Your Questions About Fitness

Sharon asks…

Trying to find a gym?

Im trying to find a gym located in Toronto that doesnt have outrageous membership prices. Also preferably a womens gym or at least have a womans only area, anyone know any ? Thanks
Oh and does anyone know roughly how much the member ship is at Good Life Fitness?

The Expert answers:

Goodlife memberships cost $25 per mont through the net. Here goes the link.

Thomas asks…

Hmmmmmm fish?

Well I’ve been an active vegetarian since January, and have not eaten any meat since, including fish. So, recently, I’ve been hearing a lot about the importance of fish and sea food in a healthy and vaired diet. Some of the healthiest places in the world, for exaple Japan, consume generous amounts of seafood, and nothing is wrong with them. Also, France, Italy, and Greece consume liberal amounts of fish and seafood, and as you can see, the people are very healthy.

So I’m confused. I keep hearing how you don’t know where the fish has been and what water has been polluting it and the company etc. and that it’s bad for you, but many findings have proved otherwise. Also, if fish is indeed critical for a truly healthy and fortified diet, how can I include it into my diet safely? Answers would be greatly appreciated. 🙂

Here are some articles about foriegn diets and fish and such:

The Expert answers:

Firstly, fish isn’t vegetarian.

Fish is not necessary for your health. In fact fish is not as healthful as people like to believe. The reason people often believe that eating fish is good for your health is because fish has Omega 3 Fatty Acid, which makes blood clotting less likely to happen. A vegetarian shouldn’t need to worry that much about blood clots though, as a truly vegetarian diet contains no cholesterol.

Eating fish is actually not a very good idea. Fish is often polluted with dangerous chemicals such as mercury, and can be very detrimental to your health.

I have been vegetarian (no fish) for about three and a half years, and I have been perfectly healthy. Eating fish is absolutely unneccesary, is rather disgusting, and is just as immoral to do as eating any other sort of meat.

Mandy asks…

Decent gyms in LISBURN?

Does anyone know of a decent gym in lisburn? Raquets club isnt great, glenmore is a bit basic, grove is too far away and the leisure center is pretty expensive (as is belfast)…
Anyone know what absolute fitness at altona industrial estate is like? (thats next door to jolleys pet foods)

Any help would be appreciated 🙂

*its for a man btw because i know of three womens only gyms*

The Expert answers:

The Gym

14 Gregg St
Lisburn, BT27 5AN, UK
+44 28 92673887

Chris asks…

which club seems like a better deal?


Womens Only
(Womens Only
(Womens Only


Jiu-Jitsu Gi – Beginners

Munduruca BJJ – Beginners Class
Mondays – 12pm to 1pm and 6pm to 7pm
Tuesdays – 12pm to 1pm
Wednesdays – 12pm to 1pm and 6pm to 7pm
Thursdays – 12pm to 1pm
Fridays – 12pm to 1pm
Saturdays – 2pm to 3:30pm

Jiu-Jitsu Gi – Advanced

Mondays – 12pm to 1pm and 7pm to 8:30pm
Tuesdays – 12pm to 1pm
Wednesdays – 12pm to 1pm and 7pm to 8:30pm
Thursdays – 12pm to 1pm
Fridays – 12pm to 1pm
Saturdays – 2pm to 3:30pm

Jiu-Jitsu Gi – Kids

Mondays – 5pm to 6pm
Wednesdays – 5pm to 6pm

Jiu-Jitsu No Gi – Beginners and Advanced

Tuesdays – 6pm to 7:30pm
Thursdays – 6pm to 7:30pm

Jiu-Jitsu Gi – Basics

Mondays – 7am to 8am
Wednesdays – 7am to 8am
Fridays – 7am to 8am

Wrestling Kids

Fridays- 5pm to 6pm

Wrestling – Beginners and Advanced

Tuesdays – 5pm to 6pm
Thursdays – 5pm to 6pm

Women BJJ – Beginners and Advanced

Thursdays – 5pm to 6pm

Judo – Beginners and Advanced

Fridays – 6pm to 7:30pm

Sunday – Open Class
Noon to 1:30pm

The Expert answers:


In this case, I would recommend going with Club Number 2 however it depends on what you would like to focus on.

Club Number 1: MMA Fighter Conditioning and Stand-up Technique.
Club Number 2: Brazilian Jiu Jitsu(Very useful in MMA), wrestling and ground technique.(For mma training No-Gi jiu jitsu is in my opinion more realistic, if this is what you would like to train for.)

What puts Club Number 2 ahead of the game for me is that it has Open Class, which I take to mean Open Mat which is great for practice and applying the skills you know in an open environment.

Hope I helped. Good Luck in picking.

Laura asks…

Which one of his Gf’s is best looking?

Just because I’m bored and I know that all of his girlfriend’s so far have been pretty decent looking,
Which one of Joe Jonas’s lovers are best in looks? Best body?

Taylor Swift:


Camilla Belle:


Demi Lovato:


Ashley Greene:


I personally think Demi Lovato beats all.. But I can be a bit bias.
What do you guys think?

The Expert answers:

You forgot his previous gfs: Mandy Vanduyne, AJ Michalka, Amelia (that Australian model) and Chelsea Staub/Kane

anyway I would pick Chelsea. She’s very beautiful though her longer hair was better. Demi Lovato’s pretty too though, I could just be biased too in saying Chelsea is the best. I really admire Chelsea. She has demonstrated herself to be a sweet down to earth fun woman.

I think Camilla has the best body though (Chelsea needs to eat a burger or something..too skinny)

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Your Questions About Fitness

Thomas asks…

workout routines in fitness?


im looking for anyone that would be so nice as to take time to help me make a routine, not exercises just on what particualary day i do what, i usually do like this

Monday : chest

wednesday : back

thursday : shoulders

friday : arms

but at the time its friday my arms is actually pretty tired not sore or anything just not so much energy, i dont feel like im getting worked enough and i wanna focus a lot on getting bigger arms since i have been slacking with that for some time. i hope someone can help me,


The Expert answers:

This is what I’m doing at the present time:

Monday and Thurs: chest, shoulders, triceps, abs
Tuesday and Friday: back, biceps, abs

This allows for adequate rest for each muscle group except abs which I need to do each day. All I am presently doing for legs is fifteen minutes on the elliptical trainer each of the four days. I start with a weight that I can easily do 16 reps, 14, 12, increasing weight each time and three sets of 10 at near maximum.

Mark asks…

Fitness Routine Question..?

Which do you think would be better for someone aiming to lose some stomach fat, and tone (/build a little) upper body muscle:

I’d rather do this as I’d like to do cardio every day to keep fit, make it a solid daily routine, and burn off as much fat as possible, but I’m worried it’ll have adverse effects on building muscle:

Day 1 – 30 mins cross trainer
Day 2 – Intense upper body workout, then 20 mins on cross trainer.
Day 3+ repeat above

Or is this much better, as you split up cardio and muscle building:

Day 1 – 40 mins cross trainer
Day 2 – Intense Upper Body Workout
Day 3+ repeat

I’d like to do both cardio and muscle building every day, but I get the impression you should leave muscles to repair for 48 hours to be most effective. And I have to use the cross trainer for cardio as I dont have access to anything else! Upper body exercise will include weights and sit ups…

I’m pretty skinny except for some stomach fat, weighed 64.5kg this morning, although apparently I have a massive % of body fat for a 21 yr old male at 23.5% with 45.2% muscle.

Diet advise would also be helpful. I keep a record of my total nutritional intake each day through a relatively simple excel sheet, have been doing it for the last couple of months out of interest and to cut really unhealthy food out. As a result I’ve naturally been sticking pretty much up to and around the RDA for most things, here’s my average for the last 59 days:

1780 cals, 65.6g prot, 200.89g carb, 85.8g sug, 62.9g fat, 19.3g sat fat, 2.75g sod, 15.8g fibre.

What would be really helpful is also to let me know what I should be aiming for in this set-up, to get the most out of fat loss and muscle building, in the most efficient, healthy and time effective way. (I know theres no differentiation between carbs with this system, but overall it gives a good idea of what I should/shouldn’t be eating!) I reckon I should be taking in much more fibre, and also protein, then lower carb and sat fat intake, but I don’t really know how much I should be changing by, in terms of values.

So, 2 questions really:

1- Which exercise routine is more efficient, and how could it be improved?

2- What is the ideal nutritional intake values each day, to lose weight/build muscle, assuming it is carried out with the above exercise routine?!

It would be great to get some responses from people who have had experience in fat loss / muscle toning!

The Expert answers:

To be completely honest, the best toner/ lean muscle builder I found was Pilates, It did such a good job of toning me up I became a Pilates instructor lol.

Obviously you should do cardio with this to really burn the fat cells away and then some Pilates twice a week to start with.

Too much Cross training can over-train muscles and your body will begin to burn them away too.

So balance your cross-training with Pilates and try to have a few total rest days a week to allow muscle recovery and growth!

Good Luck 😉

Mandy asks…

Opinions on my exercise routine?

(Im bi,so thats why its in this section,and the diet&fitness section isnt very helpful)
I think it wouldnt hurt me losing a few pounds lol
Im 15,short,and about 108 lbs.
so,what do you think of this workout routine?
6 minutes of jogging,then 3 minutes of some light weights,a 2-4 minute break,another 6 minutes of jogging,then 4 minutes of crunches/6 inches,another break,then I just repeat it for an hour or 2,or until I get pretty tired.I dont really push it though,I have kinda bad asthma so I dont wanna overdo it.
I tried it out today cause the internet was down lol and I did pretty well for an hour.Plus,I really wanna train up to try out for a sports team next year.(tennis)
So what do you think of that?And any tips on eating or something too?

The Expert answers:

It sounds great and so do you .

Mary asks…

What is a good exercise routine to prep for military boot camp?

I plan to use some tax refund cash to join a snap fitness or the like so I’m interested in a finding a great regimen to adhere to that will give me an advantage when I go off to Navy boot camp. I know the classics are lots of push-ups, sit-ups, pull-ups, etc. But I’m sure I should toss in some cardio and free weights. Maybe there is someone out there that already has a good workout routine with similar goals to mine. I’d like to put on some weight before I leave which has always been extremely difficult for me. I’m tall and thin, but lean and the muscle I have is very strong and toned. I obviously am looking to build, nothing dramatic overnight but something that will get me over the hump. Any nutrition tips would be interesting to read as well. Thanks in advance for your help!

The Expert answers:

Push ups, sit ups, some pull ups but not wouldn’t focus on it too much. Get to where you can run 3-4 miles non stop. Don’t do any weights, you won’t need them. 8 count body builders, burpies, sun dials, squats, lunges, and any other exercise you can do with your own body weight. Instead of doing weight just increase how many you do. Good luck

Susan asks…

Need some help creating a weekly workout routine?

Ok I know you’re not supposed to do the same exercises 2 days in a row, but what about doing different exercises that work out the same muscle groups? Like would it be ok to bench one day but also do pushups the next? Or would it be better to smush every weight lifting exercise into one day, then only do cardio the next?……. Ughh, by the time I figure out all this Fitness and Nutrition stuff, ill be on my deathbed :-l lol

The Expert answers:

Do upper body one day and do cardio and lower body the next, like this the similar muscles will have time to rest while you workout the other.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Laura asks…

How much does it cost to join 24 hr fitness gym for 1 year?

I just want to be able to go to any 24 hr fitness gym. It doesn’t have to be sport or active, just any gym will do.

The Expert answers:

Many gyms (depending on locations and options) differ in cost. You’ll probably have to ask them yourself for a price range. Personally, I wouldn’t pay more than $40/month for a gym.

I’ve trained at several Gold’s Gyms in New Orleans that were $25/month. But in Cali, my Gold’s membership is $35/month.

Mandy asks…

How do I get a better rate at 24 hour fitness?

I have been a 24 hour fitness member for a little over 2 years. I currently pay about $35 a month. Is there anything I can do to get a better deal there?

PS going to a different gym is not really an option.

The Expert answers:

Get your family there? It only costs $24 if u do this. My family and i are gonna do this

Helen asks…

What should you wear in the sauna at 24 Hour Fitness?

I’ve never tried the sauna at 24 Hour Fitness, and I was wondering what people usually wear. I don’t know much of sauna etiquette.

The Expert answers:

Nothing! Ha, unfortunately you have to wear something, shorts and a shirt, something that is decent enough to cover the private areas. Another common thing is a swim suit.

Steven asks…

How much does a 24 hr fitness employee at the kids club (daycare) make?

I’m thinking about applying for a job at the daycare at 24h fitness (San Francisco Bay Area, CA).

How much does one make and do you have any experiences working for 24 HR fitness?

The Expert answers:

They pay minimum wage or slightly above that. The only people that make money at a health club are the sales staff and the managers. The day care workers are just baby sitters.

Thomas asks…

What if I lost a mail with information about the 24 Hour Fitness class action lawsuit?

24 had a case against them, which entitled many people, including me to 3 free months at 24 hour fitness. I misplaced the actual letter and called 24 to ask about what I could do, and they said that I couldn’t get the 3 free months without the letter. However that’s 24 Hour who has no real incentive to help me out. Is there a way to go online to find out how to get my 3 free months without the letter.

The Expert answers:

Just do a google search and contact the law firm for a new letter

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Your Questions About Fitness

William asks…

fitness 19 or any gym payment question?

im thinking about signing up in fitness 19, in north california if that matters, and i dont have a credit card and my mom doesnt want me to sign up cuz it cost money, now i was wondering if i can pay the monthly payment with cash and just paying in the gym instead of them charging credit cards? is that possible?

The Expert answers:

Yeah you can man i go to Fitness 19 its great do it it will be good

Thomas asks…

can you get a membership to fitness 19 at 16 years old in NY?

any answers? (i will chose someone for best answer)

The Expert answers:

I would suggest you call them and ask them that.

Robert asks…

Fitness 19 Questions?

I have two fitness 19 questions…

I presently have a Fitness 19 membership, the $12.00 / month one. And I am not planning on using it until winter break due to how hectic and little free time I have, due to the start of the semester.

Do you know what time of the month it gets billed to your credit card?

Or, how do I go about canceling it, for the mean time and then re opening it, for the winter time.

Thanks for the help.

The Expert answers:

Do you really think that Yahoo! Answers was the best option for this particular question? Just call the damn place and ask them about all of this. They can give you a definitive answer and cancel your membership if need be…

EDIT: Yeah, yeah, keep on coming with the “thumbs down” people, that’s fine. Sorry if I was harsh, but you know my answer is true. Asking this question on here is just superfluous. None of us work at this particular gym and none of us can adequately answer this question. The OP is just wasting his time here. Calling the place and asking THEM these questions instead of us would be the best solution here…

Ken asks…

Does anyone here go to a Fitness 19 gym?

how is it? how much do you pay monthly?

The Expert answers:

Yes!! Love it. It’s small but i like it that way. I’m friends with all of the personal trainers and the front desk people now. We go out for drinks haha. I pay $9/month because i’ve got connections. I used to go to lifetime which cost me soooooo much money and i hated it. Although fitness 19 doesnt have a pool or showers or anything, i still love it. I dont need that stuff. I come to lift weights and get swoll and it’s perfect for me. I can shower at home.

Betty asks…

What does Fitness 19 charge?

there was nothing on the website and when i called for a quote they wouldnt give me anything over the phone.. i know what that s all about and unfortunatelly for me i am a push over. I am not going to come in and do something i am going to regret.. can you guys help me? if you know anything about Fitness 19 pls give me your advise and let me know what and how they charge..
thank you

The Expert answers:

I can give you some better advice than what they charge, STAY AWAY. All they want you to do is come in so they can high pressure into a overpriced membership that you don’t need and will regret buying. Once you sign the paper you are locked into a contract. People like this make me sick.
What are your goals for joining a Gym ?
What areas are you trying to improve ?
If you shoot me an e-mail, I will try and help you with some advice/links. I am the worlds worst critic of gyms, supplements and fancy weight/exercise equipment. 98% percent of it is unnecessary.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Daniel asks…

What fitness exercise are recommended and what are not when I have scoliosis? I am 28, male.?

Month ago I started to go to fitness club. It seems I have scoliosis. This means my backbone is bent a little. I heard that fitness exercises strengthen a backbone… But I think lifting weights isnt good for me…

The Expert answers:

I know someone who had scoliosis and the doctor told him to climb rope. He got so strong that he could climb it several times using just his hands. It strengthened the muscles in his back and he no longer has scoliosis.

John asks…

Where can I find a Niche in My passion for Exercise, Fitness, Training and Strength?

Hello friends, Im wondering if I can find a Niche for what I love doing which is Fitness, Exercise Training and strengh and muscle increase with Nutrition. Where can I make a Niche to be off value to particular group of people? Any ideas


The Expert answers:


You should be more specific in your question- good in gets good out. Are you asking about starting a business? If so, do research- go to the library or book store. Google the terms above and see what others are doing- that will tend to tell you about the market for such things. You real key, no matter what you decide to do is TO DIFFERENTIATE YOUR SERVICE. Your passion is not enough. Also, you MUST read, The E-Myth- Michael Gerber before you attempt to do anything. Running a business “in your niche” is very different than just doing the work you love. You will automatically become an accountant, a lawyer, a manager, a secretary and oh year- a trainer.

One idea is to market to corporations- make a list of all that have fitness facilities- make a presentation and offer free training to executives for 2 weeks- get their buy in and expand to the entire corporation! You’ll need insurance and certification to do so. You’ll also need quality marketing materials and a clear outline of the services you offer.

Thomas asks…

picking a swimsuit for fitness/exercise swimming?

I a 20 year old guy and I want to start swimming for fitness/exercise, what type of swimsuit would you suggest?

Please give me the reasoning for you suggestion? why you suggest a particular type of suit.

The Expert answers:

If it’s just for fitness and exercise it really doesn’t matter, so wear whatever you’re comfortable in.

I like board shorts because I can swim, get out of the pool, throw on a t-shirt and flip-flops, and go the the store, mall,… Almost anywhere, and not look out of place. And that’s great here in Southern California where I can wear shorts about 350 days a year.

If you were swimming competitively that would be different. You would need jammers, or at least a speedo, or something with the least amount of drag possible.

Ken asks…

Hypoallergenic waist trimmer for fitness exercise?

Does anybody know of a hypoallergenic waist trimmer?
they all seem to be made of neoprene and my body reacts to things when sweat mixes with the rubbers or metals and etc. i have sensitive skin i suppose.

The Expert answers:

Go to a fitness store and ask if they have any. They probably will have some, since a lot of people have sensitive skin.

Answer Mine? Http://;_ylt=AgBxWaxve50Iao.4hxld6WDsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20100130094815AAeq5Gd

Robert asks…

What is the best exercise/ fitness gym routine for a nocturnal person like me without developing muscles?

I am working in a call center. I am in a night shift. I also drink slimming coffee and diet pills but none seems to be working. 🙂 . I am planning to enroll in a fitness gym but I think I can only have sessions during my day-offs usually Saturday and Sunday. I also just would like to lose weight and not develop hard muscles. Thanks.

The Expert answers:

I think the Jillian Michaels: No More Trouble Zones workout DVD is the best. Http://

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Your Questions About Fitness

Donna asks…

Trish Stratus is _______ ??

Chose one of the following,
1. Pamela Anderson of Hollywood.
2. Hulk Hogan of womens wrestling.
3. Arnold Schwarzenegger of female fitness.

To me,
She is Hulk Hogan of womens wrestling.
to you ??

The Expert answers:

Hulk Hogan of women’s wrestling, she is probably the best-known diva who ever wrestled in the WWE.

Ruth asks…

violation notices how can i make them stop?

and still get my point across. their all diet and fitness questions from little skinny behind girls who are 5’4 and up and weigh less than 120 lbs.

they tick me off soo bad. they say things like omg i am sooooooooooooo fat or i am fat gross and disgusting when in trite they are tall and bone skinny. i have tried avoiding those questions but they keep appearing in womens health military pregnancy and many more

how do you tell them their nuts without saying your stupid and shallow
i am not new answers i know and follow the rules

The Expert answers:

Many of these questions will be violations themselves for chats or rants. “Do you think………”, etc questions can be reported and removed.

On YA two wrongs don’t make a right, so keep within the rules. Nicely say they are not fat and send them links to articles and websites on the subject.

Maria asks…

How Long Do I Have To Do Kegel Exercises Before I Can Shoot Darts From It? (Girls Only)?

How many sets am I supposed to do a day and how long will it take until I can do this?:
(Don’t worry, that video doesn’t show anything!).
Like three years? And does KegalMaster work?
Ping pong balls would be easier but I wanna do darts because they’re cooler and different.
I’m sorry for such an offensive question but I can’t find any information on it on my own and it’s really, really important.
Please only answer if you’re going to be serious and you know the answer. Thank you!
I’m asking this in womens health instead of Performance Arts or Fitness because it’s used to hearing about the womans body.
Oh-And can I do it in a contortion pose or do I have to be bent over?

The Expert answers:

That’s just queefing through a dart gun. Search queef on youtube there’s lots of videos on it

Thomas asks…

plz. help! im going to a personal trainer tomorow!?

for the first time. im 13 and weigh 162 pounds. what should i expect? im kinda nervous. plz help!
like what will he do? in ex. weigh me, show me some excersies, evaluate me? what?

oh yea: im asking this in womens health cause i asked this in diet and fitness and didnt get a single answer. maybe ill get some more help here!

The Expert answers:

Okay well first your on the right track because getting a personal trainer really helps. It helps to have someone help you along the way. I am a 13 year old who actually started working with a personal trainer starting 2 weeks ago. First of course they will weigh you and take measurements like around you legs and stomach and hips. It can be nerve racking having them see you weight and all. I was 117 I think. It’s not bad though. Then they will talk to you and pretty much ask you what your goals are. They will also ask you if you want to lose weight and if so how much. They will of course ask if you’ve done anything like sports or weight lifting before. They will probably show you the exercising machines and tell you how long you should work on cardio. Caridio is the treadmiles and olipticals. It’s nothing to be worried about. There normally really nice and help you so much. Good luck with your personal trainer!

Donald asks…

what goes with these joggers?

ive bought these joggers but dont know what to wear with them?
im always in joggers as i am a fitness instructor


The Expert answers:

A tank top or a mid sleeve shirt showing some belly

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Your Questions About Fitness

Joseph asks…

After fitness exercise p90x. My knee hurt?

Knee hurt little, but it feels that my knee has loosen up a little bit from its resting place, i feel worried and do not feel continuing with the p90x plyometrics program. I only workout p90x plyometrics everyday, i havn’t kept any weights which are prerequisits to perform other exercises.
I feel fucked up, what should i do now?

The Expert answers:

You should STOP doing plyo if your knee hurts. Soreness = Good. Pain = Bad.

If that’s the only disk that you do then you might be able to modify the moves but listen to your body. It will tell you if you can push yourself or not.

Personally, I have a bad left knee. Messed it up in high school playing basketball. So for me, there are some days that I feel GREAT and can really bring it and there are other days that it doesn’t feel as good so I modify the moves and take it a little easier.

The main thing is to listen to your body. If you’re in extreme pain than go see your doctor.

Good luck.

John asks…

What small diet changes will compliment my exercise? Do protein shakes right after a workout matter?

I’m female, 5’2″, 117 pounds. I’ve been exercising five days a week or so since I was cleared to August 30th after a nasty impact that broke my pelvis, so rebuilding and maintaining strength to keep me out of pain is my primary focus. I like looking good, but more than that I love being able to walk again and want neck, back, and hip pain banished!

Now that the weather is nice I’m mostly walking and doing yoga. I used to skate, but I have this newfound terror of automobiles. I also do core body with intense cardio or shape boxing once or twice a week. 90% of my indoor exercise is Wii programs: Gold’s Gym (shape boxing), or My Fitness Coach. Don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it . . . Wii Fit may be lousy cardio, but it was stellar for rehab.

My male friend looks dramatically different after just ten workouts: nice and muscly. I’m doing a very similar program and look slim, but with no visible muscles after 49! I realize he’s built for muscles and I’m not, but he’s also chugging a protein shake after each workout. Does this make a difference? I’d like some arm muscles for vanity and to make my job a little easier, but I’d also like overall muscle tone for reduced back pain. Some days even lifting a pitcher of water is excruciating, and hefting computer towers at work causes enough problems that I sometimes still ask the guys to move them for me. In short, I’m a wuss and always have been, but the post-accident stuff makes the wussiness painful.

I do have protein in my overall diet. I take nuts to work for a snack several times a week, eat a ton of cheese and yogurt, and sometimes eat meat although I’ve cut back lately. I will NOT drink shakes with sucralose even if they are good for muscle, as I’m sensitive to splenda.

What studies support immediate (or just increased?) protein consumption? Why whey powder? Are there brand differences? Who doesn’t put splenda in their powder? Are solid proteins just as good? I don’t know anything about this stuff at all! I’m not overly concerned about weight gain, as I *could* theoretically put some fat on if I increase calorie intake, but that’s correctable. I could stop the sugary, high-calorie protein shakes and it will fall back off at my activity level, so I’m willing to experiment a little.
Sorry, I should add that I avoid all non-nutritive sweeteners and don’t fear weight gain, nor am I trying to lose weight. I think the nuts are probably pretty good for me, as I’m constantly eating at work and they provide me with 20 minutes or so of reprieve so I can actually get the job done. 😛 As long as I’m not overdoing the saturated fats, I think those foods are okay.

The Expert answers:

From my experience nuts and cheese can be traded for fruits like granny smith apple slices and strawberries. They are lower in calories and fat. I also use brown rice protein powder. I have tried many others and this is better. It contains a lot of healthy fiber too. There is a new sweetener out called Truvia (but it goes by the old name of stevia) and it is better than Splenda. It is actually a natural sweetener but was hard to find in the states until very recently, but has been used in Peru, Uraguay, and Paraguay since ancient times. Brown rice protein powder, truvia, lemon, and water, and ice makes an awesome smoothie.

Ken asks…

Do you know of a website that shows how to do an exercise?

I am trying to design a workout program for my sister. She is in another country and has little fitness knowledge. Trying to describe how to perform various exercises has proven a tedious task online or over the phone! I remember seeing a web page that would actually show a drawing of a person going through a movement and would highlight the muscles it was working. I searched google to no avail. Does anyone know of a website that shows someone actually going through the movements? Thanks in advance!

The Expert answers:

Kind of cheesy.
But youtube has how-to videos!
And maybe,, and might help you with how-to exercises!
Good luck and i hope this helps!

Jenny asks…

What is a good fitness program to do?

I have a treadmill at home a exercise bike,and a trampoline. I might be getting the steps type thing. How would i conduct my workout and how long should it be?? how long should my warm up be before actually exrtcising and my cool down after??? I’m new to this so any tips i’m open!

The Expert answers:

Stretching (legs)…3-5 min.- treadmill 20- 30, bike: 20 min., trampoline 10 min., stretching +cooling down 5 min.

Lisa asks…

I need help!..which exercise bicycle should i get?

I wanna get a new exercise bike because the one i have now is falling apart..
and im trying to get a new one for cheap and i found 2
which one do you think is better?

Product Description

Maximize your workout time with 2 Pacer Workouts. The indicator light will alert you when it’s time to work harder and when to slow down so you never waste time reaching your fitness goals. The adjustable resistance and built-in heart rate monitor will provide a comfortable experience with accurate results.

* 2 Pacer Workouts – Get the most out of your workout with these programs that alert you when it is time to work harder and when to slow down for better results and workout variety
* Easy Pulse™ Heart Rate Monitor – Get an accurate heart rate reading by simply placing your thumb on the Easy Pulse™ sensor that is built right into the console
* Adjustable Resistance – To burn more calories, increase intensity or increase muscle tone, you can adjust the bike’s resistance
* Step Thru™ Design – Get on and off the bike easily with this smart design that eliminates the traditional bike base altogether
* Target Pacer – An indicator light lets you know when it’s time to work a little harder or slow down so you can get the most out of every workout
* Recumbent Frame – Engineered for comfort, this bike is designed with a recumbent-style frame that is easier to get on and off than a traditional bike frame
* Oversized Seat – This adjustable seat is bigger and cushier than most to guarantee you not only have a productive workout, but a comfortable ride
* Workout LCD – Tracks your speed, time, distance, calories burned and pulse as you exercise
* RPM Meter – This bike’s display tracks your revolutions per minute on the screen so you know when to pick up the pace or slow it down a little
* Adjustable Seat – This plush bike seat is designed like a chair with a supportive, cushioned back and bottom. You can also slide it back and forth for the perfect fit
* 250 lb. Weight Capacity – This heavy-duty bike is capable of accommodating 250 lbs., thus demonstrating, it is as strong as it looks.

or this

Product Description

* Heavy duty recumbent exercise bike
* Great addition to any home gym
* Provides great workout with minimal stress on your body
* Smooth magnetic resistance delivers multi-level workouts
* Ideal for losing weight, exercising your heart, or just getting back in shape
* Heavy duty 5 KG bi-directional flywheel for a smooth resistance action
* Variable resistance
* 7-function onboard computer monitor displays scan, pulse, elapsed time, speed, calories burned, distance traveled, and total miles
* 250 lbs. recommended weight limit
* Adjustable seat
* Front coaster-style wheels for easy transport
* Large foot pedal for additional comfort

what do you think?
I dont wanna waste my money on something that wont work…

The Expert answers:

I could not see the picture of the second one but from the description you are better off with the second one. I think Bob is right though look into some other(used)

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Your Questions About Fitness

William asks…

Wii Fit Plus or fitness games with XBOX Kinect?

I have both a Wii and an XBOX 360. I really want to get the Wii Fit Plus bundle, but I was wondering what the fitness games (like Your Fitness Evolved) for the Kinect are like. Which is better? I would be interested to hear a comparison and why you prefer either one. I basically want to know which has more value and is more worth having, as far as using for fitness/workouts at home.

The Expert answers:

I have Wii Fit Plus and it seems to work.. But what I like about Kinect is: it’s probably best for fitness/ exercise games since it senses what your whole body is doing. You might be able to get a more accurate work-out using the Kinect instead.

Laura asks…

Compare xbox 360 with kinect, Wii fit, and PS3 – for fitness and also for netflix/DVDs.?

We want to buy a game system for a rec room. Have a real nice 47″ TV and would like to use the system for fitness games (i.e., anything that really gets you moving). Also would like to use it for watching movies. Looks like you have to pay additional for netflix on the xbox, and the PS has blu-ray already and everyone else might come out with it later. Would have to buy the Wii fit bundle and or board but that would be great for yoga, I’d love to learn! Some say the kinect doesn’t always read your movements, where we’re putting it is large so we can be 12 ft away but it’s not natural light. Have lots of flourescent lights so it’s not dark just not sunlight. What’s your opinion?

The Expert answers:

PS3 is the best all round plus it has a disc player that plays most disc (Blu-Ray, DVD & CDs) plus media files (MP3, AVI ETC) stored on the drive itself or USB or even stream from the PC

Wii does not play any discs except for the games, funny thing is they are doing the same thing for the Wii U, game disc only.

360 only does DVDs but the Kinect is good and more like a real work out because u have no controllers in ur hand but it only support 2 players at a time where as the others (PS move n Wii Controller) support up to 4 players but if its only for workout i guess people can follow in the background.

Really its up to u witch one u get, personally i would go for the PS3 tho.

Ruth asks…

What’s better an xbox 360 with kinect or Playstation4 with the movement thing?

I want excellent quality but also want to be able to play games and fitness without having to hold a controller like the Wii.
I know PS4 is more expensive, but it’s ok… I just want the best. The one that reacts more quickly with your movements.
The most I will do with either is fitness and karaoke and kids games, no war stuff, no violent stuff.

But PS4 is coming out though soon I think?

The Expert answers:

The PlayStation move is pretty much just like the wii controller when the wii has the motion plus on. Kinect on the other hand, senses your entire bodys movement, so i would say go with kinect, especially if its for the fitness part.

Daniel asks…

What kind of TV do I need for Xbox 360 Kinect?

I’ve never owned an Xbox, sadly. But with the new fitness & dance focuses on the Kinect, I am debating buying one. However, I’m doubting my old TV is up to spec. What type of TV do I need MINIMUM?

The Expert answers:

The “Kind” doesn’t matter. Bigger the better. High def is ofcourse better. But, it depends upon the AV cable you’re using.

360s ship with just a composite (Yellow) video cable and stereo (Red and White) audio cable. Even with a great television, composite will have the worst, though usable, picture. So, if you’re going to use composite, don’t bother with a fancy (Expensive) television.

You can get component cables for an Xbox or buy one with an HDMI out – not all have the HDMI option. I prefer component. HDMI cables are starting to get reasonably priced but most stores are still charging more than a dollar a foot for them. I also don’t see any big picture improvement from component to HDMI.

Any new television ought to have at least one component and two or three HDMI inputs.

Maria asks…

What is the best for fitness games, Wii or Kinect?

I’m not sure what to go for.

Kinect seems a better option for me as I already own an xbox 360, saying that, I’ve read reviews saying you need a massive living room to use it which I don’t

Have you tried both and what do you prefer?

The Expert answers:

Kinect is a better overall because it’s more accurate and requires more movement to play. For Wii, most sports games are easily played sitting down.
Wii does have Wii Fit but seeing you already have a 360, Kinect is definitely a better option.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Donna asks…

I am thinking of becoming a fitness trainer. I have been unemployed for over a year now. I am also gaining?

weight. I figured I could get a job where I could exercise all day to lose the weight and get paid for it. Do you have to have special training to do this, or can you learn it on the job?

The Expert answers:

There are several organizations that certify fitness trainers. These include NASM, ACE, AFPA, ISSA, and NFPT.

The courses are usually under $1000.00, and you can do some of them via regional seminars or online.

I recommend you Google “becoming a certified fitness trainer” and look up the various organizations, and see what they offer.

Sharon asks…

What are the most effective exercise in the least amount of time?

I am a single mom, who just started a full time job and I am working on getting my masters’ degree online so I don’t have a lot of time. I started a fitness program before I found a job and would like to keep it up. Any suggestions would be helpful?

The Expert answers:

What does your fitness program consist of? Yoga is a good way to get healthy and reduce stress and you can do some moves in less then 45 minutes or just a couple of moves in the morning to stretch the muscles. Also once the child is a sleep that is the best time to get in some exercise as well before sitting done to study.

Steven asks…

i want to expand my knowledge on fitness, any suggestions?

im 16 and have been working out for like 6 months or so. i started running then did a little biking. but now i run all the time. and i recently joined a gym about a month ago. but i want to know more about fitness and expand my knowledge on diet and exercise. im asking because i not only want to know more on fitness, but being a fitness trainer seems like a good job when im older if im really interested.
any suggestions?

The Expert answers:

You gotta try different sports and see what their work outs are like and what they do to your body. Try to go to a library and look and at workout books. But you gotta know how and what exercises do to your body, so i recommend you read a book or two about muscles, and he human body.

Lizzie asks…

Covering letter for trainee fitness instructor job-no previous experience.?

I am applying for a trainee fitness instructor job, where all the training is given. It doesnt list the requirements for the job but I have nothing to lose so I am gonna apply as I would love this job!
I am really struggling to write a covering letter for this job as they probably will favour someone with experience. I do keep my self extremely fit and healthy and am very interested in nutrition so I have a lot of knowledge of the subjects.
Please give me some tips on my current letter, I personally at the moment think its rubbish!
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am excited to be applying for this job, as I have being looking for an opportunity like this for the past few months.
I have had no previous experience in the fitness industry but I do take a very keen interest in keeping myself fit, and enjoy self study diatetics.
I am a real people person, I enjoy working in teams; encouraging and motivating others to achieve a goal set between themselves. I would love to inspire people to get in shape, stay in shape or carry on living a healthy lifestyle as I know how positive it makes me feel. After a workout when I have that buzz that only a workout brings, it motivates me to make people realize that exercise actually feels great!
I feel my age is a huge advantage as I am young, eager and most importantly ethusiastic.

(This is as far as I have got, and by young I mean I am 19!)

The Expert answers:

As an applicant who possesses no previous experience writing down an entry level resume can prove to be difficult. Remember you’re starting with a clean slate and that alone is a great advantage.

When you start writing your resume, first take note of your entry level resume objective.Do you see yourself as qualified for the job, if so, then make that specific position your objective and lay out your resume with that objective in mind.

Your entry level resume should be function oriented, by this I mean that you should concentrate more on showing your capabilities, skills and specific abilities. You cannot yet boast about accomplishments so try to balance that out with other aspects. Like your ability to adapt, you capability to work as in a team environment, and other traits that you think will be of benefit to the company if they hire you.

Place your educational background, certificates, academic achievement somewhere on the top of your resume. Followed by your skills and knowledge, like the program languages you know how to use or specific mechanical skills you know. You can also include anything that you learned outside of school, like knowing how to speak other languages, or self taught technical skills. It is important that your format your resume so that these thing will easily be noticed.

Jenny asks…

How should I adjust my diet and fitness routine if I’m switching to a more active job?

Currently I exercise 5 days a week and strength train 2-3 days a week. I am an 18 year old female, normal weight, and I eat about 1600-1800 calories to maintain my weight. Right now I have a lightly active job, but later I’ll be switching to a kind of physical job requiring lifting, squatting, being on my feet. I don’t want to losw weight, I want to maintain my weight but also my fitness levels.

The Expert answers:

I tried the diet but the results were disappointing, until finally I got advice from friends, and the results were amazing, I truly felt the weight loss, and is very safe for health, you can try it

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Your Questions About Fitness

Jenny asks…

What is Your School Schedule Like This Semester?

At my school, a normal day starts at 9:00 and ends at about 3:00, and the first block of the day is called A Block. There are four normal blocks per day: A Block, B Block, C Block, and D Block, with lunch in between B and C Block.

My schedule is:

– X Block – W (Womens‘) Fitness 11

X Block is an early block, starting at 7:45. Most people do not have X Block.

– A Block – Culinary Arts 11a

– B Block – Culinary Arts 11b

– Lunch

– C Block – Spare (no class, as I have the X Block class)

– D Block – Tech. Ed.: Mechanics

I have a really easy semester. I was surprised when I first saw it. I don’t even have one academic course.
I’m in Tech. Ed. 10: Mechanics. Forgot to add the grade level.
Also, which grade are you in now?
I’m in grade twelve.
I don’t have any academic courses this semester because that’s just how my course schedule turned out. I didn’t choose it on purpose. That’s why I said I was surprised when I found out. And personally, I’m glad I don’t have any academic courses until next semester. It’s nice, and I don’t care what people say.
I live in British Columbia, Canada.
How can some of you remember anything if you have a dozen or more classes per semester? I think it makes more sense to focus on a few things instead of a dozen. You’ll learn more that way. Or you’ll at least learn without having to completely give up your freedom and happiness.

The Expert answers:

It’s decent. If I could I might rearrange a couple classes, but it’s definitely better than I had expected it to be.

0 Hour – Gym (I take it because I don’t have time in my normal day)
Hour 1 – Honors Algebra 2: I thought it would suck having to do math that early in the day, but I actually love it because I get it out of the way and off of my mind right off the bat.
Hour 2 – World Studies: It’s a pretty easy and relatively enjoyable class that’s basically just about current events, world cultures, some history, stuff like that. I don’t have good friends in it but it’s a somewhat entertaining group of people.
Hour 3 – Biology 10: It’s mostly just reading and notes which is a pain in the ?ss, but I have some friends in there who are all near to me.
Hour 4 – Spanish: Pretty boring, but I have a few friends. And we don’t really get homework.
Hour 5 – Mixed Media Art (2D): It always seems kind of long and it’s not my favorite mix of people but it’s an enjoyable class and it consists of mostly talking and doing art, without homework.
Hour 6 – Graphics & Web Design: No homework, pretty fun in-class work, practically no instruction. Basically, “here’s what you have to do, now do it”. I also have a couple friends in it.
Hour 7 – Honors English: So far I don’t love the material, but I’m hoping it will get better. The workload hasn’t been terrible yet and the class is pretty good.

Edit: And I’m in 10th grade at a public school in the US. Just thought I should add that in here.

Sharon asks…

what do you think of…………?

what do you think of the Womens Activa TFS Fitness Skates (they’re rollerblades)

The Expert answers:

Sounds alright to me. Anything that gets you moving and is fun is a good form of exercise.

Mark asks…

Can you help with the word MOJO?

I am thinking of calling my new womens Personal Training business MOJO FOR WOMEN…or MOJO FITNESS…something like that anyway…

My husband seems to think that the word Mojo is a more male oriented term…I disagree…
Women can have mojo cant they?

The Expert answers:

Its for the men.

Steven asks…

Wanting to get into boxing?

I am fouteen years old (girl) and I am interested in womens boxing, mostly for fun and fitness. I really want to try this out but I have no idea how to get started! I wanted to know if I should train on my own first or find a class to train in. If so, where should I look for the class? Would something like that be available at a martial arts place or rec center? I honeslty have no clue so any insight is helpful.

The Expert answers:

You’re fourteen years old, you have a lot of time in your life! Don’t rush it, because if you do, you’ll regret it later on. Try these following steps:

– In boxing, you will learn self-defense while getting consummately healthy, and that will be your motivation.

– Don’t just dive in and join random clubs that you don’t know of. Try to consult a conversant man with good knowledge about boxing. In this way, you’ll not waste any money, effort, and energy all by yourself or someone who would just dope you.

– There are deceptive gyms out there, beware! They will made you pay big bucks for just a lowly accommodation, so be very cautious. When you see this, try to get out of it as soon as possible.

– Have an assistance to provide you the basics. All boxers, even how talented they are started with the basics.

Chris asks…

What do you think about this jacket?

My mom bought me this jacket for christmas. Just wondering what you thought of it?
Im a very fortunate and greatful person. I realize that many people arent as fortunate as I am. Im lucky to have a roof over my head, to have parents that love and respect me and to have food in my belly.

Saying that Im still curious what others think of my jacket.

The Expert answers:

First, I love lululemon! They have some pretty fashionable (and unique) stuff. Second, this jacket is cute (capelet is a bit off-putting but nevertheless adds unique flare to it). I want to put it this way: If I had no money – I wouldn’t buy it. If I had extra money – I would be tempted to buy it. If I were Paris Hilton – I would be buying it and sporting it all over LA! Your choice! Happy holidays!
Sugar Beth

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