Your Questions About Fitness

Richard asks…

Im trying not to become anorexic but…?

I have bad self esteem issues. People tell me im not fat, but im so worried about becoming fat. I dont starve myself, but between small meals (i have about 3 per day, all around 400 calories, trying to stay to 1200 or less per day) when i feel really hungry, i actually feel good about myself. I keep my daily saturated fat intake under 2 grams. Im trying to eat fewer simple carbs and sugars.

But i keep seeing myself as fat. I’m 5’1 and 85 lbs and i think im fat, even though everyone tells me im not. But i dont believe them. Basically, what im trying to do is lose up to ten pounds, probably more around 5. But im trying to do so in a way where i dont starve myself.

I exercise for about 35-40 min a day on weekdays (im in a womens fitness class at my high school and we do stuff like pliometrics, cardio, weights and yoga). I dont know how many calories i burn in that, but i only eat 1200 a day. Im wondering how long its gonna take for me to lose the 5 lbs and if this is a safe way to do it.
Oh yeah, and by the way, ive never had my period (always been too small to start it) and i do take a multivitamin cuz my parents insist on it

The Expert answers:

I hate to say it, but you already are diagnosable with anorexia. You don’t starve yourself, but you have the inaccurate body image, fear of becoming fat, and your BMI is 16.1. When your BMI is below 17.5 you can be diagnosed. You are especially at risk if you have missed three periods because your bones lose calcium and you can get osteoporosis, even at your age. I’m not going to tell you not to lose the weight, but be careful that you don’t get yourself put in the hospital. Trust me, it would not be pleasant. Just take a multivitamin with a lot of calcium. Good on you for not starving yourself, though. Your metabolism will not die as badly as it could. Perhaps you might try therapy to resolve your self-esteem issues. Also, in case you were wondering, the lowest weight considered “healthy” for your height is 98lbs.

Since you’ve never had your period, your bones are losing mass. More things you can do to protect them are keep up the exercise and don’t drink soda, whether or not it is diet.

Also, I would guess it would take about 3 weeks to lose those 5 pounds.

John asks…

Calorie Intake and Exercise?

I’m a 17year old female, and I am 5’6 weighting 82.5kilos.
I went to the doctor and he advised i lost weight by lowering
my daily intake of calories and exercising.
So I have been counting calories for three weeks now.
My daily average is 850 calories, with 40mins of running (sometimes an extra 30mins in the morning).

I do understand that i need to get my weight down,
but I don’t want to be unhealthy. I also taking womens
fitness and muliti-vitimins.

I use to weight (three weeks ago) 88.5kilos, and it’s made
a difference, but do you think I will continue to lose weight on this diet plan?

The Expert answers:

You really should eat at least 1200 calories a day. That is what you need just to survive. Did your doctor even give you an idea of how many calories you should be eating everyday?… Plus eating at least 1200 calories will help your metabolism. If you keep this up, your body will go into starvation mode. You might continue to lose on this for a while but you will eventually reach a plateau because of the “starvation mode.”

you say you don’t want to be unhealthy so you need to change it up.

I recommend you check out They have TONS of information.

Chris asks…

Why are women fitness standards way lower than mens?

In gym we did our pacer test (kinda like suicides in basketball)
For men to pass we had to do like 60 something and presidential (you get certificates n awards n shit) we had to do like 100 something
I wasn’t in condition so I did 60 something and dropped out

Now it’s the womens turn
For them to pass they had to do 20 something -_- for their presidential they had to do 60 something -___-
So your telling me that if I had a vagina I would of had a presidential score -__-
And don’t bring up that man testosterone generic shit because y’all don’t bring that up when y’all want to be paid equally
When youwant to get paid equally then do as much work as a man

The Expert answers:

Wow, they pay you to run around at school in the gym! Good for you.

Mandy asks…

Poll: Where did you hang out before you found P&S?

Me? Diet and fitness, Womens health, Celebrities, and Beauty and style.
I feel so ashamed, it took me nearly 6 months to find P&S!

I don’t go to any of them anymore, apart from celebrities to see any gossip (:

What about you?
LMAO Sonic! (:

The Expert answers:

– Computers & Internet
– Gender & Women’s Studies
– Economics
– Society and Culture
– Religion and Spritiuality
– Astronomy and Space

Robert asks…

Does anyone know how you do glute kicks?

please add detail, because i dont know how to do these, or provide a link to a website that shows pictures of this excersize!

thank you!

i asked this in health & fitness but no one answered, so i thought i would try in womens health! thanks

The Expert answers:

An exercise to do when warming up for running. Stand up and try to kick yourself in the rear end with your heel. Now put it back on the ground very fast and do the same with the other foot. You should be moving forward while doing this with small steps. Stand up straight and tall keep your arms and hands relaxed. Move your arms as in running. Do this for about 20 meters at a time.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Helen asks…

What are the best fitness classes out there that help you to tone up the belly?

I am looking for fitness classes that are great to help you to tone up I would love a flatter stomach. I have had a go at body pump but that class kills me. So if you know any fitness classes that have really toned u up or you pals. Please let me know?

The Expert answers:

In order to tone up the best form of physical activity is weight training. Its the best and most effective method of toning and burning body fat. Aerobic classes such as body pump, spinning etc are brilliant but to really firm up you should get a weights programme done specifically for the areas you want to tone up. For your tummy you need to burn body fat and then tone, sit ups will not tone your tummy on their own unless you are burning fat consistently and resistant type exercises are by far the best. If you going to a gym get the instructor to do a programme for you 25-30min 3x a week is suffice. Or get a fit ball and do resistant exercises at home – you will see results within 2-3 weeks.Good luck.

Laura asks…

How many calories should I burn?

I have this fitness pal app on my iPhone that says for the weight I want to lose, I should only consume 1310 calories a day. Now, I also go to the gym at least 3-4 times a week and burn 500 calories. I was wondering how many calories I should actually burn to lose weight at a good speed?

The Expert answers:

Keep this in mind: you have to burn 3,500 calories just to lose a pound. An example: I consume 1,200 calories a day and go to the gym in the morning everyday, burning 900 calories per visit. Later in the day, I go on run for half an hour, burning an additional 550 calories. At the end of the day, my calorie balance comes to -250 calories. If I do this everyday for a week (7 days) I can lose up to half a pound. Keep in mind that this is just an example and you can lose more than half a pound in one week. Dietitians recommend not to exceed losing over two pounds in a week. When you exercise more, remember that you also have to eat a little bit more carbs and protein.

John asks…

How many calories should I intake?

I’m a 21 yr old male, 6ft and 220 lbs I’m using and app on My phone called “my fitness pal” which calculates my caloric intake and exersize and after every 10 lbs the calories per day gets a little smaller (30lbs so far) and I’m not seeing anymore weight loss my goal is 210 so should I add a little more calories to my diet?
My calories per day is 1530 is that good?

The Expert answers:

Well calculate your BMR and TDEE ( i guess that’s what your app does O_o… But if not :

if you eat more calories then you should then you won’t lose fat .. You’ll gain fat
recalculate often to get better results .. Stay away from empty calories, foods high in nutrients,
and stay strict with the meal plan :).

If all else fails you can try carb cycling :

Donald asks…

Has anyone hired a fitness motivator before?

They aren’t personal trainers or anything like that, they’re people in great shape who pal with you to walk you through the steps to a better body, mind and spirit, they’re like mentors.

The Expert answers:

I prefer listening to music

Jenny asks…

how many calories should i eat to lose weight?

on calorie, they said to eat 1500 calories to lose weight because my bmr is 1500 and i can only lose weight if i eat that. then on my fitness, they said that i have to eat 1200 to lose 2 pounds per week. so how many calories do i eat? i am 5″4 150 and i am trying to get down to 110. and what kind of foods should i eat for dinner to lose weight?

The Expert answers:

Using the Hamwi Formula to determine ideal body weight for a female that is 5’4” tall, it shows you are ideal at 120 lbs.
You then need to figure the maintenance calories for your ideal weight. You would simply do this:
120 (ideal weight)
1200 (basal metabolic rate ..or BMR)
x 30% (for sedentary lifestyle.. But if moderate multiply by 50% or 0.5)

You need 1560 calories to maintain 120lbs. With a sedentary lifestyle. If you eat to maintain 120lbs. While you are above 120lbs. , you will lose weight. Exercise will speed up the weight loss, but 1-2 lbs. A week are expected. The BMR just calculates a number that your body uses for normal body functions like heartbeat, breathing, etc. Going much below this number will mean more lean tissue loss.

If you want to be 110 then the calculations show 1430 calories per day.

—As for the foods to eat, there are many healthy meal plans out there. The DASH diet is a great diet that not only helps control hypertension, but is very nutritious as well. This is a small ebook on the DASH diet with 1500 calorie meal plans included.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Thomas asks…

what is a good exercise dvd, and where do i start with a new fitness regime?

I’m a member of a gym and went for 2 months and did see a difference in my body, however its nearly 3 months that I haven’t been now, and its too much money to be throwing away, so I’m quitting asap.
I’m thinking of buying an exercise dvd but need help on which to buy! Is davina fit anygood, or superfit, dance workouts?!
I want to do the dvd and some skipping (jump rope), stair stepping, lunges, squats, situps, weights etc, ubut what’s the best way to do this: how many times a week and when?!

The Expert answers:

Have a look at this website as it reviews the best fitness DVDs for different objectives such as fitness or fat burn or toning:

You should try and do the DVD around 5 times a week and also do the other extra exercises every other day. The mornings are the best time to exercise really, but doing a workout a few hours before you sleep is ok too.

Joseph asks…

Fitness/exercise question?

I have an exercise regime as this:
Run 1.25 miles
Bike 1 mile (half on level 2, the rest on 1 to recuperate)
Run 1.25

(That would be 3 days)

The 2 days inbetween is a workout dvd, they are all 40 minutes, and they tone and shape muscles with nonstop muscle and cardio moves.

I love fruit and I am trying to slim down super fast for summer, if I consume fruit for most of my daily meals, will this be a healthy choice? Along with some whole wheat and almonds? Thank you!

The Expert answers:

Don’t forget your protein which is essential for building and toning your muscles.

Daniel asks…

Do fitness DVD’s actually work?

I put on about 8 lbs in the past few months. I didn’t notice until recently even though my diet hasn’t changed and neither has my work out (which isn’t so often). I can’t exactly get to the gym anytime soon but I have some old workout DVD‘s that study mostly the legs and bum (my problem areas). If I did the complete video for about 45 min. a day, maybe 3-4 days a week, will i actually lose weight from it? Common exercises are lunges (which I dread), jumping jacks, sit ups and i even have an exercise ball which I’ve never used before. Will this actually work?

The Expert answers:

You might gain weight at first, muscle mass, which is very good to burn fat reserves in the long run. Each pound of muscle mass needs 35/50 calories a day to maintain.

To lose fat reserves, do aerobics (walking/jogging, bicycling, swimming…whatever makes your sweat), 3,500 calories of exercising for every pound of fat reserves than you wish to lose. You might calculate one calorie per rep while doing weight training. Doing weight training does not burn a lot of calories, but having more muscle mass does.

As you will lose fat reserves (with aerobics) and gain muscle mass (with weight training), use a tape measure since muscle mass is denser than fat reserves so you’d get thinner. Do not rely on the scale only, because it would be too confusing, between the fat reserves loss, the muscle mass gain and the water and waste fluctuations.

I don’t think your particular DVD would work. If you dread lunges, jumping jacks are too exhausting (I think) and sit-ups are ineffective to target the abs and can hurt your back and hips. Nothing will work if you don’t use it.

I think fitness DVDs, even good ones, are like toys children get. It’s not really what they wanted or needed and if it is, they’ll get bored with them pretty fast anyway.

If you’re in shape, you’re already exercising, you know what to do, and being told what to do, over and over again, same thing all the time, would get so boring you might fall asleep while doing crunches! If you’re in shape, you don’t need a fitness DVD, you’re only competing with yourself, improving your routine every session, listening to your body and no two workouts will be the same. You’ll increase the reps one by one each session and then decrease the reps while increasing the weights. Even when not using weights, like doing calisthenics with your own body weight, you will never have to dread the lunges because you will not push yourself too much. You might add a new exercise, just to try it out and make things more interesting or you might omit one exercise, like the lunges or squats because you bumped your knee into that chair, getting a glass of water in the dark, in the middle of the night, darn!

Now, if you’re out of shape, you might easily get pissed off at those obnoxious people showing you the moves in fitness DVDs. They’re professionals super fit people and will make you feel pretty inadequate by doing so much more than you, smiling annoyingly, like it’s easy, because it is for them, while you’re trying, unsuccessfully, to do what they do, in pain and feeling weak, old and worthless.

Maybe you’d be better off buying a book about weight training and pick and choose the exercises that you personally like and do your own routine, competing only with yourself, taking notes of all your reps (and weights) and seeing your progress.
If you don’t like lunges, then don’t do them, do squats or leg extensions…You should do crunches and push-ups and the rest is up to you, depending on your body. I have very skinny arms so I need to exercise my biceps, triceps and shoulders so they don’t look like sticks. I also do heel raises because I love the shape of my legs with some calves definition.
I do not have much strength in my upper body, so I cannot do push-ups on the floor. I started doing then on the wall (like my feet were 3 feet from the wall), then I got stronger and now I’m doing them on a dresser, and the stronger I get, the lower I go. One day, I might reach the floor! No Fitness DVD will have any idea of my fitness level, my strengths and weaknesses, my body composition, my likes and dislikes, only I will know and therefore only I will be able to create the perfect workout that will constantly adapts to my physical condition. Only I will know that I need about 4 days of rest between weight training sessions. Never exercise when you’re still sore. It’s more important to let your body rest because you DO NOT get stronger while exercising, you get stronger while resting and repairing stronger.

If your bum is not perky enough (like it’s falling), you might do butt/hip extension, pelvic lifts and back left lifts, adding more weight as you go. If your bum is just big, do aerobics do lose fat reserves.

If you do not do enough reps, you will not damage your muscles and they won’t repair stronger. If you do too many reps, you will get too much soreness and have to rest more days. If you don’t rest enough, you won’t progress. Listen to your body and not to some DVD that does not know who you are.

I wish you the best.

Laura asks…

losing weight fitness DVD and cutting out snacks HELP!?

ive done it before by cutting out snacks completely but no exercise…. but now i have fallen into the trap of snacks again! im 100% ready to cut out snacks again BUT have one on a saturday so im not depriving myself this time…. if i do that and do the ministry of sound workout dvd (pump it up 2010 ultimate dance workout) how long do you think it will take for me to tone up! HELP please ive really let myself down.
i eat dinner and tea 🙂 no breakfast because i would skip dinner if i did that as it fills me up and then i believe makes me put on weight having 3 meals a day.

The Expert answers:

Skipping meals is not good and will not necessarly help you loose weight; better you take salad and fruits instead along with workouts.

Mark asks…

Exercise bike or My Fitness Coach?

I want to lose weight on my thighs in particular, and after reading up, I have discovered that weight loss by using an exercise bike for 60 mins a day could actually end up making my thighs bigger, and that I need to do work outs that involve my whole body to lose the weight. My goal is to lose a stone in weight. I have a Wii game called My Fitness coach that was recently released, and that would give me a full body workout. So should I buy an exercise bike OR should I use a fitness DVD or the game that will give me a full body workout?

The Expert answers:

So you assume the bike will make your thighs bigger? While they might slightly increase the muscle there(not noticeably), if you’re doing it in such a way that would lose fat, there will be a net loss. Fitness DVDs are also good, but make sure you think it’s fun. If it isn’t, you’re not likely to use it often or enjoy it. I’m not sure what the game suggests as a workout, but it’s up to you. Oh and an hour on the bike is excessive. Go for 30 minutes or less depending on intensity.

Try each, see which one you find most fun, and go for that.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Jenny asks…

Basic Fitness Tips to try at home?

Hey Im a 15 year old boy. I want to start some basic fitness tips because i do hardly any exercise at all at the moment and i think because i dont think i eat very well it could lead to bad circumstances in later life. What can i do thats easy and can be done at home?

The Expert answers:

Try push ups every morning or night

Susan asks…

Weight loss and fitness tips?

So basically between the end of 2009 and now I have put on A LOT of weight! I used to have a sexy size 10 (uk) hourglass figure that so many people loved and were envious of yet I never appreciate it, well until now as its gone :-(. Anyway I have put on THREE stones (42lbs) and gone up THREE dress sizes, I’m huge, nothing obviously fits and I’m reduced to wearing stretchy clothes I hate and feel I’m constantly living in a few outfits, also my health is suffering I used to be so fit and now I get out of breath walking up the stairs. My weight gained occurred just as I was about to leave uni. I really really want to lose weight but I’m hopeless as I don’t know where to start with changing my diet tips, any exercises I should be doing and I intend on joining the gym next week.. Also my junk food and alcohol intake has increased a lot. So any breakfast, lunch and dinner ideas? I want to go back to being 9st (like I was a few years back)

The Expert answers:

The best thing is to get some good info like or google max ot, or
80% of weight loss is your diet, 10% is strength training and 10% is cardio.
For eating you want to eat 5 to 6 smaller meals eating every 2.5 to 3 hours. Every meal needs to have a lean source of protein, am meals some slower digesting carbs from whole grains. Pm meals have green veggies. Also get some healthy fats.

Paul asks…

What is the key to a lifetime of fitness, and what are some tips to help me make exercise a habit?

The Expert answers:

Im just gonna tell you about what i do!
First im 164cm and 43 kilos 🙂 i keep telling my self im too fat ! Well i actually think im too fat, and sometimes when i have backache i say im gonna start doing set ups and push ups coz they help
and i go walking everyday what makes me excited is that i load new nice disco or techno or house or what ever .. Songs on my ipod and it just makes me feel like dancing 🙂

Helen asks…

Does anybody have any fitness tips or secrets?

Besides just proper diet and exercise.

Sure fire ways. Helpful and actually works.

Such as certain foods or exercises, whatever would be appreciated! Thank you:)

The Expert answers:

Drinking two glasses of water before meal will make you feel fuller quicker. Drink a glass of milk before bed it will feed your muscles! Don’t eat 3-4 hrs before bed! Eat right away when you wake up!!!

James asks…

I need some detail on how to lose weight, quickly!?

I keep looking on the internet for ways to lose weight, but none work.
I brought a gym ball, go to the gym (Curves), I cycle and I walk to and from school.

None seem to work.
I really want to look amazing for Prom and everything really.

Anybody got eny exercise tips, like fitness shakes and whatever really. That would be great.

The Expert answers:

What are you eating? Write down everything you eat in a day for a week. That will show you how much and what you’re eating. 1800 calories in a day is good for weight loss, don’t go below 1200 or your body will suffer. There are 3500 calories in a pound. You have to burn that many to loose a pound or eat that many over what you need to gain a pound. Here’s a hint…Curves only burns about 250 a session.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Mary asks…

How did Matt Holliday get so buff to be on cover of Muscle & Fitness magazine?

I was looking at his pictures in the magazine & his build looks un-natural..
How did he get so buff?

The Expert answers:

Special “Items” for Mark McGwire.
I won’t be surprise if Ryan Howard is in their. Barry Bonds is sharing his “wisdom” to Ryan Howard.

Thomas asks…

What is the best women’s fitness magazine?

I hated Fitness RX… it has so much fluff and the models on there have no ‘fitness‘ look whatsoever. They are super skinny. I’d like to see something similar to a man’s magazine… lots of workout and menu designs!! no fluff!!

The Expert answers:

Hey Caramel, since you said that you are a trainer in one of your previous post, and that you hated fitness RX, i would believe that you are into FLEX and MUSCLE kinda thang ?

I would recommend you women’s heatlh from Rodale. Its truly a good mag, and the info in it are only recycled maybe once every 5 months. But otherwise its a great mag,

how do i know womens health magazine is good?, cause i recommend to all my clients so that they can keep up to date with all the terminology and science beside LOSING WEIGHT ! And they loved it.

Let me know if its good enough ! Cheers

Linda asks…

Can someone name some good mens fitness magazine?

I’d like to know some magazines that have the least advertisements of supplements or anything related.

The Expert answers:

Men’s Health

Men’s Fitness

Muscle and Fitness

Men’s Workout

Steven asks…

Where can I find the october issue of Men’s Fitness magazine in Metro Manila?

My brother wants one for Christmas so I need help looking for this imported magazine.

The Expert answers:

Start ur search here

Susan asks…

What shirt was john cena wearing on the cover of mens fitness magazine?

Just wondering if anyone knows where the shirt is from thats John cena is wearing. If you do have the April 2009 edition it apparently says where its from in the table of contens or somewhere in the magazine, if you could look that would really be great (;

heres a pic of the shirt, thanks

The Expert answers:

I have that magazine and it doesn’t say.

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Your Questions About Fitness

John asks…

I want to start my own business and I need ideas and inspiration!?

Some things I like . . . health, fitnessexercise of any type, books, music, ebay, clothing, Bulldogs. …
I do have a Bachelors of Computer Science in Information Technology and an Associates Degree in Psychology, very interested in writing and grammar and am computer savvy.

The Expert answers:

I sell herbalife products and do great and have a great team and coaches. And best of all its a lot of fun and you dont every have to leave your computer if you choose not to. You will need some start up money because it is a business and not a job and all businesses cost money to start. If your interested in seeing what we have to offer and you think you would qualify go to If you have the money and the desire to own your own business and work from home then I really think you should see what we have to offer. Just remember you do need some start up capital. Its not to much though and you make it back in about a month during your training process. Hope this helps and I look forward to you joining our team!

Susan asks…

Books for teenage runners?

I am a runner, and looking for some new (non fiction!) books on the subject. I know there are tons of exercise, yoga, etc. books for teens about fitness, and they have running sections, but are there any really good books dedicated to runners? Thanks:)

The Expert answers:

There are many books about running, most of which are written by runners or coaches.

I am of the opinion that if a person is interested in something, they should learn all they can about it, from a very wide variety of sources. This makes it easier to determine what information is BS can can be discarded.

I suggest your local library (yes, those still exist). Try the card catalog under the subject of running. Also try Googling for what you want, or go to and search books online under the subject of running.

If you’re interested in entertainment – real stories about real people – then choose specific runners and use their names as the subject of your searches. Most well-known athletes have had books written about them at some point. If you’re interested in learning about running and training, read books written by the athletes themselves and their coaches.

Michael asks…

Why is Jillian Michaels’ “Making the Cut” only for people wanting to lose 20lbs or less?

I have more than 20lbs to lose, but I was looking through her 30 diet/exercise plan book. It’s supposed to be intense, with an extreme fitness program. But at the beginning of the book she says it’s only for folks who want to lose their last 20lbs and get firm. Why? Couldn’t someone who wanted to lose more just keep doing the routine until they lost all their weight? Anyone familiar with this book/plan?

The Expert answers:

Because it is for people who are in shape enough to do her workouts, but it’s not healthy to keep it up for more than thirty days

Sharon asks…

Ski Fitness & Calf Muscles?

I have been ski-ing now 4 times, the first couple of times I felt fine and only had the odd aches & pains that you would expect. However on my recent ski holidays I have had trouble with my calf muscles after the first day of ski-ing & have been unable to walk properly let alone ski. I don’t think it’s the ski-ing that’s to blame I think it’s the drag lifts as the most recent places I’ve been have had more drag lifts than chairlifts. I’m off to Meribel in March 08 and would like to get myself ready so that my calf muscles don’t cause me a problem, can anyone recommend any exercises or books I can get or has anyone had the same problem?

The Expert answers:

It’s the tow lifts. I’ve skied for over 20 years and I avoid the tow lifts like the plague.

When you are getting pulled uphill on a tow lift the angle of your foot is causing you calf muscles to stretch. Put your ski boots on and stand on a ramp facing up the ramp…you will feel the stretching in your calf.

If I am forced to ride a tow, I often bend my knees as I go up the hill. I also try to lean back as much as possible. This helps, but does not completely eliminate the stretching.

Additionally, if you are riding a tow with a disc-like thing between your legs (commonly called a Poma) it will force you to keep your legs together making you use your leg muscles while going up the hill AND then going down the hill when you ski…so essentially you never get a break. You will tire quicker and you will be more sore than if you were riding a chairlift all day.

Squats, stairclimbing, and some weight training may help, but it really boils down to stamina if you are forced to ski a hill that only has rope tows.

I suggest moving closer to a place that has a Gondola 🙂

Linda asks…

I don’t know how to exercise. I can’t afford fitness trainer. Can you give me advice?

Website, videos, books anything recommend me something, I have no idea how to exercise or how to do it correctly for that matter, or how much I should do and what exercises to do.

The Expert answers:

Go to It’s completely free, will give you an exercise plan and even has little videos and animated pictures that show you how to properly do the exercise. It was a lifesaver to me – I lost 50 pounds in 6 months following their excercise plan!

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Your Questions About Fitness

John asks…

Grip Pole Gloves for dancing or exercising?

I want to get these gloves

But I don’t know what’s the difference between tacky and non-tacky gloves?
Let me know? Should i get these?

The Expert answers:

This is by far the silliest thing I’ve ever seen. Period. Why would you need them in the first place? They’re only providing you with a false grip that won’t help you build the necessary hand and arm strength to dance without an aid.

To answer your question, tacky means that it is made of a fabric that will ‘stick’ to the pole better. It’s not sticky like glue, but it appears to be made out of a pleather or pvc type material that will grip tighter to the pole. Same concept as the thigh high pvc stripper boots.

The other gloves simply seem to be made from a softer fabric that cushions your hands. But again, you have to work through the blisters and chaffing to get toughened up. What happens if you want to dance and can’t find your gloves? O.o

Helen asks…

why do women soccer players have longer career than men?

i dont geti it i watch some womens soccer games and they seem just as intense it seems like almost the same amount of fitness is required> but for some reason women soccer players always last longer why?

The Expert answers:

Like it or not, women’s bodies are different than men’s. The style of games are far different. I mean the list goes on and on, so I will only talk about these two. Also, what I am saying is in general and there will always be exceptions to the rule.

Women’s bodies typically have more fat cells than men’s. Even with all the very hard work and dieting, when you actually sink both sets of athletes in the tank of water and do the body fat ratios, then compare the two sets of athletes from the same sports, this rings true. I believe one of the biggest errors (Soccer Babe) come from short-sighted coaches that over-coach to the point of robbing their athletes of important nutrients, elements and compounds by to watching their calories and not enough emphasis use of the proven food pyramid. Fat cells also keep athletes healthy because they store these nutrients, elements and compounds. These will help speed the added demand for building and replenishment of the athletic body. Fat cells also have memory cells to help fight off diseases and help athletes recover from injury faster, so athletes will have less chance of getting hurt from playing sick. Also, I believe physiology books to be correct as well from my expericece of playing organized sports for 40+ years; less fat means the likelyhood of injury is far increased (remember, I am not talking about obsese people). You see, because of the more insulation from crashes, memory cells for fighting off diseases and hot/cold weather conditions there is a huge advantage for longer careers.

Crashing into each other seems to happen a lot more in mens’ play because they play a more aggressive and individualistic style probably due to the Testosterone levels which has been proven to make men more aggressive and self seeking than women. Look at Ronaldino, Ronaldo, and Messi for example. Too many times I am yelling for them to pass the ball already. Do not misunderstand me, it is facinating to watch their great individual skills… While they last.

Women’s less aggresive estrogen and progesterine hormone levels may be the reason their form of play is more of a team passing and is built upon relationalship play. Personally, I prefer to watch women’s play. It is more fluid, with more passing and strategy. You might consider reading the book “The Girls of Summer” which explains this far better than I can.

Good luck.

Paul asks…

Fitness coach cover letter/interview?

I applied for an all womens gym, they have my resume.Should I tell them in the interview that I have lost 50 lbs myself and feel that I am relatable/easy to approch? rather than someone that hasn’t gone through it themselves?what else is good to write in a cover letter and say on that type of interview? I want to be well prepared.

The Expert answers:

I think you losing 50 lbs yourself is a great subject to bring up. If you are going to be a fitness coach, you know how it feels on the other side — and you can guide people in the right direction when you are confronted with weight loss questions or ways to keep in shape.

David asks…

Am I being irrational and stubborn about this?

My mum registered me in the recreation centre last week, and because im under 18, i have to undergo eight fitness assessment classes in order for me to be able to use the gym. i was okay with it until yesterday. my classes are every saturday.

im the ONLY girl, and there are about five boys with me. i feel really uncomfortable in there, especially when we are put on the machines… i havent done any physical training for eight months, and i suddenly started which made all my muscles hurt now.

i told my mum i wanted to be enrolled in the womens fitness club, where you have a personal fitness trainer for one hour and she shows you how to use everything and calculate your fit level.
i thought that was SO much better because its just you and the trainer – not a bunch of other people watching you as well..

i told my mum i didnt want to go back to my classes because i was so uncomfortable there. but shes like “only six more weeks, its ok” but she paid $95 and i feel bad for wanting out.
but i cant help it, i feel SO incredibly uncomfortable there… am i being silly? should i ask her again to just get a refund?

im 15, by the way. and the reason why im so uncomfortable is that i used to be in a school where girls and boys were highly segregated/separated, i was like that for the past 7 years. so, you get how i feel? really weird, uncomfortable and self-conscious.

The Expert answers:


Jenny asks…

Why won’t my parents won’t listen to me!?

My mum registered me in the recreation centre last week, and because im under 18, i have to undergo eight fitness assessment classes in order for me to be able to use the gym. i was okay with it until yesterday. my classes are every saturday.

im the ONLY girl, and there are about five boys with me. i feel really uncomfortable in there, especially when we are put on the machines… i havent done any physical training for eight months, and i suddenly started which made all my muscles hurt now.

i told my mum i wanted to be enrolled in the womens fitness club, where you have a personal fitness trainer for one hour and she shows you how to use everything and calculate your fit level.
i thought that was SO much better because its just you and the trainer – not a bunch of other people watching you as well..

i told my mum i didnt want to go back to my classes because i was so uncomfortable there. but shes like “only six more weeks, its ok” but she paid $95 and i feel bad for wanting out.
but i cant help it, i feel SO incredibly uncomfortable there… am i being silly? should i ask her again to just get a refund?

im 15, by the way. and the reason why im so uncomfortable is that i used to be in a school where girls and boys were highly segregated/separated, i was like that for the past 7 years. so, you get how i feel? really weird, uncomfortable and self-conscious.

The Expert answers:

Its only for 6 more weeks and its only every saturday

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Your Questions About Fitness

Paul asks…

what would you expect from a fitness website?

if the site would had uploaded fitness related (exercises workouts and so forth )videos and articles, what would you like to see and read about?

The Expert answers:

I would like to an explanation of each exercise and to be told what it does and how many or how long you have to do it. Tips for eating like calorie control, and tips for doing the exercise. A lot of articles on web sites will have pictures showing you what the exercise is like a sit up or push up but wont explain how to do it properly, and how many times for it to work. That is why videos are good and a very important point is safety. Most videos on you tube will tell you how to correctly do a bicep curl without curving your back to avoid injury. I would like to read about things that affect me, im not fat but if i was and wanted to get fit then i would like to read about others like me and how to get slimmer.
There is a lot i can write about but its too much effortlol

Ken asks…

What’s the best weekly workout plan for a 16 year old who wants to lose 57 pounds?

something similar to this- but it says between 18 and 45 years of age. And how many weeks will it take to lose that many to come to an ideal weight?

The Expert answers:

Do cardio for 30 – 45 minutes AT LEAST once a day (two times at most).

You should be eating from 1100-1300 calories per day (a normal person’s body burns about 2000 by ITSELF every day, so you are already burning off around 900 calories without exercise).
Burn about 400 calories through exercise. (45 minutes of stairs usually burns 300 to 400).

DO NOT MISS ANY MEALS or this will automatically send your body into starvation mode because you are already consuming less.
You MUST eat every 3 hours to keep your metabolism going fast.
Though do not “graze” (eating a small amount every half an hour or so) because this will slow your metabolism.

Breakfast (the most important because it wakes your metabolism up and gets it working fast) should be the biggest meal of the day at about 350 calories and dinner the smallest at 200 calories. Eat breakfast within an hour of getting up in the morning. Snacks should be between 150 – 200 calories and you should eat between two and three snacks per day.
Breakfast –> Snack –> Lunch –> Snack –> Dinner –> (snack)

*****I recommend doing your cardio first thing in the morning before breakfast. When we wake up in the morning our body is in a catabolic state. Catabolism means ‘the breaking down’ of body tissue, this is the optimum time to perform your fat burning exercises as your body is literally in fat burning mode. In addition to this, because you haven’t eaten any food before the exercise your body will break down mostly fat in order to fuel your exercise session rather than food in your system. The idea is to leave our body no choice but to burn mostly fat.

A good breakfast is a 300 calorie (give or take) protein shake.
I personally recommend getting “muscle milk protein power”.

Next you NEED to drink at least 64 oz of water a day. The more the merrier.

Lastly, wake up by at most 8 AM and workout about 1/2 hour BEFORE you eat. This will speed up your metabolism for the upcoming day.
Don’t eat for the 3 hours before you go to bed.

Over view:

Wake up 8 AM.
Eat every 3 hours.
No skipped meals.
Breakfast = Within an hour of getting up, biggest meal of the day, and before exercise in morning. (Protein shake is GOOD for breakfast!)
Exercise for 45 minutes in the morning BEFORE eating. [If you want you can exercise again between you 2nd snack and dinner for 45 minutes.]
Eat 1100 – 1300 calories per day.
Breakfast –> Snack –> Lunch –> Snack –> Dinner –> (snack)
Don’t eat 3 hours before going to bed.
Drink 64 oz of water.

You can lose from 2.5 to 3 pounds HEALTHFULLY in a week.
If you lose anymore then you will not have lost that weight in fat and you will be damaging your body.

Mary asks…

What home fitness exercise machine would you recommend?

I’m looking for a complete body workout, on a budget and with limited space

The Expert answers:

You can go outside to jog, put your money to use and get some resistance training equipment.. Its true, the home gyms are not as good as the equipment available at commercial gyms, but if i had to recommend 1, i would say the bowflex is where its at.. Its versatile, offers plenty of resistance, easy to use, durable, doesn’t take up a ton of room, it is a little pricey but i think it is worth it.. Go to a home fitness equipment store if you have any in your area, and try the equipment out.. See what you like before committing to anything

Betty asks…

What is better for weight loss and fitness; 3 workouts a week for 45 minutes or 6 for 30 minutes?

3 times of 45 minutes a week of treadmill 15 minutes, weights 20 minutes and exercise bike 10 minutes
6 times a week of 30 minutes rotating a. 15 minutes treadmill and 15 minutes exercise bike and b. 10 minutes treadmill and 20 minutes weights. 3 lots of each a week

The Expert answers:

6 times.

Laura asks…

What do exercise instructors do for workouts?

I bought the new FIRM set of videos about 8 weeks ago. After following the rotation calendar (3-4 times per week of 45-55 min workouts), plus 4 1-hour long walks per week, and eating a low calorie diet I have lost exactly nothing. I know darn well that those instructors work out more than 45-55 minutes 3-4 times per week. So honestly, what do fitness instructors do? (So much for the FIRM’s “Results in 10 workouts guarantee.”)

The Expert answers:

Think about they are fitness instructors. They work out all the time. The trainer’s at the gym work out at least 12 times a day depending on their client flow. And to record a work out video takes a couple of days.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Lizzie asks…

Health please anyone i really need help?

1.) Risk Factors

A.) refers to being in good shape or physical condition
B.) the process and functions of the body
C.) Social needs, social behaviors, and social problems
D.) traits that increase the possibility of developing an illness or diease

2.) Flexibility:

A.) the ability of a tendon to move through its full range of motion
B.) the ability of a joint to move through its full range of motion
C.) the ability of a muscle to move through its full range of motion
D.) the ability of a ligament to move through its full range of motion

3.) cardiovascular fitness

A.) a term used to refer to the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Cardio means heart and vascular means the blood vassels
B.) the term used to describe the body ability to utilize oxygen at a maximal level of efficiency
C.) the state of being free from disease or illness
D.) traits that increase the possibility of developing an illness or disease

4.) physiological

A.) the processes and functions of the body
B.) the processes of the mind
C.) social needs, social behaviors, and social problems
D.) traits that increase the possibility of developing an illness or disease

5.) ______________ is/are/an aspect that can set physical limits to our fitness potential

A.) Heredity
B.) Heart disease
C.) environment
D.) both A and C

please help i promise to give best answer

The Expert answers:

1. D
2. B
3. A
4. A
5. D

Donald asks…

Is an adult male body capable of doing the splits?

If I have an adult male hip-structure, but am in good physical shape and stretch every day, will I eventually be able to do the splits (and other moves requiring a large range of motion in the hips), or can I never be as flexible as a female gymnast/dancer?

How long would it take, assuming a proper stretching routine every day and good physical fitness, to achieve the maximum flexibility I’m capable of?

The Expert answers:

Yes it is certainly possible. If your at a gym talk to a trainer about increasing flexibility and they will change your workout to suit that. It may include exercises that work to lengthen your muscles rather than increase the size.

Your body structure will affect how long it’ll take but determination and lots of appropriate exercises should help you on your way.

Mark asks…

health fitness nutrition?

30. The _____joints allow for turning and rotation. (Points : 4)
ball and socket

31. A ______is an area where two bones meet and where one bone moves on another. (Points : 4)

32. _________ gradually become smaller and smaller and gradually divide into capillaries. (Points : 4)

33. Progressive weakening and size reduction of muscle tissue, which is usually the result of disease or disuse, is called: (Points : 4)

34. The most reliable method of measuring body fat is (Points : 4)
skinfold caliper
girth measurements
hydrostatic weighing
BMI calculation

35. ________________ is an aspect that can set physical limits to our fitness potential. (Points : 4)
Heart disease
Both A and C

36. Tiny air sacs where exchange of gasses occur are: (Points : 4)

37. _________ receive blood from the capillaries after gas exchange takes place. (Points : 4)

38. The pulmonary valve and the aortic valve ____ as the ventricles begin to contract. (Points : 4)

39. The benefits of Yoga include: (Points : 4)
gaining spiritual balance and flexibility
massages and stimulates the glands and internal organs
reduces signs of aging
all of the above

40. Stretches that do not involve motion and are held for a brief period of time are called: (Points : 4)
Isometric stretches
Static stretches
Isotonic stretches
PNF stretches

41. A disease that makes it hard for the body to control the level of glucose in the blood is: (Points : 4)

42. _________refers to the body’s torso, which include abdominals, glutes, and lower back (Points : 4)
None of the above

43. Diabetes (Points : 4)
a disease in which the body is unable to produce and/or use insulin effectively, causing a high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.
a disease in which the body does not produce glucose, causing a high level of fat in the blood.
a disease in which the body produces too much insulin, and causes high levels of glucose (sugar) in the blood.
a disease in which insulin builds up along artery walls and causes blockages.

44. _______________is defined as the greatest amount of force that a muscle group can exert in a single effort. (Points : 4)
Muscular endurance
Muscular strength
Range of motion

45. Skinfold measurements are most accurate when taken: (Points : 4)
after exercise
before exercise
during exercise
early in the morning, before you eat

46. The term____________relates to the circumference around a person’s body. (Points : 4)
girth measurement
hydrostatic weighing
body fat
body composition

47. Tough fibrous connective tissue that attaches muscles to bones: (Points : 4)

48. Balance is: (Points : 4)
the ability to maintain control of your body while stationary or moving.
the ability to combine strength and speed in activities such as throwing and jumping
our ability to use the senses to produce accurate movements
the ability to change direction of your body quickly.

49. __________is type of connective tissue found between the bones which allows the smooth movement of joints (Points : 4)
A tendon
A ligament

50. Cardiovascular Fitness (Points : 4)
A term used to refer to the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Cardio means heart and vascular means the blood vessels
The term used to describe the body’s ability to utilize oxygen at a maximal level of efficiency
The state of being free from disease or illness
Traits that increase the possibility of developing an illness or disease

The Expert answers:

30) Ball & Socket.

31) Joint.

32) Arteries.


34)Skinfold caliper.

35)Both A & C


37) Veins


39)All of the above.

40)Static stretches


42)None of the above.

43)disease in which the body is unable to produce and/or use insulin effectively, causing a high level of glucose (sugar) in the blood.

44)Muscular strength

45)early in the morning, before you eat

46)girth measurement


48)the ability to maintain control of your body while stationary or moving


50)A term used to refer to the heart, lungs, and blood vessels. Cardio means heart and vascular means the blood vessels

Steven asks…

Personal fitness can you help me please.?

1. Most fitness test results are measured in _________________. (1 point)
Percentiles Averages
Excellent, good, fair, poor
2. A ____________ resting heart rate indicates a strong, high level of cardiovascular health. (1 point)
180 bpm
150 bpm
3. Resting heart rate is usually measured: (1 point)
After at least 10 minutes of cardiovascular exercise
Just before you go to bed, or at least 30 minutes after a strenuous workout
Just before you get out of bed, or at least 30 minutes after doing light exercise

An average taken 30 minutes before your workout and then again 30 minutes after your workout
4. Flexibility measurements are taken to establish: (1 point)
How well your joints and muscles move through a maximal range of motion
How much pressure your bones can withstand
How quickly your heart rate recovers after strenuous exercise
Whether or not you suffer from arthritis
5. Which of the answers below best describes step tests. (1 point)
Step tests are used to determine flexibility
Step tests are used to determine your cardiovascular health, they need to be performed by a health professional
Step tests are used to determine muscular strength in your lower body, it is a test you can conduct yourself
Step tests can be performed without the assistance of a healthcare professional and do not require special equipment. They are used to determine cardiovascular fitness

The Expert answers:

Study before you take a test.

Jenny asks…

Any good fitness experts out there to help my workout schedule?

Any good fitness experts out there to help my schedule?
Please keep in mind i don’t know the specific names / machines in the gym so I’ll describe it best to my ability. If you know the name please correct me. Also, if you’d like to add a specific exercise to one of the muscle groups, please do so as new exercises always helps.

Monday 2:30pm – Biceps
-Bicep Curls
-Chin Ups (10 sets of 3 or 3 x 10 with assisted—Which do you recommend)
-Lat Pull down (There’s a metal bar hanging over your head where you pull it down while you sit)
-Concentrated Bicep Curls
-Bicep rows (Where you sit down, and pull weight/machine towards your body)

Chest + tricep
-Chest Push (Sitting down, pushing machine with arms)
-Using freeweights I imitate benchpressing motion.
-The machine where you sit down, and push inward like this (starts like / then ends /)
-Pull Ups
-One arm dumbbell rows

Lower back and Back
-Barbell bent rows
-Barbell deadlifts
-The same machine for the tricep workout except backwards V

Legs & shoulders
-Shoulder press
(I don’t know too many leg / shoulder workouts aside from lunges / squats)

Full Upper Body



Where should I throw in cardio? I want to do 3/7 days at least for a 30-45 minute jog-run for 1-2 miles, and increasing as I get more in shape
For ab exercises, I’m thinking of just doing crunches– 10 sets of 20, and leglifts.

I’m currently a senior in high school, 6’0″ and weigh around 167lbs at the age of 17. What would you recommend for the 6 meals a day, since I can’t really eat during school hours when lunch is @ 12:00.

The Expert answers:

Throw cardio in there on arms/shoulder days, but do not do any cardio on legs days.

Your arms workouts seem really good and comprehensive, but your legs seem to be lacking a bit. For legs, you can also try:
* Leg press
* Leg extensions
* Leg reflectors
* Squats (on their own, or with a barbell)
* Hip abductor and hip adductor

Also, where is your ab workout? You should put an ab workout in there as well. Adding an ab workout on your bicep day would be good.

Here are some links to ab exercises:

Her are exercises for hip/butt/thighs:

You have a great workout program put together! Keep up the great work!

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Your Questions About Fitness

Steven asks…

is kickboxing/muay thai a good choice for me for fitness and weight loss?

i just signed up for a membership to a gym and the membership includes unlimited classes in muay thai and womens kickboxing. i am 25 years old, about 5’6, i weigh about 215 so my goals are just fitness and weight loss, and not tournaments etc. ive previously tried regular exercise gyms but i couldnt stick with it more than a month because i couldnt stand the boredom. i am looking for something that is exciting and fun so that i will love doing it and not quit. i have a thrillseeking personality, and in order for me to stick to something i have to find it exciting and engaging and fast paced.

The Expert answers:

It will be the best workout you have ever done in your life. It is both anaerobic and aerobic meaning you’ll be putting on lean muscle mass while burning fat, turning your body into a calorie burning machine. Be warned though it is not easy, so if the challenge excites you this may be perfect. Also you’ll be leaning how to defend yourself and your confidence will skyrocket. Remember the most important part of losing weight is sticking with the plan, no matter how dismal or distant your goals may seem. Keep working hard and results will come. Good luck.

Richard asks…

Does “Curves” acutally work??

I’m wondering if the womens fitness center ‘curves’ is a good place to join? Like does it help you lose weight in a healthy way?

The Expert answers:

I’ve never been there but i have heard from a friend it’s so repetitious that you get really bored with it. It only has resistance training machines, not weight training. Join a gym…definitely more variety and personal trainers will put you on the right track for getting started.

James asks…

Legends mma in hollywood?

i’ve been looking into legends mma and i dont know what to think of it, some reviews say its nothing more then a womens fitness center with a few big names to attract people but at the same time ive seen reviews preaching that legends is the best place to train for serious fighters looking to take training to the next level, so tell me what you think of legends and the all around quality of the classes and instruction.

The Expert answers:

Looks like a Hollywood gym to me, made to pamper the upper class.

Jenny asks…

should I put a hidden camera in?

the womens shower at this womens fitness club I work as a janitor…. fun hey

The Expert answers:

No….that is naughty!

Mark asks…

anyone know where to get these nike trainers .. ?

they are called Nike Air Leigh, and they are black and pink. As you can see, they’re out of stock on the Official Nike website. So please someone tell me where to get them – I’ve hunted everywhere!,161469,category,womens_fitness,161467

The Expert answers:

I actually got a pair of hard to find Nikes from the Nike store in Chicago. Maybe see if there’s a Nike store near you, call them up and ask them if they have the shoes your looking for or if another store in a different city has them. I know it’s a little crazy for just a pair of shoes, but it’s an idea.

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