My question is, can you pay per visit to 24 hour fitness, because I really just want to use the courts but not join the club. I’m going to get a 7 day free trial because it’s going to rain everyday this week.

The Expert answers:

Yep, I think it’s $10-$15 a day depending on the club. You can probably get a membership for under $30 a month if you get it on special – you should check out their website.

Mark asks…

I bought a 24 hour fitness certificate about a year ago?

I bought a 24 hour fitness certificate about a year ago at costco and it is about to expire. I was wondering if I can get another one of those certificates to reactive my membership. Has anyone tried doing this or if there are any 24 hour fitness trainers that can help me answer this?

The Expert answers:

Have you called 24 hour fitness ans asked them? Talk to someone in membership and they should be able to answer your questions. You can also return to Costco and buy another one.

Joseph asks…

how to cancel costco 24 hour fitness ceritificate if i’ve only used it for one month?

i signed up to 24 hour fitness with costco’s 2-year $300 plan. however, the condition of the gym was severely overcrowded during the times i need to go, because after work, i need to cook and wash the kids and feed the dog. and i don’t do mornings.

how do i cancel? who do i talk to to cancel? and how long is it going to take to cancel?

The Expert answers:

Good luck… I lost my job and they still expected me to pay it even though I wasn’t going. 🙁

Linda asks…

can i use my 24 hour fitness membership at any of the locations?

Can i use my 24 hour fitness membership at any of the locations?

The Expert answers:

It depends on the type of membership you signed up for. Some you can others you can’t

Mandy asks…

how much does it cost to inquire to 24 hr fitness gym?

me and my dad are about to go inquire to the 24 hr fitness this monday and i was wondering how much you have to pay to KEEP FIT- ONE CLUB plan… idk what plan to use, what do u guys use?

The Expert answers:

You have to buy a membership and once you get there is no time limit i think.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Sandra asks…

List of forums related to health fitness and exercise?

Plz give me a list of these forums quickly.
The forums should be give dofollow backlinks.

The Expert answers:

Susan asks…

recently bought the pro fitness magnetic exercise bike form Argos and cant assemble it!?

recently bought the pro fitness magnetic exercise bike form Argos, but am having problems assembling it. It says you have to disconnect the resistance adjustment from the trimming lead before putting the trimming lead through the handlebar post hole and reconnecting again. Cant get them disconnected as its in tension. Has anyone else bought and assembled this?

The Expert answers:

Try to turn the tension knob the other way. This should release the tension.

Michael asks…

How do people who don’t do much exercise maintain fitness?

I’ve noticed that although many people I know don’t do much cardio based exercise they manage to maintain a good level of fitness and I have no clue how they manage it.

Could it simply be because they walk a lot?

I don’t tend to exercise any less or any more than these people besides my weight training, which is an entirely different type of fitness for the most part. Yet I find people usually seem a lot less exhausted than me after prolonged physical activity.

The Expert answers:

Some do sports.

William asks…


Im a 13 year old Male.
Im turning 14 In March 09.

I’m trying to get a 6-Pac [ABS]
I’ve been exercising using this routine for about 8 months now:

50 Push Ups a day
40 Sit Ups A day

I can see the out-come, I can clearly see 4 pac but 2 are barely visible

My fitness is pretty good,
I used to go kick the footbal [AFL] For a few hours
And during school I would get some exercise.

Now my neighbors have moved
and Im on holidays
So my exercise is only my routine up top.

Any Ideas how I can improve?
Any good fitness routine I could use?

Is it true that exercising daily [Push ups,Sit-ups] is sort-of-bad for my fitness due to this being good for me to lose weight but loses me muscle?

Is sleeping late bad? [Even if I have my correct 8 hours of sleep]
Weight lifting is bad for 13-18 yr olds? I heard only start at 21?

Thank you,
Best answer gets 10 points, instantly.
I check daily

The Expert answers:

Hi there,

Any Ideas how I can improve?

When u do sit ups,pause for a sec or 2 in between the extremes.
The bottom 2 abs take a lil bit of extra effort and mere situps wont be much helpful.
Lay flat on ur back on a wooden bench(dont do it on floor as it may sprain ur back) with both ur legs fully stretched out not touching the ground and start moving them in a controlled way up and back to the original position.
Move them up and then bring them to the original position…Check out this site

Any good fitness routine I could use?
Refer this

Is it true that exercising daily [Push ups,Sit-ups] is sort-of-bad for my fitness due to this being good for me to lose weight but loses me muscle?
It’s sorta bad in a way if u daily work upon the same parts.Work for max 4days a week on them

Is sleeping late bad? [Even if I have my correct 8 hours of sleep]
yes it is u hv to start living a healthy life as the best time to workout is in the morning or evening

Weight lifting is bad for 13-18 yr olds? I heard only start at 21?
Yes again.Pls dont start before 19 coz u might not attain the height ur body can attain if given the chance.So u hv 2 options either to look like Franco Columbu at 5 5″

or wait till 19 for weights and may be arnold;)


Maria asks…

Group fitness exercise class?

What class have you attended?
What did you really like about it?
Instructor? Day? Time?
I’m in kinesiogy and need to write a report about a class, so share your experiences.

The Expert answers:

Doing sports is good. All the experts agree on this fact, provided that the exercise is commensurate to their age and physical condition.
Physical activity makes it possible to keep the trained musculoskeletal system and the bloodstream, giving, as well as physical well-being also psychological. It is no coincidence that already preached the Latin motto “mens sana in corpore sano”!
In order to get the most out of adequate physical activity, including nutrition plays a key role.
Exercise, in fact, be it high-impact as the body builders as “sweet” like fitness, involves a certain expenditure of energy, protein, sugars, fats and water.
All these elements must be reinstated in the right doses with food. This is also true for vitamins and minerals that are lost in large quantities through sweat, thermoregulation physiological process that enables the body considerably accentuated when practicing sports.
The reinstatement of all nutrients is important both for the “reconstruction” of the parts “consumed” during exercise, both to facilitate the optimization of chemical reactions that lead to proper cellular energy consumption and consumption of fat reserves accumulated .
Weight loss, if it is one of the objectives of physical activity, it also passes through the intake of proper amount and type of macro-and micronutrients that catalyze all the body’s physiological processes.
For this reason, avoid diets or diets “do it yourself” that exclude one or more foods, because they might restrict or inhibit specific processes in the body and, in the long run, be very dangerous for health …… I know all the …………. ..; /

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Your Questions About Fitness

Lizzie asks…

Is this a good workout plan?

Ok, I’m 13 years old, and I’m not the healthiest person, but I’m not really bad. And it’s holidays, so I was thinking about a work-out plan. I was going to do this 3 days a week with my best friend, at nearby places:
Go to the gym (I still have to find it), and work out for 30 minutes to 1 hour there. (there is a fitness trainer that makes us do exercises)
Go down to the park (by my house) and jog around in 5 times. And do some warmup things.
Then we go down to somewhere that has a basketball/netball court and shoots some hoops, etc
Go down the pool/leisurelink and swim around, and go down the slides for a couple of hours, then we go home.

Is it a good workout to do 3 days a week? (for about 4 weeks) So we would be doing that exercise 12 times. If there are any small things you can add to it, would be appreciated, but remember we are only 13. Thank you!
And please tell me why it’s no good, and what I can do to improve it. Thank you

The Expert answers:

Yeah, that’s great, but maybe you should try to cut out the junkfood. I know it’s hard, I’m inthe verge of a popcorn binge. :p but Try not to eat too much junk. :3 good luckk.

Jenny asks…

trying to make a workout plan?

I wanted to start a regular workout routine that i could do at home with basic equipment like treadmills, fitness balls, ab lounge, etc. What is the recommended amount of time for cardio workouts? The goal is mostly weight loss (no more than 10 to 15 pounds) and body firming… not really any lifting or muscle building. What I’m basically asking for is a schedule: for example, warming up, then the exercise itself, the cool down, etc. Any recommendations on how many days and how long to do it?

The Expert answers:

Learn about aerobic exercise. Query the Internet using “aerobic exercise” to learn about this. You want to maintain your heart rate in an aerobic zone for an hour, five days a week. All you need is a treadmill, stationary bike, rowing machine, ski machine (nordic trak), steps, jump rope, free weights, or anything to do the exercises you like most. Of couse you want to ease into the exercise for 5-10 minutes and you want to slow down for 5-10 minutes at the end.

If you want to firm up, get a book like “Body for Life” for detailed instructions on how to determine reps.

Sandra asks…

Bodybuilding Exercises/Workout Order?

So I have a question about in what order should I do the bodybuilding exercises in an advanced workout plan that is listed here:

For an example if I have the following plan for monday:

“Chest: Three sets of dumbbell flys, 5-8 reps per set with 2-3min between sets. Three sets of dumbbell press, 5-8 reps per set with 2-3min between sets. Three sets of incline press, 5-8 reps per set with 2-3min between sets. Three sets of incline dumbbell flys, 5-8 reps per set with 2-3 min between sets.
Abs: three sets each of straight crunches, left crunches, and right crunches.”

1. Should I do three sets of of dumbbell flys in a row, then do three sets of dumbbell presses in a row and move down with the same pattern until I’m finishing the whole workout by doing three sets of right cruches in a row. (that just doesn’t make sense)


2. I do one set of dumbbell flys then do one set of dumbbell presses, move down with the same pattern until finishing with one set of left crunches and right crunches and then starting the whole ring from the start until I’ve made 3 rings.


3. Should I begin with doing ALL the chest exercises and then finish by doing ALL the abs exercises?

Some tips about this would be very helpful.

The Expert answers:

Generally, it is said to be better to do larger muscle groups first, then move onto progressively smaller ones. This would mean do your chest exercises first and then do all abs after. However, I sometimes will start with the group that I want to improve the most. For example, if I want to improve my abs, I will do them first, thus using the fresh energy that I have going into the workout. Basically, by general theory you should start with your chest exercise and end with your ab exercise if you want to improve them equally, but if you want to build one more than the other, start with the one that you want to improve.

George asks…

Need a complete, beginner work out plan?

I have been working out the same muscles for 3 months with not much progress. I realized I was doing them wrong and learned some new things through this site. But I was wondering if someone could provide me with the COMPLETE, BEGINNER total work out plan, for example :

Week 1
Monday:do ___ exercise, __reps, ___ sets,
Tue: Cardio
Wed: same thing as monday ( different muscles? different workout?)
Thur: Cardio
Fri: Same thing as monday (different muscles? different workout?)
Sun: iono

Am I suppose to do all muscles everyother day, or do like chest for one month, back for one month, etc?
If so, could someone list the COMPLETE total work out plan?
Like it needs to specific. I have the magaginze article with the total work out plan,. but it doesnt mention what I have to do every other day for a month and what exercises i am suppose to do.

here is a article
Hannibal the Cannibal:
I have sent a email to you not sure if you got it, but thanks in advance. Much appericiated.

Thanks for that, it looks pretty good. I will compare with the plan Hannibal gives me, if he decides to.

The Expert answers:

This might be long. Im only 12 but i have a personal trainer cause my mom wanted me to lose weight.


10 crunches
10 negative crunches (same as cruches but bring your legs to your body)
10 situps
10 russian twists (lay down then rise 45 degrees and twist your waist)
30 sec. Holding pushup postion while sucking in my stomach.
30 sec. Holding elbow postion while sucking in my stomach.

Tuesday: Cardio

It doesnt have to be running or something boring. Do a sport thats fun for you like swimming ,but make sure you do it for a right amount of time.

Wednesday: Arms

10 bicep curls both arms (weight: whatever feels comfortable)
10 bicep curls (each arm weight: whatever feels comfortable)
10 bicep lifts (each arm where you lift the barbell straight up)

Fore arms
10 forearm twists (get each barebell in each hand and twist your wrist)
10 Forearm raises (get each barbell in each hand and raise your wrist up.

10 tricep pulls(get a 20 lbs bar and hold it in your hands and hold it straght out and pull it down towards your waist. NO BENDING ELBOWS.)


It doesnt have to be running or something boring. Do a sport thats fun for you like swimming ,but make sure you do it for a right amount of time.

Friday: Legs and chest

10 leg press
10 squats ( Make sure you dont put to much weight)
10 lunges (when you start to not wobble you can add weight)

12 reps of benching
12 reps of incline
12 reps of decline
(4 sets of each)

Saturday: Cardio

It doesnt have to be running or something boring. Do a sport thats fun for you like swimming but make sure you do it for a right amount of time.


TAKE A BREAK! You need to take a break sometimes. You don’t need to overwork, and you need to catch up with your friends.

Exersice isn’t everrything you need to eat healthy. Eat veggies and fruits, and you need to watch your calorie, fat, and sugar intake too.

I spent a lot of time on this….it least 30 min. Please do it

Mark asks…

Is this a good workout plan to lose 30 pounds in 2-3 months?

I’m obviously going to watch what I eat, starting out with he special K diet plan for ONLY two weeks (this is to help get my eating back on track, as I am a huge junk food eater. I will go back to normal foods, only more fruits and veggies, and right portions.) and so far I’ve been doing great.

Now I’m asking about the exercise. Before work every morning, this is my plan:

Sunday: Rest

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 15 minute jog, 15 minutes of my Fitness Coach for Wii (upper body) and then 20 minutes of Jillian Michael’s 30 day shred.
(just got done doing this, and I was sweating like a pig)

Tuesday, Thursday, Saturday: 15 minutes exercise bike, 45 minutes Zumba
( I can only jog/bike for about that time until I get bored and get off haha, I’ve tried just doing that.)

Any changes I should make?
Do you think it’ll work? How long til I see results?

Oh and I recently came upon and I LOVE her workouts! So, along with my plans, whenever they post a new workout which is every other day, I will be doing those as well.

The Expert answers:

Sounds like a great plan if you actually follow all those steps in couple weeks you will Seee results good luck

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Your Questions About Fitness

Mary asks…

Did Adam fail at being the Spiritual leader in the home?

Brother you have got to get that hair back on.

Gen 3:16 “Unto the woman he said, I will greatly multiply thy sorrow and thy conception; in sorrow thou shalt bring forth children; and thy desire shall be to thy husband, and he shall rule over thee.”

The Expert answers:

Look back at Samson … Another plowed his field too.

Helen asks…

If God knew that Adam and Eve were to fail and sin that instead of sending the flood might not have created us?

The Expert answers:

Predestination, described as the concept that history is prewritten by God, was theology which was founded by Protestant Reformer John Calvin. He used certain passages in the book of Romans to base this belief.
However, I do not find this theology sound. God prewriting history menas that HE was the creator of EVIL. This is blasphemous, because there is no darkness in God. Jesus spoke of the ruler of this world (Satan) as NOT of Him. God making Evil means He is DIVIDED in Himself; Jesus said that a house divided amongst Himself will not stand. Some theologians have tried to go around this by speaking of Evil as what God created OUTSIDE Himself, and thus then NOT of Him; I still however do not find this ‘kosher’.
Predestination is God’s Plan for humanity to be in Him (it will be so again in the New Earth). He allowed adam and Eve to be tempted by Satan in the Garden of Eden; this happened after the Fall of Satan from Heaven and the banished angels. God then knew the possiblity of humanity betraying Him as well. So he allowed the temptation to get this out of the way before He continued. Adam and Eve were NOT predestined to Fall, God or nobody predestined them to betray God. They had more than the choice to tell Satan to go ‘get bent’ and say God they love first even before the power they were promised to recieve if they disobeyed Him.
God still loved humanity, despite the betrayal. God STILL wanted to go with His Plan for humanity to be His chosen race to oversee the Earth if not Universe) in Him. But now, Man was corrupted.
He set up His covenant with Israel, and then sent Christ to set a plan for Man’s way to return to the state before his fall, to follow His PREDESTINED plan for Man to be in Him. The first Book of Peter spoke of Peter being known according to the “foreknowledge’ of God.
This meant Peter was called. The passage further though spoke of him sanctified through the Spirit and sprinkling of the blood of Jesus Christ. This sanctification and being sprinkled figuratively with the blood of Jesus was by him ACCEPTING Christ and RECIEVING the Holy Ghost. To be CALLED is not enough, to be CHOSEN is to Chose God through Christ in return.
Pauls’ metaphor of the “pots being made for glory and those being made for destruction’ can be continued as “a pot decides it wants to be remade for glory. So, it is broken to dust and reformed into the pot for glory”. We are all pots made for destruction, we must decide to repent to be reformed.
The Bible was written not by one person, but by many. Terms used by one writer may be used differently by others. So Paul calling Christians CALLED can easily mean CHOSEN by first being CALLED then ACCEPTING CHRIST and then being CHOSEN.

Daniel asks…

Did Adam and Eve have internal organs that could potentially fail before they sinned?

The Expert answers:

I think it’s mainly muslims that belive we came from Adam and Eve

Lizzie asks…

Adam and Eve might have been created simultaneously. Was God failed to forecast that Adam need a companion?

The Expert answers:

Neither Adam nor Eve was created.
It seems that God did not have any idea of Evolution.

Joseph asks…

Were Adam and Eve set up to fail?

If God is omniscient, and God created Adam and Eve, and he created them with free will, and he created them so he’d be loved by someone entirely of their own free will (angels just weren’t good enough, I guess), then God knew that Adam and Eve would fail to heed his commands and would eat the fruit of the knowledge tree.

If he knew they’d fail, why did he bother with the whole garden of Eden charade, as if they actually had a chance?

The Expert answers:

The Bible teaches that God wanted to provide a family for his Son, the Lord Jesus.

Romans 8:29 For whom He foreknew, He also predestined to be conformed to the image of His Son, that He might be the firstborn among many brethren. 30 Moreover whom He predestined, these He also called; whom He called, these He also justified; and whom He justified, these He also glorified.

Apparently eating from the tree of the knowledge of good and evil made people more like Jesus on the one hand, and more like the rebellious Satan on the other hand.

Genesis 3:22 Then the LORD God said, “Behold, the man has become like one of Us, to know good and evil. And now, lest he put out his hand and take also of the tree of life, and eat, and live forever”

I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High

Isaiah 14:12 “How you are fallen from heaven, O Lucifer, son of the morning! How you are cut down to the ground, You who weakened the nations! 13 For you have said in your heart: ‘I will ascend into heaven, I will exalt my throne above the stars of God; I will also sit on the mount of the congregation On the farthest sides of the north; 14 I will ascend above the heights of the clouds, I will be like the Most High.’ 15 Yet you shall be brought down to Sheol, To the lowest depths of the Pit.

You will be like God

Genesis 3:4 Then the serpent said to the woman, “You will not surely die. 5 For God knows that in the day you eat of it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.”

So God allowed mankind to rebel and become more like Him, while putting them on probation to see who would stop rebelling and acknowledge Jesus as their Lord and Savior.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Steven asks…

If the world was populated by Adam and Eve?

Has humanity been living in sin all this time by marrying relatives ?

“That it is displeasing to the Lord.”

If we’re all blood related to Adam and Eve. Then it is impossible to not have incest marriage and sex.

This is a massive flaw, made by God ? This means God created us to fail, he created us to reproduce, which we are forced to do by incest relations.

Meaning marriage is a sin.

The Expert answers:

There’s an entire geneology in the Old Testament, particularly in Genesis, which finally shows plenty of people begetting and begatting through non-consanguinous relations.

John asks…

Why did God not want Adam to know evil? Why did God tempt Adam and Eve with a test He knew they would fail?

Why did He plant a fruit tree in eden to eat in the first place?

The Expert answers:

Okay, God put the tree of good and evil in the garden right? It wasn’t that he wanted them to eat of it, he told them NOT to or they would surly die, but Satan tempted them too. Satan said Go ahead and eat it, for if you eat it you will be like God (to the woman) and God wasn’t watching. So she ate of the tree of Life and Death and then she tempted Adam into eating from it. God put that tree there to give them a choice if they wanted to go with Satan or go with God. It wasn’t that he didn’t want Adam to know evil. Adam knew evil for he knew not to eat of the tree or his eyes would be open. When they ate it, their souls died. They didn’t die as in physical death but as in spiritual death. They owned the world with God until they ate the tree of Life and Death, or Good and Evil. They owned the world along with God, but then they handed the world over to Satan. That is why the world is like it is today. War, disobedience of man. So pray to God that you wont be sentenced to hell, that you will be saved unto him and go to heaven when the trumpet sounds, which i believe will be sounding here shortly.

Chris asks…

Why did God set Adam and Eve up to fall and fail? Not very “Christian like” is it?

Being all powerful and all knowing he must have known Adam and Eve would “sin” so why did he do it?
Why is he allowing Satan who he created to dominate the world (their words not mine) when all he has to do is get rid of Satan.
If hes all so the dogs b*llox why is he messing about? Whats he waiting for?

The Expert answers:

I think you chose the exact appropriate word for the whole affair b*llox.

Mankind is introduced to the god of the Bible in less than a positive view. A god that played with angels with flaming swords, allowed spirit creatures to talk through a snake, sowed clothes for Adam and Eve from animal skins, and designated a mere tree as the source of all good and bad, knowledge and life eternal.

Read all those things together and you have a recipe for every legend, story, tribal shaman, myth, attempt at understanding the world around us, mankind has been postulating for thousands of years.

What seems to give this story weight with folks, is that the men who wrote this stuff, carried on writing more tripe to make it all sound plausible.

Say what you want about the jews, but they were prolific writers and were masters at designing a religion that kept the race and believer in fear and devotion.

The god they invented is unique and has appeal and then can be nothing but revolting in his actions.

Along comes Jesus and changes not only the face of God, but he tell the Jews that their 3000 year old religion is worthless. Of course the jews were not happy with him.

I have read the Bible several times. I cannot get my brain to wrap itself around all of the obfuscation and contradiction involved to say that I truly believe the whole story.

Paul asks…

What is more sexist? Saying Eve tempted Adam, or that Adam failed in his supervision of Eve?

I have 8 years of liberal university education and the two are running neck and neck in my mind
Thats what I thought Spyro, but now the fundies are saying it was Adam‘s sin not hers because he was supposed to be the boss!

The Expert answers:

Adam failing in his supervision of Eve.

A woman can choose to use sex as a weapon & tempt men…

Sandra asks…

Did God create Adam and Eve KNOWING that he would set up a task they would fail just to screw with them?

Why would he do that, unless he was a total jerk?

Why would one worship a total jerk?
Hey! Where are my theist friends on this question?

The Expert answers:

Logically speaking the only way God would not have set Adam and Eve to fail is if he does not know the future.

Because if God knows the future then he knew even before creating them how things would turn out should he create people with such a nature as he did create them with and a garden such as he did create. He knew that were he to make humans like fruit and create fruit they would eat of it. There’s also a much bigger problem: If god knows the future then things must happen the way he foresees it. This means there is no free will. Here’s this same point made by a man much smarter than myself:

Also, believe it or not there are people who argue knowledge of the future is not needed for omniscience, including W.L. Craig. For such people this problem doesn’t exist but it would mean that there are comprehensible questions God cannot answer, such as what happens in the future, which in my opinion rather neatly refutes the idea that knowledge of the future is not needed for omniscience.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Linda asks…

Why would a creator after failing with Adam and Eve create any more people knowing they would fail.?

Think about it.

The Expert answers:

He is a masochist

Betty asks…

So Jesus send Adam ,moses abraham but when he came he fails to survive and to make a original book?

when i have to accept jesus as God then all the problem began .So if Jews kills jesus for blasphemy they still will get the mercy of God cz they don’t know the truth that jesus was not acting as God but the present christen won’t get the mercy cz they are still making blasphemy .

The seventeenth chapter of John records Jesus Christ’s high priestly prayer. “After Jesus said this, he looked toward heaven and prayed: ‘Father, the time has come. Glorify your Son, that your Son may glorify you. For you granted him authority over all people that he might give eternal life to all those you have given him. Now this is eternal life: that they may know you, the only true God, and Jesus Christ, whom you have sent. I have brought you glory on earth by completing the work you gave me to do. And now, Father, glorify me in your presence with the glory I had with you before the world began'” (John 17:1-5).

In this wonderful prayer, Jesus says, “My prayer is not for them alone. I pray also for those who will believe in me through their message, that all of them may be one, Father, just as you are in me and I am in you. May they also be in us so that the world may believe that you have sent me” (John 17:20-21).

So these are the evidence what bible give to prove jesus God !!!!!! i mean come on people why you people are forcing your self to deny what bible tells you that Jesus was a messanger and son of God don’t actually mean God but the creator God who has created Jesus .Jesus calling his creator his father

If you can read English and know the meaning of english word i think a christen priest don’t need to tell you what bible tells you .you can figure it out by your self . but are you really literate enough to get the meaning

The Expert answers:

The Bible speaks of God the Father, the Son of God and the Holy Spirit. In other words nowhere does it say that Jesus or the Holy Spirit are Gods. In 325, the First Council of Nicaea convened in response to the threat of Arianism, formulated the Nicene Creed as a basic statement of Christian belief, and divided the church into geographical and administrative areas called dioceses. One of its most important decisions was that Jesus was both the Son of God and God the Son. In other words both human and divine.

From this decision also came the concept of the Trinity of God in which the three are one Godhead. This concept is only mentioned once in the Bible in Matthew 28:19, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Each of the persons of the Trinity is understood as having the one identical essence or nature, not merely similar natures.
The New Testament does not use the word Trinity nor explicitly teach it, but provides the material upon which the doctrine of the Trinity is based.

The concept of the Trinity is supported by Luke 3:22, which says, “and the Holy Spirit descended on him in bodily form like a dove. And a voice came from heaven: ‘You are my Son, whom I love; with you I am well pleased.'” And by 2 Corinthians 13:14 “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all” Further, John 14:26 says, “…the Counselor, the Holy Spirit, whom the Father will send in my name, will teach you all things and will remind you of everything I have said to you.”


Ruth asks…

what would of happened to Adam if he never sinned?

Some people say God knew Adam was going to sin. That is a cop out. If God did know the He was planning to fail.

The Expert answers:

God did know and that is why God came to earth as Jesus to make restitution for the payment of sin of those who will put their whole faith and trust in Jesus as their savior. To save man from the penalty of sin. Eternal damnation

George asks…

Christian perspective: Adam and Eave: Were they punished or did they suffer a Consequence?

We learn that Yahweh tells Adam “do not eat of this fruit if you do you will surely die.”

We learn that according to the Scriptures because Adam and Eve were no longer qualified to live in Eden, Yahweh curses the land and the animals.

Even so, I can’t help but think this was not so much a punishment as it was a consequence for their actions and that Yahweh’s message to Adam was actually a warning. Once you eat from this tree you will know things that are not meant for you to know, such as death. We of course learn that Adam fails to follow this advice, and because he knows about the death and how it is evil, he cannot live in a land that is always giving and sustaining life and is good. People knowing these things in this land can contrive to kill one another like Cain did Abel. Yahweh knowing this had to curse the ground and the animals, and divide the equality between man and woman in order to conform to Man’s altered spiritual state.

I liken this to when Yahweh allowed the people to choose by lot Saul as their king even though He already knew it was not a good idea.

This makes it hard for me to accept that They were punished. Does anyone have any insight on this idea?

The Expert answers:

Is not the consequences the same as a punishment, something to think about god told them they would surely die, but they had never seen death and didnt know what it was, i cant help but wonder why god just didnt say if you dont do what i say your butts are out of here… Etc

Laura asks…

If God once loved people unconditionally, why did he even put Adam and Eve in a position where they would fail?

Or is God just so stupid, that he didn’t even know how to make the first people which he wanted to be his faithful robots?

The Expert answers:

Probably because it’s not meant to be taken literally. It’s a figurative, metaphorical story whit a wholly different meaning than what modern-day religions preach and teach.

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Thomas asks…

How, or in what ways, has the Adam Smith model been applied and failed in the US?

When referring to Adam Smith, I’m talking about the author of the Wealth of Nations

The Expert answers:

If the “invisible hand” worked in the railroad industry there would be no Amtrak. On the other hand. The visible foot of government is quite apparent.

Chris asks…

Adam and Eve had more of a personal relationship with god than any humans ever and they failed?

Adam and Eve received the word of god directly from the horses mouth and they didn’t listen to him so what makes you christians think you can deliver his message better than he could? Why should i listen to you when you talk about god .Adam and Eve was suppose to be perfect and they still failed so how can we not fail when we are created imperfect.

The Expert answers:

Those poor people were set up.

They just happened to have a tree producing forbidden fruit in their backyard.

It just so happened that a talking snake lived next door.

What are the chances of that?

Those poor people were set up I tell you.

Mary asks…

What if Adam and Eve had a lawyer in the Garden of Eden?

His lawyer could argue that God set Adam and Even up to fail. He gave him the ability to choose, then put temptation right in his face AND sends someone (serpent) to actually tempt them to do it.
As an added insult, God then cursed all of their descendants with Adam and Eve’s sin…something that is clearly beyond everybody’s control.
Couldn’t even a new grad show how patently unfair such actions are?

The Expert answers:

It was paradise….so of course there were no lawyers/

Steven asks…

Was Adam setup for failure in the garden of Eden?

Everyone knows the story of Adam and Eve….
If you think long and hard about it
Adam was doing fine until he got lonely and had a helper made for him from God and he named her……

Then the sin takes place and you know the rest…
The question is, was Adam setup to fail?
Would have Adam been better off by himself?
Love? huh?
I dodged it lol

The Expert answers:

God was good, He created a woman for Adam, because God did not want Adam to be lonely. God also gave both man and woman a free will to choose right from wrong. Adam did not have to except part of the apple that Eve gave him, he did so thinking that he would have great knowledge. Adam and Eve were not satisfied with the knowledge that God had already gave them.

Betty asks…

Hi Christian Bible believers, Why did God set up Adam and Eve to FAIL?

My question is he already knew what would happen, because he’s omniscient according to Christian beliefs. So why did he do that? Keep in mind he already knew what would happen.

The Expert answers:

Watch out for lame free will arguments.

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Jenny asks…

Why is God waiting so long to continue where Adam and Eve failed to obey?

Is thousands of years necessary?

The Expert answers:

Consider this life as a gift.
Free will makes things interesting.

Helen asks…

Why didn’t God just restart everything when Adam and Eve failed in the Garden of Eden?

I don’t think the TRILLIONS of humans that have suffered throughout history would have minded.

The Expert answers:

Good one.

The forbidden fruit has to be eaten, or the human story can’t get started. By allowing the snake to tempt Adam and Eve, and not warning them about him, God makes sure it is eaten.

Does God forgive Adam and Eve? No. Do they want to be forgiven? No, because now their eyes are opened. The story is about the dawning of consciousness, which is not a disaster but a necessary development. It comes at a price – we get kicked out of paradise – but we pay it because we want to be human.

William asks…

Who do you think is a better actor, Adam Sandler or Ben Stiller?

In my opinion Adam sandler is 4 million times better as he is actually funny and his films are better, I can’t stand Ben Stiller as I find his acting is terrible and when he’s on tv doing interviews he comes across as a man who is in love with himself, and in his films he looks like he is trying to act similar to Adam Sandler and fails miserably

btw this is my opinion and if you disagree with it that is fine, but I will block and report people who post disrespectful answers

The Expert answers:

I honestly do agree with you that Adam Sandler is a MUCH better actor. Sandler has numerous times proved himself to be a decent dramatic actor as well as a super funny actor. He’s gone from being the dumb immature kid in Billy Madison to his performance in Reign Over Me which was tear jerking. He really stepped out of his normal box for that role. Also now in his upcoming Judd Apatow movie “Funny People”, he will mix both dramatic and comedic acting which is sometimes hard to pull off. Now for Ben Stiller, I don’t think he is terrible, but I don’t think he is that great. I watch his movies and enjoy them because of how goofy he can be like in Dodgeball and Zoolander. He is really only good at two things, 1) Being goofy and dumb (Zoolander, Dodgeball). 2) Being in awkward situations with people he wants to impress (Meet the Parents, Along Came Polly).

Overall, Adam Sandler is the obvious choice for the two. I also agree with you that Ben Stiller doesn’t come off as a humble person in public. Adam Sandler is a very likable guy. I do admire that both of them have successful family lives in the hollywood industry with how rare it is for people in that industry to keep a family together.

One more comment. Some people say that Sandler is not good because of his movies like “You Don’t Mess With Zohan”, but my response is this: Think about it, he gets to make an incredibly stupid movie with his buddies, which is full of what are mostly like inside jokes between them, and make a LOT of money to do so. If I could grab a film crew and make a stupid movie with my friends and make a lot of money off of it, I’d do it in a heartbeat! I don’t think it ruins his career at all, I think he’s just having fun doing what he loves.

David asks…

Did Adam and Eve fail as parents because they knew absolutely nothing about babies and childhood?

Matthew….Based on what? …Your vivid imagination?

The Expert answers:

No, they failed as parents because they were imaginary

Laura asks…

Would Meireles score with the chances Henderson and Adam had against Stoke?

Oh wait, he plays for the best club in the London and has already got one world class assist in one game for Chelsea!

Bargain deal of the summer? Oh in Dalglish we trust! <3 <3 <3

FQ: Meireles/Aquilani or Henderson/Adam? Did Dalglish fail here?
I guess if you are English/Scottish you are always gonna have a place in scousers eleven..

The Expert answers:

Meireles would of scored that henderson one, yeah obviously even I would of scored that and i mean it.

Meireles would not of scored that adam chance because that was at the left and you needed your left foot to score.

Charlie adam is not bad, he is a good signing but it would be good if we had meireles instead of henderson

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Robert asks…

Tried to install ISA 2006 w/out domain it was succesful but with domain it has a error “ADAM fails install”?

ISA installation Failed???

The Expert answers:

Make sure you meet all requirenment of the install…

Joseph asks…

American idol Adam fails at U2?

No one touches Bono. He really screwed up that song, but of course, is praised. He can do no wrong in the judges eyes. Agree?
How can you think he sang that song perfectly? Have you ever heard that song? He take the screeching and “doing his own thing” too far. It wasn’t even the same song in my opinion.
Allison should have won, but Kris was my backup. Danny’s boring.

The Expert answers:

First he did not pick that song and second Simon arranged the song that way. He was only able to do so much with it. That is why Simon was telling Kara and Randy that they should have told Chris to do it the way they wanted him to sing it not just give him a song. Don’t blame Adam for it being so strayed away from the original song blame Simon!!

Linda asks…

I’ve heard Adam was not exactly the first man but was the start after a previous attempt at humans, true?

If this is so, why didn’t he ALSO wipe out the failed attempt at Lucifer and the other fallen angels and start over with a new batch of angels? Also, why didn’t he start a third attempt after the failed Adam?

The Expert answers:

And for that fact, how come a ‘perfect’ being is incapable of creating a ‘perfect’ worshiper? He failed at so many things! Adam and Eve, Lucifer…had to do the flood…wow, is the christian god a screw-up or what??

Michael asks…

If God failed to warn Adam and Eve about the false messenger, should he really be surprised at what happened?

Humans are not perfect, God created us to be fallible.

So, by failing to warn Adam and Eve of the existence of satan, the great deceiver, didn’t he essentially ensure that Satan would be able to manipulate man?

The Expert answers:

Christians don’t want to hear the truth, that’s why it’s better just to laugh at their dribble.

Jenny asks…

If we live this life on Earth as a test before we go to heaven ,If Adam had obey would God’s test have failed?

Would God have had to come up with another way to make Adam & Eve fail so he could test us & get us to heaven because if they did not fail we would be all happy ,healthy & living forever on Earth ?

The Expert answers:

Really, earth is suppose to be our home and this is the reason why Jehovah gives us a place to live on.
And only 144,000 will go to heaven.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Donna asks…

What is a good fitness website or magazine?

I am just looking for something to give me tips on how to work out properly and keep me motivated.

The Expert answers:

It is called Mind, Body, and Spirit Fitness. It is an awesome!! Magizine. There are food tips, excersize tips, and alot more. I find every page in the magizine useful!

Charles asks…

What would you consider the best fitness magazine for a guy model shape, not to much muscle not to little?

The Expert answers:

Most fitness mags are all so standard.

They offer the same advice over and over in different ways.

The only Mag I think worth getting is Fitness RX just cause they post so much scientific information. I sometimes get Men’s Health just because it’s so random and sometimes amuses me.

The best advice I can give is get a anatomy textbook and a nutirtion(not a diet book) textbook. Go to town and learn all the science.

John asks…

Does anybody have a copy of Fitness First magazine from Spring 04?

I think it may have Nell McAndrew on the front cover. I’d really like to buy it if you have a copy.
The company who printed it went bust. The gyms don’t keep back copies, so I’m counting on someone out there who hoards!

The Expert answers:

Have you tried e bay, they may have something, or Amazon at an outside chance..;

Thomas asks…

What’s a good name for a girl’s fitness magazine??

It’s for my homework… we have to make a fitness magazine and i can’t think of what to call it. I want ti to be just for girls.

The Expert answers:

How about FIT LINK
G.E.M. (Girls Exercise magazine)

Laura asks…

Where is the best place to find current material for writing magazine articles on fitness and nutrition?

I am starting up a subscription based online personal training business. I want to offer my members valuable resources, such as current articles and information about health, nutrition, and fitness. I need help finding resources to write these articles. Also, I would like to know how to find freelance writers that would like to contribute to this sort of thing to get their name out there.

The Expert answers:

I freelance for

I’m always willing to contribute to any source promoting fitness. Let me know when you’re up and running.

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