Your Questions About Fitness

Donald asks…

Hip Adduction Exercises: For Women Only?

Are hip adduction exercises for women (mostly)?

A couple years ago, I remember hearing from a fitness instructor that hip adduction exercises were more geared towards women. Whenever I go to the gym, I also see women on hip adduction machines about 80% of the time.

I’m in the middle of re-working my current workout regiment and I wonder if I would be better served doing another lower body exercise rather than spending time on these exercises.


The Expert answers:

You probably see mostly women on the Hip Adduction/Abduction machines because some probably think they are spot reducing. Tsk tsk.
Both men and women have hip adductors/abductors, so it’s not a waste of time to work them. Your working your Tensor fasciae latae, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus with the adductor and the adductors with the adduction machine. Don’t fall for the “guys don’t use those machines” hype.
You hit all those muscles somewhat with other exercises (Squats, deadlifts, etc) but the adduction/abduction isolate.
Hope this helps…??

Steven asks…

What is your favourite work out? And if you don’t work out, would you try this Fitness TV station?

London, September 17 (ANI): A new British TV station, dedicated entirely to fitness, is offering a string of classes, including those on Bhangra.The Fitness TV, a 24-hour station, also hosts a high heel workout class for the women who refuse to get out of their beloved stilettos. Other workouts include those based on Salsa, Hip Hop and Disco.

“Just like a personal trainer, the channel allows viewers to tailor workouts to their own levels of fitness and interests and can be easily scheduled around busy lives,” the Sun quoted a spokesman for the TV shows as saying. “Programmes range from children’s classes including a mobility and balance workout for pre-schoolers, kids’ yoga and street dance for teenagers, while pensioners and the less mobile are offered Chairobics. “For the more adventurous, there are boot camp-style workouts and dance-based exercise sessions for Strictly Come Dancing fans, including Bhangra, Cheerleader and 70s Disco.
Fitness TV founder Luan Underwood, a former personal trainer and mum-of-two, said: “We are positioning the channel as an additional workout option, not as a replacement to gyms, fitness and wellbeing classes.”We would like to capture the imagination of the 80 per cent of UK citizens that have never visited a gym and inspire them to do so. “We also aim to reach people unable to visit fitness facilities, perhaps because they have young children, or time pressures that make it difficult to get to the gym for a few weeks.

The Expert answers:

If it doesn’t involve lifting food & drink,I’m not interested! 😉

George asks…

is there a way to strengthen your core muscles through fencing?

For a women‘s fitness final, i need to design a workout that will include, stretches, cardio workouts, core/abdominal workouts and a cool-off. I’ve been fencing for almost three years, but i just can’t seem to find an exercise that helps the core/abdomen.

The Expert answers:

I know this exercises that is great for the core. You lay in a push up position. Have your arms be in a “L” shape with your forearms on the ground. Then raise your body, keep your back straight. Your toes and your fore arms should be on the floor. Your torso and legs in the air. You can do it for 30 seconds and up. I usually do it for a minute. It strengthens the torso and the ab area.

Linda asks…

what are the best magazines to subscribe to ?

I need a good one for women‘s health and fitness with lots of articles regarding exercises and workouts. I need a good one for fashion with lots of fashion advice and less bulky articles. I need the last one for beauty and makeup and relationships and stuff…..

The Expert answers:




John asks…

please help with spelling and gramer?

Exercising is good for you when you’re pregnant and can also help the baby, but you should always ask your doctor before starting an exercise routine. Also, you should not have a high risk pregnancy if you want to exercise. Some things that you should do while your exercising is to do it regularly and try not to do things that have jumping in them. You should also try not to do things on your back after the first trimester and drink lots of water. The most important rule is to not over do it.

There are lots of good reasons why you should exercise when you’re pregnant. It helps you feel great during your pregnancy days. It also decreased your chances of high risk pregnancies and premature death, heart disease and other diseases. You can also have a lower risk of having diabetes and helps you not get depression.

You should also try to pick an exercise that you enjoy to make it more easy and fun. Some of the things you shouldn’t be doing are horseback riding, downhill skiing, ice hockey, kickboxing and soccer. They can put you and the baby at risk of injury and even killing the baby.

Also try to eat right if you exercise. You should try 300 to 500 additional calories a day when pregnant. You should eat all kinds of fruits and vegetables not only for you, but the baby too. You both need nutritious foods. It’s also important to drink lots of water before and after your exercise. You can become dehydrated and this could be bad for the both of you. Even though there really isn’t a right amount that you should drink some says that it’s best if you just drink one cup before you exercise, one cup for every 20 minutes of exercise, and one cup after you finish your workout. Also if it’s hot or if it’s humid you should drink even more.

Its best if every woman just exercises as much as they can. It can help in many ways. Pregnant women become healthier and fit. The baby is more likely to be healthy and not become premature.

Pregnancy and Fitness. Com., Pregnancy and Fitness. Retrieved from URL:

Nemours Foundation, Kids Health for Parents, Exercising during Pregnancy, 2007. Retrieved from URL:

The Expert answers:

Please help with spelling and gramer?

Please help with spelling and GRAMMAR
(note that you do not use a question mark because it is not a question)

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Your Questions About Fitness

George asks…

Any Exercise and eating tips to keep up with my fitness plans?

I can no longer use the gym I used to use. As I went 3 times a week and now might not b able to manage once a week this is a great reduction in my exercise hours.

I’m wondering if there are any other exercises I can do that will both maintain my current muscle mass and help increase it.
Any links to websites would be appreciated.

Healthy eating tips are also welcome

The Expert answers:

If time is an issue you can get many different home exercise equipment that will help you maintain your current muscle mass.

Mandy asks…

I’m trying to lose weight. Any good exercise tips or food suggestions?

So far, within the past month I lost 10 pounds, I work out about 4-6 days a week for about 30-60 minutes. I eat about 1,050 calories a day, mostly healthy things. I really want some tips for exercising and eating… like what type of exercise burns the most calories or what are some good foods and bad foods and how much of it I should eat… stuff like that…

PLEASE don’t try selling me some diet and fitness scam.

🙂 Thanks!

The Expert answers:

Sounds like you are doing the right things! Grats on losing your weight.

Ok heres some tips ( I have recently lost 54 pounds so I should be able to help some.)

1.If you have one play aerobic games on your wii fit.
2.Drink water not soda.
3.No fatty foods.
4.Do not eat candy!
5.Try not to eat out a lot like maybe once every two weeks.
6.excercise like you have been.
7.Eat healthy ( just thought i’d throw this in there even tho you said you did. 😛 ).
8.Eat foods with fiber.
9.Drink low fat/skim milk ( This will cut down on calories).
10.Do not skip meals if you do you will end up over eating later in the day.

I eat a bowl of special K cereal for breakfast it’s low calories+ tastes good.
If you go for a short walk in the evenings that will help ( just like a 20 minute walk) I find this relaxing+ it burns some calories.

I hope I was some help.
I also hope you reach your goal.
Happy early Thanksgiving!

Lizzie asks…

diet and fitness tips for a girl whos lost all confidence!?

Im 5ft 6 and although im kinda slim looking im 10 stone (which i hate!!) , (Im also a girl…) Ive alot of flabbiness around my arms, thighs and especially my stomach!! i lose motivation easily because i don’t see results fast enough!! And yes i know i need to wait at least a month for results to show but im impatient!! Does anyone have any good diet tips, or fitness tips?? IE exercises etc…. or know of any good forums or websites i can use to help me gain a bit more motivation. i really feel flabby and out of sorts although people keep telling me im fine i don’t feel it and therefore ive lost all confidence!! im also a smoker and im trying really hard to quit! just though id add that in if it was any help!?

The Expert answers:

Hi, I know exactly how you feel. Start by changing the way you think. Second; make a plan and try sticking to it. You will take a different routine instead of the same old one.

If you’re constantly looking in the mirror looking for results or weigh in yourself every day “Stop” you will get discorouged and give up. Remind yourself you want to lose weight and tone up because you want to make it part of your healthy life style and make it a fun and you will see results in no time.

To lose weight;

1-Eat healthier include veggies in your meals, eat fruits, stay away from fried foods, saturated foods, processed (box & cans) & sweets, drink lot’s of WATER.

2-Eat smaller portions do not skip meals and do not starve yourself.

3-1 hour of exercise every day will do the trick do a combination of cardio and Pilates or cardio and tae-bo, do fun workouts and change them up so you don’t get bored.

As long as you get your work out every day you will soon see your results make sure you take 1 day to rest your body and muscles to allow your muscles to grow and show definition also get enough sleep and allow your body to transform, it’s important. Find a workout buddy, get on weight management through your GP the more support you get the more motivation you will have.
Work your body groups on different your arms one day, legs the next, and so on so you’re muscles rest.

Go jogging or power walking take music with you and have fun, walk hills that will strengthen your legs in no time. The faster your heart rate goes the faster your metabolism will be and the quicker you will burn calories, in order to burn 1 lb you have to burn 3500 calories.

Arms: Get 5 lb dumbbells use them in your workouts if you don’t have any use two 8oz full 8 water dumbbells.

Stomach; Do some crunches you can do these sitting on a chair or on the floor I will include some links that are great for workout outs they have videos so you can do them together with the video
It takes time, dedication and discipline but it can be achieved.

Workout routines for woman;

The comments are full of motivation I promise you;

Quit smoking;

Stay away from everyone who smokes excluding your partner if you live with him but ask for support. Get a calendar and mark the days you don’t smoke & reward yourself with a yellow gold star to remind you how well you’re doing this will be great motivation.

Warning; Keep in mind that once you stop smoking you will crave to replace the cigarettes with food get cigarette patches from your nearest clinic for free don’t let that discorouged you. Remember cig are cancer sticks & coffin nails 7 & you don’t need them. When you feel upset & eating junk or smoking “DON’T” instead pamper yourself right at home with a pedicure, manicure or facial treatment to get yourself out of that funk because your simply going through changes.
Beauty tips and recipes:

Keep a diet journal track what you eat, your mood swings & emotional status through this diet & none smoking journey. Also measure your body & take photos of your front, back & sides in a bikini and don’t these will be your before photos, write your goals down in your journal, look below;


Starting Weight on release date: ? Lbs
Target weight: ? Lbs.
Weight 00/00 at?? Am: ? Lbs
Diff from last week: ? Lbs

Don’t look at it as a diet but a healthier lifestyle so change the way you think and in 1 month of FAITHFUL workout measure yourself again take more photos & place in your journal with dates, and see the difference check your weight every week or every month if you want but measure yourself every month and let me know how it goes ok GREATEST OF LUCK.

If there is anything I forgot to include re links please let me know best of luck x

David asks…

fitness training tips exercises?

ok so my holidays are coming up soon we get 6 weeks off and in that time i wanna get into shape. it dose not have to be some miracle shake or anything easy just exercises that work and do a damn good job. my reason: i have only got 7 months of school left and out of the three years i have known this girl i havn’t been able to talk to her or even at least say hi too i’m hoping getting fitter will boost my confidence and open my social life a bit more im tired of being the quiet kid so ive got that motivation behind me but yet everytime i do sets of situps my mind is always wondering why bother it not having any affect nor any pain.. so any motivation thoughts that help u that u use please share.once again i will mention that i know that me getting fitter won’t exactly make her fall in love with me or any crap like that all im out to do is be more social and have more confidence behind and the fact if i don’t talk to her i will regret it for a long time…it may sound weird but its the way i work

The Expert answers:

Dear I suggest you to see

I hope that helps you too as it helped me. Check the multiple links over there. They’ll surely be a help, Keep using

Maria asks…

how can i lose 10-15 pounds in a week-2 weeks?

i’m 16 years old and i’m determined to lose 10-15 pounds ASAP. i’m a swimmer and i just got done training for the season so i’m back to the gym.
does anyone have any diet tips and a meal suggestion? or any fitness/exercise tips or special exercises they use to lose weight quickly?


The Expert answers:

Raw fruits and vegetables for however long you can make it. All meals. Nothing else. Drinks lots of water.

Its hard to do, but you will drop pounds like no other.

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Your Questions About Fitness

George asks…

Looking for Fitness Pen-pal?

Hi there, my name is Leah, and I am looking for a fitness Pen pal.

I love working out, and being fit, but I get no help or support from anyone, including family, and sometimes it can be tough to motivate myself to keep fit and workout. I really want to achieve my goals, but some weeks it feels like I’m going more down-hill than up-hill.

I would like to be Pen Pals with someone who has similar interests in fitness and is looking for someone who can help out.

I’m 18, starting out at Varsity, and female. I weigh 55 kg’s I don’t mind male or female Pen Pals, but please no one younger than 17. Here is my e-mail,


The Expert answers:

Dance is the fun way to lose weight and doesnt entail suffering to lose weight

Susan asks…

why is my fitness pal not working?

it is 26/10/10 and wont load is it just me

The Expert answers:

They could be doing maintenance, or something could be wrong with the server. This has happened before. Don’t worry, it will be up and running in no time and your information will be saved.

Edit – Yep, the site is up for maintenance. – Site Temporarily Down For Maintenance

Sorry, but the site is temporarily down for maintenance. We are working hard to bring the site back up as quickly as possible. Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks for your patience.

Ken asks…

My Fitness Pal app for iPhone? ?

okay my question is, what is the word “net” mean because I honestly have no idea. And it has a number under it.

The Expert answers:

Net calories= the number of calories you ate minus the number of calories you burned while exercising. For example: If you ate 1500 calories in food and burn 300 calories while jogging, you basically only ate 1200 calories that day.

Michael asks…

My Fitness Pal. What does starvation mode mean?

I have been using the site It keeps showing in red that I am eating too few calories. I have been eating around 1100-1180 calories a day and finishing the day without eating the calories they set for me. I am not hungry and feel if I eat anymore it will make me sick. I am making good choices for food. I have cut out all sweets, and the first week it was hard, because it was like my body was carving it, but I made it through it. Now I don’t even want them, much less crave them. Why does it say I am eating too few calories and saying I am putting my body in starvation mode, when I am not hungry. I realize now, that before I was just eating to eat, and not because I was hungry. I am also exercising at least 30 minutes a day, 5 days a week. Should I force myself to eat, or will I be okay? Thanks

The Expert answers:

Eat some more higher calorie foods like pastas and carbohydrates. Starvation mode is when your body isn’t getting enough energy (calories), and your metabolism is shutting down.

Jenny asks…

Where can I find a weight loss pen pal/buddy?

Im looking to shed a few pounds and work on my fitness. Im smack dab in my mid 20s, young, active, funny and a pretty smart cookie. Im not interested in joining anything that involves me paying someone to tell me I need to lose weight. I would like to have a pen pal so we can exchange goals, pics, recipes, dieting tips etc. Basically someone to reach my goal with. Does anyone know of a website or is anyone interested in maybe being my weight loss pal or to offer moral support? Thnx!!!!!

The Expert answers:

Hi, . I have been looking for one myself, i need someone that can help me get motivated and can help me with my weight loss too. I have friends but they are all either skinny or just not serious about it. I am 21 years old and i want to lose about 30-40Ibls, summer is coming and I want to be able to wear what everyone else wears and look good you know and would really like to meet someone to talk about goals, share ideas and support each other.
Email me at

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Your Questions About Fitness

Charles asks…

should beth pheonix be the next womens campion and does she deserves a long championship reign?

shes on the top of her game now shes at the peak fitness level and is still young i think 28
if she wins the title and keeps it for 8 or 9 months so the she can be the one of the biggest heelish wwe diva and if beth pheonix becomes a big name it will create cash for wwe too so wwe should think bout it coz she surely has the potential

The Expert answers:

I do think Phoenix could be the next Women’s Champion…

Sharon asks…

Which womens hybrid bike is better, the Scott P6 Sportster 2010 or Carrera Subway Lyd 2010?

I’ve not been on a bike since i was at school but think its a great way to improve my fitness and get to know the local area. Both about the price

The Expert answers:

I’d say they’re both about the same. Carrera do have a reputation for generally being quite good value, but have the problem of being sold via Halfords in the UK (where build quality can be approximate, to say the least).

The Scott bike is a better brand name.

It’s up to you. They’re both very similar, so whichever one fits you best will be the correct answer. Get your local shop to let you take them out for a test ride.

Good luck, and happy cycling!

Maria asks…

Why is there a women’s studies group in here?

And not a men’s section? Just curious is all. Same reason why there is womens only fitness clubs but no mens only fitness clubs.

The Expert answers:

Because women need a “special needs” section to work out our pms issues.

Donald asks…

What is a slut,i dont know?

My brother mohammed pointed to a womens fitness centre and said”check out all the Sluts”,why does he mean by that?

The Expert answers:

Mohammed thinks a woman who is in fitness gear at a gym is looking for constant sex from guys presumably like Mohammed.

Tell Mohammed to get over himself, grow up, and take a mature attitude towards women, or even the ‘sIuts’ won’t want him.

Daniel asks…

How do I become a personal trainer?

I have a passion for fitness and health and also a professional sports background having played womens pro football. How do I go about getting properly certified and how do you charge?

The Expert answers:


My trainer, Sal, has just launched a new site at He is a certified personal trainer with over 20 years experience in running a successful personal training business. He has a lot of good free information on his site and you could always drop him an e-mail as well. His goal for the site is to help people like you. Hope this helps!


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Your Questions About Fitness

David asks…

what’s a good, light exercise routine in 10 minutes?

I’m basically looking for some good exercises that are light, and not too strenuous for a short 10-15 minute exercise routine.

I’m not looking for a “workout“, just some exercises to do in the morning quickly, to help me wake up, and get some good general fitness in.

Preferably I’m looking for stuff that can be done with no equipment (except maybe some dumbbells).

What type of stuff have you found that works the best?


The Expert answers:

If you would like something good to wake you up, here’s a quick routine:

Stretch from head to toe:
– Slowly roll your head around to loosen your neck.
– Rotate your arms in wide circles.
– Hands on hips, rotate your hips to loosen your hips
– Bend your knees to loosen your knees and ankles
– Touch your toes for 10-20 seconds
– Hands over your head and reach for 10-20 seconds
– Other stretches you can think of.

Jumping jacks for a count of 25-30 to get the blood flowing.

1 min Rest

As many good push-ups as you can do for one minute (on your knees is ok if you can’t do them all on your toes)

1 min Rest

As many good sit-ups or crunches as you can do in one minute

1 min Rest

Stand with feet shoulder-width apart, hands on hips, and do as many squats as you can in one minute.

Do some cool-down stretches.


Susan asks…

what’s you favorite workout routine?

i’ve worked out 1.5-2 hours a day, 5 days a week for years. my body is overly used to the various routines, so now im trying to switch up what i do

what are your favorite workouts? types of exercise? youtube fitness videos?

i already do excessive:
-running/walking/ jogging
-strength training

i love dance and do a lot various styles. i just started a spinning class. thinking about taking up tennis again…
other sugestions?

The Expert answers:

I dance a lot,you say you do, do you do Tap as this is very good excercise and also fun, so is jazz and comtemporary they are good for core strength,
yoga is also good,( there is many youtube videos for different yoga excercises and poses)
even trampolining is a really good core workout and you could buy your own trampoline and do it at home, also you make up your own routines and go at your own pace and even do it with your mates 😛

i hope my suggestions are helpfull 😀

Mary asks…

online pregnancy fitness routine?

I was going to but a work out DVD but i want to try a work out for a few days before i get the DVD because i could end up with the wrong type of exercise. I just wondered if anyone has come across a online pregnancy fitness workout? – aerobics. I have looked on you tube and only come up with 2 min videos. Anything will help even if its not a vid. It needs to be a home work out to.

The Expert answers:

Hello There

I have been using a CUSTOM online personal training program for the past 6 weeks. The site is and thye set me up with custom and personlized workout routines AND Nutrition/Food Plans. If you tell them you are pregnant they will come up with personalized training programs catered to your pregnancy. My trainer “Virtual Mel” has over 30 yrs experience and is a real person whom you can email.

Good luck and congrats on the pregnancy

Michael asks…

How to create an exercise routine?

I want to start losing weight and building up some muscle, but I don’t know where to start. I don’t have much equipment. Just A pair of 20 lb dumbells and my brother bought a pull-up bar. If anyone could tell me how to start creating a workout plan, and tell me some exercises that don’t require equipment it would really help. Like most people I don’t know much about fitness so any pro expertise would help.
I also have an exercise ball, the pull up bar that goes in the doorway (for dips too), an abb wheel, and I might be able to use a treadmill. If someone could tell me about reps and sets that would help too.

The Expert answers:

Buy a resistance band, a SWISS ball, and a BOSU ball. If you can, buy a weight tree too. With those few things, you can do absolutely any exercise you can do at the gym. You can do abductor and adductor exercises with your body weight, as well as squats, lunges, push ups, side front, one foot and arm, and twisting planks. If you have a stair case, you can do step ups (with the dumbbells). Ski jumps and jumping Jacks are also good cardio workouts. Obviously you can do pullups and a few exercises with the weights too.

2-3 sets of 12-15 reps is ideal. You need to pretty much be exhausted by the time you`re finished a set. It`d be a good idea to maybe invest in a kinesiology book so you can see the different muscle groups as your are supposed to work the opposite after working a particular group.

Thomas asks…

Developing a workout routine?

I have been working out for about 8 months now, and I did workout a couple years before that but I took a year off. I do have experience, strength, and I am familiar with proper form; however, I have never really had a definite workout plan. I have taken fitness classes where I have been given workout routines, but I have never made an independent plan for home workouts. At home, I have a treadmill, stability ball, crunch mat, two adjustable dumbells (max. 70 pounds each), a barbell, a curlbar, a bench (adjusts to incline and 90 degrees for shoulder press), and I have almost 300 pounds worth of weights int total. My main goals are to increase strength and power, and I am concerned with cardiovascular fitness but I mainly get that from doing track & field. I have some questions dealing with developing a proper routine. How many different excercises should I orient towards a specific muscle group? 2-3(Ex. bench press, incline db press, and db flies for chest)? How many different types of sets should I incorporate into my workout and should I change them up every time I workout(Ex. Super sets, drop sets, negatives, high weight low reps, low weight high reps)? Should I just stick to one set type for my entire workout routine? How often should I change my workout routine(Ex. monthly, bi-weekly)? What types of sets are recommended? And if a certain type of set is recommended, should I use that type for every exercise i’m doing on my workout day(Ex. super sets for chest, shoulders, and triceps)? What type of sets should I use for exercises such as tricep dips and pushups during or after my chest routine? And, if I do develop a routine with specific exercises, should I just do those evercises until I change my entire routine?

The Expert answers:

Nice routines. If you need more tips and help ask my trainers.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Richard asks…

Jobs in Health and Fitness arena?

My passion in life is the area of Health and Fitness and i dedicate a lot of my time to keeping myself in good shape. I also like to take an almost holistic approach to health/fitness acknowledging the powerful connection between mind and body. I have a Honours degree in Exercise and Sport Sciences and a practitioner’s qualification in NLP. What sort of jobs could i go in to or do people recommend could be a good place to start? Thanks, Will

The Expert answers:

I would put your education toward physical therapy, that’s a rewarding but challenging field.

Jenny asks…

My Girlfriend is a Spanish fitness Instructor… SEX?

And she is very, very athletic and fit,
we met in spain, and now she lives with me here in dorset.

Anyway, i am quite fit and athletic,
but not nearly as much as she is.
she used to be a life guard and fitness instructor in spain,
and during sex,
i dont know,
i just need to get fitter,

i am fit now, my heart rate is 56 bpm, which im told is better than average, and i am 6ft tall and 162lbs.

but during sex, she is so fast and lively that its hard to keep up with her.
Its amazing, but i believe if i was as fit as her it would be even better.
She normally controlls our motion, as she is way faster than me.

i know this is a very adolescent way to talk but,
imagine sex as romps per second,
i could probably do 60-70 per mintute,
she could probably do about 120.

We also do alot of exotic moves,
like 1 minute we could be doing one position,
then we could role over and do another,
by the end i am worn the f*** out,
she says its great to because she makes some noise so i know im atleast ok,
but i want to get better.

My fitness regime is
1 hour of lifting weight per day – no too heavy,
i dont want to bulk up too big.
And i do 30 mins of push ups and sit ups.

And then 30 mins on the tredmill.

this is probably no where near as much as she does,
she got a new fitness coaching job here,
and she is excercising atleast 6-7 hours a day,
but i cant do this as i have a job that isnt exercising.

how can i get fitter to keep up with her?

The Expert answers:

Its going to be impossible to get to her fitness level since you cant work out 8 hours a day. However, to improve your speed, I would recommend alot more cardio, maybe run for an hour on the tred instead of 30, and try sprinting the last 15 min, your breathing really is important during sex, and the stronger you make your lungs, the better. Also try working out with a Roman Chair, really helps all those “romping” muscles. But by far the best way to improve your quickness and just improve over all, is to keep your sex life very active. However many times you guys “romp” now, double it (youll have to talk to her about it first, but if you tell her why u want to she’ll probably be all about it, being a fitness instructor and all) also, to get better, just ask her what she wants you to do, most girls love this after youve been dating for a while (WARNING: do not ask her if you just started dating and are still getting comfortable with one another, it can lead her to thinking you dont know what your doing), but once you all are comfortable with each other, its great because it livins up the sex life and shows her that you really want to please her. The outcome is much better for both of you. Hope this helps

Sharon asks…

How fast do you get abs in fitness training ?

I have been training in fitness centre from the last 2 months, and although there is already a change in my abs, I wanted to know how long it would take to get a kind of shape (not like a professionnal bodybuilder though).

Also now I have a job, and I cannot exercise daily. I wanted to know whether 3 times a week is acceptable for keeping the shape I have acquired.

Also if you know any abs-exercises, I would be very happy if you could tell me.

Thank you very much.

The Expert answers:

It should take about 1 more month to see a shape if you work HARD. If you workout for the same then you just keep your abs the way they are now.
3 times a week is excellant!! Keep it up

Donald asks…

Are there any jobs in the fitness industry that pay well and are challenging?

I love working out and I find the science behind how the body reacts to exercise really interesting. I would like to find a major and a career later on that would put me in this field. I have thought about sports medicine or something, but I am not too good with blood and needles. I also don’t really want the sticky job situation of being a personal trainer or having to find clients to pay my bills. I’d rather have a salary type job. Any jobs that would put me either training athletes or studying supplements or something that sounds like a good fit?

The Expert answers:

In the fitness industry it’s all about the client’s anyway man, because only 50% of people drop out of an exercise program within 6 months, and 90% in a year. That leaves a small % of people who even go to a gym or seek a trainer. You should get a degree, such as Kinesiology or exercise science first because people with degree’s get salaries. Then you have a wide variety of options:
-Open your own personal training studio for athletes
-Be a fitness directory/membership manager at some type of fitness club (which requires client’s to the gym for you to have the job, see what I mean by it being all client-based anyway?)

Sandy asks…

May a person who ever suffer from Hepatitis B go for fitness exercises?

My boyfriend is a workaholic+alcoholic in the past; he stopped drinking after he had damage on his liver and suffer with the yellowish look because of hepatitis B.
Now he is recover from the virus, but he was suggest not to consume alcohol-at-all and he need to have enough rest because his liver may not functioning too tired anymore..
We sign up as club member last month. I just wondered whether he is allowed to go for fitness exercise after his 8am to 5pm job?
And Everytime I suggest him to terminate his membership, he always told me it won’t be harmful..
But, I’m still really worried though..

The Expert answers:

It all depends on how much damage there was to begin with and if his Hepatitis is chronic. Have the blood tests ALT and AST taken to see how the liver functions today. I wouldn’t think it is harmful for him to exercise, just as long as he does it in moderation.

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Your Questions About Fitness

David asks…

Should you stretch before you exercise?

I’ve always been told you should stretch before you exercise by other people but when I looked up stretches to do before you exercise I came across a couple of articles that said it may be bad to stretch before you exercise. Sample articles here ( and ). I have never really stretched before my workouts before but I’m not flexiable at all so I was going to start but after reading those articles I must wonder if I should.

The Expert answers:

You should never stretch before you exercise; not static stretching at any rate. The reason you should never stretch before is because cold muscles tear instead of stretch. Instead, you should mobilize. Mobilization (warming up, essentially) is like dynamic stretching, and consist of Side-shuffles, fairy walking, butt-kicks, high-knees, sumo walks, crab-walks, et cetera. Mobilization gets your heart rate going and blood flowing through your muscles. It doesn’t increase your flexibility, but it warms you up.

After you mobilize, you do your workout.

A short cool down after your workout is also recommended, and should be about the same intensity/duration as your mobilization. (10 – 15 minutes, low intensity) usually a simple, slow jog is enough to do this. It calms your body down gently after your high intensity workout.

Static stretching (the stretching where you hold for 30 seconds – 1 minute in order to increase flexibility) comes after everything. Your muscles are still warm, so they won’t tear and you can safely increase their flexibility. A good stretching session covers your entire body (or at least the muscles your worked out that day) and lasts about an hour. I usually stretch the areas I worked out, plus my legs every session.

Sandy asks…

What’s a good fitness/health magazine? (Ten points)?

I’m looking for a magazine with pictures of people who are in really good shape to inspire me, articles about exercise and weight loss. If there’s a magazine like that which also has articles about food and healthy eating that’s ok too, but it’s not a priority.

Thanks guys!

The Expert answers:

Theres one called shape i think i hear its pretty good

Maria asks…

Can someone help me find these articles?

Im having a hard time finding anyof them

Human sexuALITY (s.t.d’s)
Drinking and driving (alcohol abuse)
Sports Nutrition
Fitness concepts (wt. training, exercise programs, etc)
any sport-related article

The Expert answers:

Human sexuality :

Human Sexuality
Human sexuality plays a major role in everyone’s life. … This paper will explore the topic of human sexuality as a motivation. … –

Drinking and driving:
Drunk Driving – Drunk Driving Information
Includes articles and resources on drunk driving. … The Penalties and Costs of Drunk Driving … The penalties for drinking and driving have gotten a lot …

Sports Nutrition:
Sports Nutrition
The world of sports nutrition can be particularly confusing, because you may get … (Adapted from Sports Nutrition, 3rd Ed., C.A. Rosenbloom, The American ……/nutrition/sportsnut.htm

Fitness Concepts:
Articles – Unique Fitness Concepts
Fitness Articles … Articles :: Here are the most recent articles (newest first) we have … © 2006 – 2009 Unique Fitness Concepts, LLC :: All Rights Reserved …


Charles asks…

Sites with articles on the follwing topics. articles have to be at least 10 paragraph’s in lenght and appropri

for my grade 10 health isu we have to find articles. 10 paragraphs in lenght about the following topics:
– human sexuality(S T D’s)
– Drinking and driving (Alcohol Abuse)
– Sports nutrition
Fitness Concepts( Weight training , exercise programs)
– Any sport-related article
i can’t find any articles.

The Expert answers:


John asks…

Why do people think that reading a few articles on the internet would make them experts in fitness?

I am completing my course in fitness and how incredibly deep and complex the field of fitness is was mind blowing. Everything from exercise analysis ,biology, biochemistry, bio mechanics, physiology, physics(rudimentary) and psychology. Yet people think by reading blogs, wikipedia, spots magazines they can prescribe 4 day hypertrophy split routines(Monday chest day), and a 1000 calorie diet with less than 100 grams of carbohydrates.
I thought trying to substitute your doctor was bad, but trying to substitute physiotherapists, remedial masseuses, personal trainers & fitness instructors? It is beyond dangerous and very unethical. So why do it?
Thank you for sharing and I value your opinion. Having that background in fitness, don’t you see that it is exactly these kinds of people who create fitness fads that are detrimental to the people we are trying to help?

The Expert answers:

I don’t think it’s so much so that they think they’re ‘experts’, but most of the time when people answer questions about weight loss or being healthy, it should be common sense without having to sit through a fitness course. The course just offers a grander view of how’s and why’s.

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Your Questions About Fitness

Joseph asks…

Have you been to a young womens camp near washington?

i want to go to a camp maybe this summer or spring break.
somewhere close to washington by chance?????
and something that has to do with women fitness, women impowerment, or women self esteem.
do you know of any. i goggled it nothing much is popping up help please
maybe ages 18-24?

The Expert answers:

Hi there, will these links help?


regards pops..

Laura asks…

Poll: What’s the Punishment for a Contact who Leads you to Womens Health?

I hate you Evly

Bah, I used to have a TC Badge there and in Diet&Fitness when i was 12.. Haha
And also in Celebrities
I have the IQ of a Pen.. Peanut, Baha
Half terms good! Do you have one Ali?
Ahaa, That Sucks 😛
If i were at Uni, I’d demand Me Half-Term *Cries*
ok, I officially hate yous!

The Expert answers:

You used to have a TC badge, I knew you were a geek!!

How you been, enjoying the half term week?

Steven asks…

What is better exercise: The Gym or Curves?

I have recently joined curves the womens 30 min fitness club but im now thinking is 30 mins of exercise enough to lose weight and tone up. Just wondering would joining a gym be better than joining Curves?

The Expert answers:

Curves is only good if you’re at a beginner or intermediate fitness level. If you’re advanced, you should join a gym. I went to Curves for a year, 3-4 times a week for 30-45 min, and I lost like 50 lbs. Eventually Curves gets boring because you do the same circuit every time, but it is a great place to start off with.

Mandy asks…

please help me on a question about fitness?

can someone help find a website to find ways to get in to shap to play soccer as a pro?

i am planning to play on our professional womens team in our city next year to help a friend and quality of the team too.

Also how to conquer my fears of playing defensily aggresive so i can stop a attack (i mean play the ball.and get close to steal the ball too.) i know i have the talent but fears.

go raging rhinos

The Expert answers:

Here’s a site with a whole bunch of soccer drills and stuff, including a lot of conditioning and strength exercises for soccer:

Betty asks…

Does anyone know of a good gym in Brookline MA?

I am looking for something more like a womens fitness center

The Expert answers:

You should check out Benefitness. It’s an all women’s gym in Brookline Village. They have a great variety of classes – everything from yoga and pilates, spinning, bootcamp, cardio, kickboxing, Zumba, Flex, cycle, as well as LITE cardio/strength classes for people just beginning to exercise. Very very low rates! They even offer student and corporate discounts (with your ID).

I really like the staff and members there… It’s a very warm and welcoming place that I feel completely comfortable working out in. I’d recommend Benefitness to anyone looking for a great gym that’s also inexpensive!

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Your Questions About Fitness

Laura asks…

Can I possibly be prepared for a rigorous fitness test after being inactive for so long?

I am 31 yrs. old and I have a physical fitness test in a couple of weeks for a Corrections Officer position with the State of Michigan. The test requires 17 push-ups, 13 sit-ups, and a step test. The push-ups and sit-ups I can do, no problem, but I am concerned about the step test. It requires you to continuosly walk up and down 2 steps 40 times in 2 minutes. Keep in mind each step is 11 3/4 in. high.
So my problem is this….I have been very inactive for about 10 years now and I also smoke cigarettes. What can I do to condition my body for this test? Is it even possible after this long of being “lazy”? And, is it possible for me to do all of this in a couple of weeks?
Any information would be greatly appreciated….

The Expert answers:

Start practicing! Build some steps that are the required measurements and start practicing doing those. That way when it comes time to do it for real then you’ll think it’s a piece of cake. Good luck.

Chris asks…

Can a professional trainer,fitness person or dietitian help me please?

Hello! My name is christine and i’m 20 years old. For many years since i was a teen i used to eat unhealthy and stopped doing any exercise(rarely walking) Well to be truth for a period as a child i was fat and had asthma(except the nervousness i always had).As i was growing up i made curves. After i graduated school i started gym and i got a better shape. Now i weight around 111-115pounds and i’m 164 cm(5-4 i think?) More specific my measurements are:
shoulders-35,4 inches (ideal>> definitely as it is or better bigger)
bust-33,1 (ideal>>as it is or bigger..)
weist-(always the thinest part..) 25,2 (never cared..)
pelvis-34 (ideal >>>>>>>29,5,!)
thights=hips-37,4 (ideal >>>>>>33,1!)

So, the thing is that i’m trying to look fit and not only that.I have an acne problem and my dermatologist say it depends on the fat percentage. Also my hair when i eat ballanced are straight and strong-when i don’t(eat less or more fatty) they freeze a LOT!!!(sometimes become lighter brown-but i look like sick with pale face)
My feet (that’s funny) sometimes become bigger (7 US) and sometimes become normal 6,5 US. All these changes can’t let me calm down the most off the times or even sleep. I don’t have they time to go to the gym again at least for now because i’m studying, but i really want to make a change and ballance myself.
I can’t control my stress.But this is a usual thing..Like it is all the time.Either I eat or I don’t can’t stop this nervousness..
I remember when i was younger my body looked a lot like a carrot-shape, only with chubby arms & thights, but when i was eating less my waist was well-defined. Now how am i like that into cellulite?
Can you please tell me-seriously- what should i do to reach my ideal inches & become healthy again in body & mind?

Thank you
i’ve been wearing clothes for women since i was 10 just because it was the only it fitted, though i never liked my body..i feel so fat in arms-forearms & whole legs and thights.. it’s like a filled mass.Some women are so beauty with thinner leg-calves and bigger thights. mine are the same 😛 (though the hips are still bigger no matter
could my DNA be worst?!

The Expert answers:

So, you are 5’4, 115 lbs. Losing weight would only make you look anorexic. Your stats say you are already curvy, well now its time to get more curvy. U can’t make it to the gym, that’s fine, because you won’t need the gym, just need two dumbells. Start with 10lb(kmart/walmart $10)… Then move up from there 12-15lbs. Hips are genetic dear, you may never lose them, i mean your pelvis is a bone, you can’t magically shrink it. U say you got cellulite, cardio won’t really fix that anyway. Do dumbell squats, dead lifts with the dumbells, and finish it off with a holding yourself up againt a wall with your legs at a 90 degree angle. Basically sitting againt a wall with only your back touching. HOld for 60 seconds, work you way up to 90 seconds. Weights will shape your body as it your new lean muscle will eat fat while you body is at rest.

U do these things and and stay committed for a month… Trust me you will see a difference.

Nancy asks…

How should I work out as a nineteen year old male?

I’m trying to get advice from people, but everyone has such separate views on exercising that it is difficult for me to gain any knowledge about how I should go about working out.

I’m 19 years old, 5’10”, 125 pounds, I think around 4% body fat, with a very slim body. I’m don’t appear to be all that skinny, but my weight and body fat make it appear so.

What I want from my training is firstly overall health. I do not want to push my body into unhealthy lifestyles, I want it to be nourished with a good diet and exercise. Next I want to gain endurance and focus. I want to be able to train my body and mind to do various things that require endurance and strength. And last but not least I do want muscle. I’m a little tired of having a tiny body and it would be nice to add on some bulk. I don’t ever want to look like a body builder or a d-bag bro, but rather slim and fit.

So I need some advice on how I should go about working out. I have been going on M, W, and F to my gym. I tend to not really know what to do so I will generally work on biceps with chest, triceps and back, then legs or something. My routine, or lack of one, is very unorganized.

Any recommendations on books, articles, or other resources of health and fitness would be much appreciated. I’m tired of paying for a gym membership that I don’t use enough and when I do look like an idiot not knowing what to do. Trainers tend to be to expensive for a college kid making $7.75 an hour.

I’ve also been considering just doing body weight training at home, because I hate how packed my gym is. Focus and meditation through introspective training would be nice.

The Expert answers:

If what you say is true and that you only have 4% body fat, I’d say your body’s getting dangerously close to starvation, man. It’s just not healthy, but I’m not saying you should blow your next paycheck at your nearest McDonald’s either. I’m no health expert, though, but as a boxer I can only suggest you to eat a lot of meat. Especially lean meat. You know, like chicken, fish and stuff. It should also provide enough protein to build some muscles without having to take those protein shakes. You could still take ’em, I personally don’t so I can’t tell you how well they work.

As for a workout routine, I don’t really know any sites or books that would tell you so I just googled “workout routine” and this was the first thing that popped up,

Not sure how much that would help but a site that I like is
It’s a really nice site if you wanna know what muscles are used for different exercises. Hope this helps.

Oh, and I work out at home since I can’t really afford to train at a gym anymore being in the same situation as you, and you can’t imagine how many different exercises you can do with just a chair and weights. Haha.

By the way, if you’re wondering, my workout routine consists of clap push ups, normal pushups, pullovers, hand stand pushups, squats, sit ups, bent-over rows, and a lot of time with jump ropes.

Sharon asks…

Ok this is open to guys/girls. Survey?

Ok what are the top five physical attractions? Like what is your opinion on what physical feature attracts you to the girl/guy that you are dating, or what you want?
Like mine for a girl is
1. Her looks
2. Her body, fitness.
3. Her hygiene.
4. Personality
5. And her sociability, not over-bored.
Ok now tell me what yours is?
This is for the curiosity of the mind.
Thanks =)

The Expert answers:

How is sociability a physical attraction?

Paul asks…

men poll: what is your favorite body type on a woman?

this is a poll, its not about me.

1. skinny (think paris hilton or marykate olsen)
2. fit/firm (women advirtizing fitness equipment)
3. average
4. curvy, but not overweight/hour glass shape (kim kardashian, beyonce, scarlet johannson sp?)
5. little over weight but not round (jennifer hudson, jordin sparks, etc)

*ALSO!!! Where are you from (country, state) and if you don’t mind which of these categories did your mother fit? I’m trying to gather this for an anonymous poll

The Expert answers:

Average or curvy will do. I’am from “the city of angels” ,La,Cali,U.S.A

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Your Questions About Fitness

Nancy asks…

Exercise & Resting effectively?

Like i know it is the rest where the muscles repair themselfs and come back stronger which gains the muscle tone, and not the actual workout so to speak. However i am slightly confused how long the rest period should be. Now i also know that isotonic exercise is more cardiovascular and heavy weights put on more of a strain but i plan on implementing the two, to gain full benefits. So how long should i be resting? I have heard mixed answers in the past, i.e 24 hours, or 36 or 72 hours. I would say they latter seems about right as thats when the pain from excess lactic acid seems to deplete at a comfortable rate. But i am using the Bullworker fitness exercise program and it states to work out every day except weekends in order to keep the gains in strenght constant, otherwise starting the fitness program from scratch if not worked out 3 days in a row. Maybe true but i plan on using heavy weights which the book does not mention as it is for the Bullworker only. Please help, many thanks.

The Expert answers:

If you are doing light weight based exercises, over 20 reps, 24 hours may be ok as long as you do have a rest day or two a week when you do something non weight based.

As far as actual weight training goes, it depends on the intensity. If you are doing a whole body routine so every muscle gets work for 3 sets , then you can do that every other day, ie 48 hour recovery. If you start working into a split routine, ie upper/lower or a more broken down split and are doing 6-9 sets per body part (ie 3 sets of one exercise, 3 sets of another) you start to need longer rest periods of up to 72 hours.

By the way, the pain is not from lactic acid but from the tears you are making in your muscle fibres so that they respond by repairing and growing.

Hope this helps.

Steven asks…

1. Which of the following most accurately defines good health today?

A. The ability to recover from an illness
B. The ability to endure a 30-minute workout
C. The absence of disease
D. Complete physical, mental, and emotional well-being

2. Which of the following is important in maintaining a healthy lifestyle?
A. Getting less than six hours of sleep a night
B. Developing muscular bulk
C. Monitoring your diet
D. Exercising at least three hours each day

3. Which of the following is good for your health?
A. Smoking
B. Positive behavioral change
C. Substance abuse
D. Eating fatty foods

4. Which of these factors is most important in your fitness program?
A. Consistency
B. Joining a health club
C. Doing stretching exercises
D. Using mirrors in your exercise program

5. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Unexercised muscles turn into fat.
B. Unexercised muscles lose bulk but don’t atrophy.
C. Regular exercise makes muscles firm and strong.
D. Exercise slows down your metabolism.

6. Cardiovascular fitness exercises strengthen which two organs?
A. Heart and brain
B. Liver and lungs
C. Brain and liver
D. Heart and lungs

7. What five fitness goals should you set for any comprehensive fitness program?
A. Flexibility, endurance, substantial weight loss, proper nutrition, and muscle power
B. Disease prevention, fad diets, coordination, muscular bulk, and relaxation
C. Flexibility, endurance, muscle power, proper nutrition and weight control, and relaxation
D. Disease prevention, endurance, tight muscles, fast-food diet, and thin appearance

8. Which of the following is the major cause of most back problems?
A. Muscular weakness and lack of flexibility
B. Long drives in an automobile
C. A poor mattress
D. Unaligned posture

9. High blood pressure is the major risk factor for
A. cancer.
B. stroke.
C. osteoporosis.
D. muscular atrophy.

10. Endorphins help rid the body of
A. cholesterol.
B. fat.
C. sodium.
D. acid.

11. Good health was once viewed as a combination of
A. having a good doctor and eating three hearty meals a day.
B. possessing good personal habits and good luck.
C. living in the right place and possessing good personal habits.
D. good luck and the right parentage.

12. To maintain a healthy weight, it’s important to avoid being
A. five pounds or more overweight.
B. 10 percent or more over the suggested weight for your height.
C. either overweight or underweight.
D. underweight by five pounds or more.

13. Who is primarily responsible for your health?
A. You
B. Your doctor
C. Your family
D. The medical care system

14. Which of the following statements is true regarding the benefits of managing your health?
A. Your self-esteem will decrease.
B. You’ll have more energy and improved cardiovascular health.
C. Your metabolism will decrease, allowing for higher caloric intake.
D. Your stress levels will increase.

15. There’s no health advantage to changing your weight if
A. it’s within the range on the weight tables.
B. you feel energetic.
C. your waist-to-hip ratio places you at risk.
D. you’ve never been successful at dieting.

16. Personal fitness trainers usually work with
A. employees in a corporation.
B. parks and recreation departments.
C. individuals seeking a more personalized workout.
D. hospital nutritionists.

17. According to this study unit, which of the following is acceptable nutritional advice?
A. Lose weight as fast as you can.
B. Skip one meal a day, other than breakfast.
C. Eat every meal quickly to speed up your metabolism.
D. Eat three meals a day at regular times.

18. What is the number of beats per minute for an average resting heart?
A. 64
B. 72
C. 80
D. 96

19. Which of the following is considered a fitness goal?
A. Watching a physical exercise program on television
B. Obtaining optimal weight where you feel your best and you have healthy eating habits
C. Relaxing for 10 minutes once a week
D. Developing muscles only by lifting weights

20. Which of the following statements is true?
A. Lungs are strengthened through cardiovascular exercise.
B. Inactive people find it easier to change lifestyle habits than active people.
C. Regular exercise softens bones.
D. Psychiatrists avoid recommending exercise as a way of dealing with depression.

The Expert answers:

A lot of this is common sense and I don’t think you should ask us to do your coursework for you.

Mark asks…

P90X and HERBALIFE? Will I get results?

I already ordered the P90X WORKOUT FITNESS PROGRAM. this is an exercise program for about 13 weeks, 90 days. and well i was just wondering if its possible to lose weight and get gain some muscle mass.

I also ordered HERBALIFE products, and I know those work excellent, because ive tried them before.

My questions is, will i get results if i try P90X and get my nutrition plan by HERBALIFE PRODUCTS.

Kinda shy about this, but im a female that weighs 300 lbs. im 5’5 and 21 years old. I really wanna get back into shape. I never weighed so much before.

Please let me know.

and please no rude comments.


The Expert answers:

My roommate uses all herbalife supplements and is a marathon runner, so I’d say that the nutritional value is definitely there. I tend to go for more specific stuff made by different brands, but if you are going to pick one brand, that’s not a bad route to go for sure.

I’ve been doing P90X and its been pretty amazing to me from a cardio standpoint. If you haven’t ordered it yet, consider very carefully that there is a pre-fitness test they recommend you take and if you can’t do that, then the level of P90X can be too strenuous on your heart. I’m not trying to be rude at all, but at 300, there are a few things that I can imagine you may have difficulty with. I’d say to do some other types of cardio like jogging and pilates before you spend money on DVDs that may sit on the shelf for a few months. I’m not trying to be rude, I just don’t want to see anything happen to you from trying to do too much too fast.

I hope that helps. Best of luck to you

Donald asks…

Fitness and Gym Workout Program Help!?

I have a fine body, not too fat, not thin. But I have fats in my guts that I wanna get rid off. I do gym regularly and cardio exercises and now diet. But I decided to make my self look slim at the same time lean and muscular with abs. I’m thinking if I would need protein shake to help the process… and can please someone give me a good program schedule to make my body look and work better. thanks!

The Expert answers:

Try this workout program:

Workout A:
Pull ups 3 sets of 6
Push ups 3 sets of 8
Dips 3 sets of 8
Hanging leg raises 3 sets of 8
Back raises 3 sets of 8
30-45 minutes of cardio

Rest day

Workout B:
Chin ups 3 sets of 6
Sit ups 3 sets of 8
Free squats 3 sets of 8
Hanging knee raises 3 sets of 8
Back raises 3 sets of 8
30-45 minutes of cardio

Rest day

Workout C:
Pull ups 3 sets of 6
Flutter kicks 3 sets of 8 (every time your left foot comes down, that’s a rep)
Dips 3 sets of 8
Hanging knee raise crossovers 3 sets of 8
Back raises 3 sets of 8
30-45 minutes of cardio

Rest day
Rest day

Try and add 1 rep a week. And make sure you’re eating enough to give yourself the energy you need. You should be consuming somewhere in the neighborhood of 1750 to 2750 calories a day.

You can find more good info at and and feel free to email me with any questions or comments.

Sandra asks…

Advice for optimizing my workout program for tone and fitness?

Good evening all,

For the last month or so I have been working out, relatively three times a week at about an hour a trip or more. I usually do a couple of machines for everything, and run 1.5 miles. I have been using a whey protein mix, and its been working well for me. The only problem is I am getting bulk, but no real tone or definition. So, I decided to embark on my own 60 day program at the gym. I picked up some Pro Performance AMP Amplified Wheybolic Extreme 60 and Mega Men Extreme Athlete Vita pack after some research and price comparison. Great products to help me, but I realize I must also have an optimized diet and workout program in order to get anything out of these products. So this leads to my current plans and my question. My current workout plan is as follows:

Pre-Workout(Mornings, before workout) :

Basic warmups of simple exercises like push-ups, side hops, basically everything the Army has ever taught me for warming up.

Workout(Shooting for 1.5 hours a day/7 days a week):

Start with Cardio, a nice paced run for 1.5 miles to start and hoping to increase as the workout goes to 2.5 or possibly 3. Alternate between focusing on my legs one day(Overall legs) to the next day focusing on upper body, while spending each upper body day doing an extra set of reps on a specific muscle group(back, chest, shoulders, etc). My current plan is 15 reps x 3 with near max weight. I have been doing 25-35 reps and I was told by a friend that was too many reps at too much weight – I wasn’t going to get toned. Free weights mixed with with machines.


Whey shake followed by simple stretches.

My main focus of my diet is lean meat. Usually eggs or oatmeal at breakfast with fruit, maybe oatmeal or lean meat sandwhich for lunch with a fruit snack, and maybe a small dinner of turkey or chicken.

Yes, I know it was a lot of information but I felt like in order to get good advice, I needed to provide details of what my current battle plan is. My question is, looking at my plans – what do I need to change in order to optimize my workout program?

The Expert answers:

Hey great job getting a workout started. Let’s tighten it up a bit so you get your desired results!
1st-you have to get green leafy things into your diet. Think spinach, spring mix, etc…The vitamin k helps synthesize the protein. Try for 6 smaller meals also.
2nd-for your cardio you need to incorporate some HIIT (high intensity interval training)
3rd;but most important-mix up your weight training! Go heavy 1 day out of the week.
Do different exercises as you muscles have no chance of getting used to a”routine’. They respond better w/that type of challenge to create cut & definition. Also don’t workout 7 days w/weights! Hope this helps-it will work if you do it! I’ve been a trainer since before it was cool & my clients have enjoyed excellent results whatever their goals. Trainer LIZ

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